Celebrities with Weird/Hidden Talents

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 22, 2018
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    We expect our celebrities to be talented. That's why most of them got to where they are. What we don't think about is just how deep that talent goes.
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  • Salty Facts
    Salty Facts  7 months ago +903

    The Funniest Runway Model Falls Of All Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gAxLThbd2A

  • Lou Kizwini
    Lou Kizwini  4 hours ago

    My weird hidden talent is im double jointed and i can wiggle my ears i can turn my foot round all the way lol

  • Siham Abou Mjahed
    Siham Abou Mjahed  7 hours ago

    My fav was Justin bieber

  • Aye its KL Potato
    Aye its KL Potato  9 hours ago


  • Zee's Magical World
    Zee's Magical World  10 hours ago

    I can do the tounge flower too

  • Quack
    Quack  19 hours ago +1

    2017:”You have to make my mouth pretty”

    Im Single

    2019: Call Me Señorita

    I hAvE a BoYfRiEnD nAmEd ShAwN mEnDeS

  • Qwezle Channel
    Qwezle Channel  yesterday

    Show your talents
    : 2:09

  • Hussain Peer
    Hussain Peer  yesterday

    How many members like justinbieber talent

  • Hussain Peer
    Hussain Peer  yesterday

    Ilike justinbieber

  • Maggie Hourgan
    Maggie Hourgan  yesterday

    Wow I didn’t know walking in high heals was a Talent

  • Isha Kaur
    Isha Kaur  2 days ago +1

    Justin bieber😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😍

  • Bangtan ARMY for lifeu

    Who can do the tounge thingy talent like Camila Cabello?

    Just me? O K

  • justmemegg -_-
    justmemegg -_-  2 days ago

    Other celebritys:*has an actual talent*

    Ppl watching:WoW

    Justing bieber:*plays drums when anyone can if they learn*

    Ppl watching:WoW OmG WhOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo

  • justmemegg -_-
    justmemegg -_-  2 days ago

    I can do the thing with my tongue like camila

  • Aquila Furr
    Aquila Furr  2 days ago

    I know how to do what Camila know how to do

  • Baby Pink
    Baby Pink  3 days ago

    0:47 HARRY POTTER!😲

  • kabir uddin
    kabir uddin  3 days ago +2

    1:22 look at that black guys face in background😂😂.

  • ilobilliee
    ilobilliee  4 days ago +1

    3:43 i can tell that’s ryland just by his voice lmao

  • Joonas Narep
    Joonas Narep  4 days ago

    Names are not big letters

  • Akeli Malo
    Akeli Malo  4 days ago

    And demi Lovato's