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  • Engaged with JoJo & Jordan
    Engaged with JoJo & Jordan  10 days ago +127

    What are some of your tips for maintaining a happy and healthy relationship?

    • Courtney Richwine
      Courtney Richwine  yesterday

      Nozie MM I am so glad to hear that!! It took me a few years honestly. I would want to run away or hop in a car because I felt I would burst if I stayed, which he didn’t like either. So I told him if you want me to be calm in the disagreement give me some space to get there...that seemed to help, and he’s much better about giving it to me. Just remember if he does, it’s because you asked lol. We all develop habits in relationships...mine was run and he chase, but can’t ask him not to chase and then expect him to 😂. So it was a transition that eventually became a new/healthier habit!

    • Nozie MM
      Nozie MM  yesterday

      +Courtney Richwine thank u for sharing Ur advice, I tend to walk away too because I'm an emotional person and I know my hubby hates it and actually just reading ur comment has helped me to think how I could improve myself thank u so much xx

    • Nozie MM
      Nozie MM  yesterday

      +Christie Lynn thank u so much for your comment, I am married for almost 3years now..and I'm learning to acknowledge all that u have said in your women want to be listened to, we want to feel loved and appreciated and we fight over that, whereas for my husband, what's important to him is respect and acknowledgement as a man and then sometimes it's like we reach a dead end because u both want different things and cannot manage to meet each other's needs.

    • manee vang
      manee vang  2 days ago

      Engaged with JoJo & Jordan thanks for sharing you guys! I’ve been with my S/O for 8 years and we definitely went through what you guys went through. We would always have arguments one after another and it was just not good. Trust played a big role in our relationship. We definitely did have that talk, b/c we’ve came to that point where we are getting older and wiser and should know what we want in life. Little advices to those who are still young: Know what’s important and what’s not. Don’t let the unimportant things be the cause of arguments. And always, always talk it out after an argument, even if it’s just over something really stupid. You can’t stay mad forever over something so small. && remember why you’re together in the first place. Put aside your pride and ego. And like they say, you have to love yourself first before you love someone.

    • tegan jones
      tegan jones  3 days ago

      Trust. Honesty. Communication. Friendship. Most importantly love & respect ❤

  • Amanda Bendersky
    Amanda Bendersky  yesterday

    What about when your trying to push your other half to be better and they take that as you think they aren’t trying their best?

  • Nozie MM
    Nozie MM  yesterday

    JoJo & Jordan u guys are an amazing couple! And I can see you two lasting a lifetime because u guys are genuine! I wish u two the very best, keep striving for the best in your relationship and thank u so much for sharing your love story with us. Xxx

  • Erica Munoz
    Erica Munoz  yesterday

    I love this! I love you guys! This was a really good episode! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Katelyn Allen
    Katelyn Allen  2 days ago

    What are some good communication tips or habits you two have? Or any books or podcasts you listen to? My husband and I are the worst at communicating. I feel like we want to hear ourselves instead of hearing the other person and getting defensive in those hard conversations.

    PAVIN RITAH  3 days ago

    Jojo and Jordan, my two favourite people, thanks for this show, its really so amazing, real, fun, educating and has maturity! Love you two everyday

  • tegan jones
    tegan jones  3 days ago

    So lovely to hear you guys talk about that time...which I know is so hard. Especially when I know how that feels! And its nice to see not only your own relationship goes through this. Im glad mine recovered. And yours too!
    Glad you guys are happy. 😍

  • R&R
    R&R  3 days ago

    Verbally or emotionally *

  • Jenna Young
    Jenna Young  3 days ago

    I’m so glad you did this video and being so honest and raw about your relationship. You are helping so many people! Thank you so much for sharing this ❤️

  • rach
    rach  3 days ago

    thank you so much for being so real and honest

  • aly00
    aly00  4 days ago

    I really appreciate you guys for creating this show and being vulnerable with us. Its nice to know that every relationship has its kinks in them; especially a couple who has been on TV. My boyfriend and I have gone through the ups and downs like you guys have at the beginning of our relationship and we strive to work together to keep building upon our relationship till this day. Best 6 years of our life! Wouldn’t want to change anything that got us to where we are now in life together.

  • Madison Fuller
    Madison Fuller  4 days ago +1

    I love this series! It’s amazing to see how you really are and how your life really is! I’m so glad both of you found true love and persevered through the hard times ❤️

  • Carmen Penzera
    Carmen Penzera  4 days ago

    Please start vlogging! 💗

  • Christie Duffer
    Christie Duffer  4 days ago

    I love this honesty so much. <3 Thank you for opening up! It's hard to know when enough is enough sometimes.

  • Sheri Loyd
    Sheri Loyd  4 days ago

    Absolutely LOVE your honesty and transparency. I do have a question/need advice on something that maybe you guys have faced in your relationship. My fiance' and I are engaged and have been for just over a year now. We met on the infamous... dun dun dun... TINDER! lol. A bit of our background: He was a commercial diver for the first few years of the relationship so we spent a great deal of time apart (he would travel on the road for a month at a time). Long distance was rough & definitely had its own challenges, but luckily we now live in southern California together and both work at a local hospital.
    One of our consistent "problems" is that we do not have the same love languages. I am a words of affirmation and touch person... while my partner is acts of service and quality time. I love the mushy cards and even the simple things like holding hands and he is not a "words" type of guy. While this may not sound like a huge "problem", it has been for us. I often feel like our love is fading or that my "love bucket" is not filled. When I express this to him... he says things like, but Babe... I cleaned your car today, brought you lunch... etc. While these things are incredibly sweet and thoughtful, I still would prefer a love note or a kiss. I don't want to sound like the needy one here... lol but I'm wondering if there is a way to improve this? How do we adjust to each others love languages/needs? Do you and Jordan have the same love languages? and if not, how do you adjust?
    Thanks for your time!!!
    -Sheri Loyd

  • Moonie Shin
    Moonie Shin  4 days ago

    Can we get a house tour please?

  • sayitoutloud watson

    When do these episodes air?? like weekly??

  • Breanna Northrup
    Breanna Northrup  5 days ago

    the fact that they were able to stick together through so much and he was able to work through his pride and she was able to open herself to being hurt really says so much about their love and who they are individually.

  • Victoria Henderson

    What is your advice for working out a long distance relationship?

  • Ashley Martorella
    Ashley Martorella  5 days ago

    Are you guys similar in the hobbies you like to do & events you like to attend, etc? How do you guys decide what new things you should take on together and find things you both like?
    Also love watching this show!! 😍