Analysis: UK and Oman demand Iran to release British oil tanker

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Britain insists its oil tanker seized by Iran was in Omani territorial waters.And it has called for the vessel to be released in a letter to the United Nations Security Council, accusing Iran of "illegal interference". Oman has also urged Iran to let the tanker go.This comes after the British government summoned Tehran’s top diplomat in London.Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba joins us live from London, while Dorsa Jabbari reports from Tehran. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website: #BritishOilTanker #IranUKTension


  • Mehdi Ji
    Mehdi Ji  1 months ago +157

    A)UK Seized Iranian oil tanker.
    B) Iran Seized UK tanker.
    Apply Newton 3rd Law of motion.
    Problem solved.

  • True Entertainment
    True Entertainment  1 months ago +178

    How about Britain give back Iran's for a start. Oh No No its all about Iran's retaliation, not our first action.. Our British government are such a bunch of corrupt controlling .....

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones  1 months ago +210

    How bout they give there tanker back an Iran will do the same

  • Talbi Tec
    Talbi Tec  1 months ago +318

    Why doesn't the UK who started all this release Iran's oil tanker first?

  • Clinton Lunn
    Clinton Lunn  1 months ago +57

    Trump says, "jump"! and the UK asks, "How high, Master." 🤣

  • Muzammil Khan
    Muzammil Khan  1 months ago +153

    Hmm, UK did took Iran's Tanker in the first place,
    Hence they release first,
    And Iran is just behind you.

  • Owais Khan
    Owais Khan  1 months ago +91

    Iran zindabad

  • imran Ali
    imran Ali  1 months ago +25

    Good job Iran 😅

  • Abdirahman Dahir
    Abdirahman Dahir  1 months ago +413

    ITS SO EASY, UK release the one u captured nd Iran will release yours

  • Muhammed Kader
    Muhammed Kader  1 months ago +107

    Lets be logical... u punch my face I do the same to u... Oman, UAE n S.Arabia,,, The days of Lawrence of Arabia are over.

  • Lusade Devron
    Lusade Devron  1 months ago +130

    Good move Iran! don't let the toothless British bulldog bully you.

  • Moosa Anwar
    Moosa Anwar  1 months ago +106

    So it's Britain's words that must be believed. ????

  • Rizwan Syed
    Rizwan Syed  1 months ago +170

    Oman u better stay out Of it bcoz When elephants fight it is the grass that suffer....

  • Kintover
    Kintover  1 months ago +15

    "International law requires that the right of international passage shall not be impeded" ????? But the British seizure of the Iranian oil tanker, which this was a DIRECT reaction to isn't a violation of that same law?. Do they not see the hypocrisy or do they just not care because no one is going to stop them? The options they're trying to give Iran are: Become a vassal state or War. This is honestly disgusting.
    The UN needs to step up and ACTUALLY be an agency of peace. The United States violated the treaty IT put in place, enacts sanctions which Europe is all too happy to follow DESPITE Iran STILL keeping to the violated treaty. All because the U.S elected a racist lunatic fraud. We live in a mad world. How can there be "Peace in the middle east" when all they do is sow chaos. Then they have the gall to complain about a refugee crisis they started. Maybe stick to the treaties you signed???? Maybe Stop destabilizing countries??? This is so infuriating, that money could be spent in much needed areas that ACTUALLY benefit their populations.

  • William Tukei14
    William Tukei14  1 months ago +43

    Eye for eye uk don't be stupid

  • Rami
    Rami  1 months ago +60

    Everything belongs to the Colonial master The Suez Canal, Irans ships.
    Also the Colonial Master has the right to steal your treasures and bomb you because he's more civilised and democratic.
    And yes Iam mocking Britian. If you read about their history they go on and on about how wonderful they are despite occupying a quarter of the world.
    Britian and America are a deluded, supremacist, colonial thug.
    And it's the fault of the Islamic world that are still doing this to us.

  • Muzammil Khan
    Muzammil Khan  1 months ago +252

    Tanker for a Tanker
    Iran is just behind you, you release our Tanker we release yours

  • Moses Lochang
    Moses Lochang  1 months ago +42

    Oman should tell UK to release Iranian oil tank that's a win win.

  • syim A
    syim A  1 months ago +73

    lol. shameless pirates what they write about Iran's tanker seizure first in that 'letter'?

  • Amin Adeli
    Amin Adeli  1 months ago +54

    UK said US ask us to take Iran tanker so we did it because of Eu sanctions (which is Iran is not part of Eu) so now go ask USA to come and help you for your tanker, Since US believes they bring peace and stability to Persian golf.