Bret Baier on CNN, FOX News, Donald Trump & Ronald Reagan

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • Bret talks about his son's heart condition, Fox News standing with a CNN reporter who was barred from a White House press briefing, Trump watching his show, the differences between news shows and opinion shows on FOX, and what it would be like if Reagan was running for president today.

    Donald Trump Can't Spell

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    Bret Baier on CNN, FOX News, Donald Trump & Ronald Reagan


  • Cesar Bustos
    Cesar Bustos  14 days ago

    I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He used to be so cool

  • Kati M
    Kati M  21 days ago

    Bret is a RINO Republican. He is a liberal celebrity...

  • Aviation
    Aviation  21 days ago

    Bret is a real newsman and great at his job. Jimmy K is boorish, a hypacrit and not very funny. I hope his son has/is recovering well.

  • betty davis
    betty davis  1 months ago


  • betty davis
    betty davis  1 months ago

    They just keep looking for something not there. I would say that it is possible that Nadler n pelosi who really want this and plays a game. I think they may plant something...they are very cold people who have so much hate. It is also clear that the woman Stoddard is not a republican. But think she needs some improvement on her comments.

  • betty davis
    betty davis  2 months ago +1

    I really don't know if all fox stood by CNN. After all the lies and trouble that CNN has caused. We have been putting up with fake news from MSNBC CNN and they think its funny. Now Brett is standing g with CNN and not neutral. I stop watching him. I use to think he is fair both sides and got the correct news.but when he tried to or had a hand getting Judge Jeannie off and fired that was bad. To many "I think" not interested in what everybody thinks. Not interested in facts they change BUT TRUTH WORKS THAT IS WHAT THESE REPORTERS NEED TO KNOW..

  • William Harvey
    William Harvey  3 months ago

    cnn doesnt need access . they wouldnt use it for anything but making up let us tell you why to hate TRUMP . a reporter can do that without going to the White House .

  • Gilberto TX USA
    Gilberto TX USA  5 months ago

    2:30 Nice to see CNN actually defended fox news, back in 2009. Good for CNN and Fox news sticking together...

  • Bryan Ortega
    Bryan Ortega  5 months ago

    The more I try finding bad stuff on Sheppard Smith and Bret Baier the more I like em

  • Todd McKimmy
    Todd McKimmy  5 months ago

    Fox has both sides on their network. They are definitely leaning hard right but at least both opinions are offered. CNN and MSNBC do not share an opposing opinion at all. For fun, I check CNN from time to time and they are ALWAYS talking about Trump. There is other news.

  • ronkostars
    ronkostars  5 months ago

    This vile filth known as Bret Baier, along with Fox's token homosexual Sheppard Smith, were responsible for getting Judge Jeanine Pirro fired, I trust neither as far as I can spit.

  • beastofalbeasts1
    beastofalbeasts1  5 months ago

    Now Fox can't have a democrat debate... this didn't age well.

  • JohnnieRhodes
    JohnnieRhodes  7 months ago

    To jimmy’s called Karma....and it’s real !

  • arktana
    arktana  10 months ago

    Kimmel kept trashing FOX every second of it, Bret is just 10 levels above him class- wise, and didn't react. Why bring a jurnalist on if you just want to trash a network non stop? what's with the fake act? just do a monologue about it - where you don't shut whining- like you usually do.

  • arktana
    arktana  10 months ago

    Better watch FOX news than you or CNN , Kimmel, for anyone who actually likes facts and honesty

  • plolee blowoteehow
    plolee blowoteehow  10 months ago

    this guy is a man without a heart. you can tell when you see him on foxnews. no emotion. also, it's pretty evident he was in a fraternity, which he was. they suck the soul out of their pledges. just another person of the system who would, if you were his worker, fire you on a dime for some minor infraction. also, he's a catholic, which means he is totally messed up and doesn't know how to read the bible and decide what it says and what it means. the catholic church is a lie and false and evil. but then again.. (and yes, Jesus Christ is Lord and the bible is the word of God).. foxnews is basically a catholic sit down.

  • Jasonm Gavitt
    Jasonm Gavitt  10 months ago

    I think that dude swallowed a football and it got stuck in his throat.

  • Soph Dougherty
    Soph Dougherty  11 months ago

    Bret Baier is a pompous ass!

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton  a years ago

    Forty-eight-year-old, Bret Baier, host of the Fox News Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier, has been a televison journalist since, I’m guessing 1968, (correct me if you know better), today a Google image search of him has revealed, not once has he appeared on televison in forty-year-old salt and pepper hair, and yet we are frequently asked to consider his reporting without question…

  • Ghostdinosawur
    Ghostdinosawur  a years ago +1

    Tucker is still the king of Fox