Over Emotional Women Can’t Win in this Game

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 24, 2018


  • Cali1028Girl
    Cali1028Girl  yesterday

    Scorpio issues

  • S V
    S V  yesterday +1

    Where were you 7 yrs ago? I wasted my best years and ended up broken hearted, now I have nothing to show for. Never again tho.

  • Danait Solomon
    Danait Solomon  2 days ago

    glad I heard this at 18

  • Linda Murphy
    Linda Murphy  2 days ago

    So true! # The Truth

  • PinkElephantTV1
    PinkElephantTV1  2 days ago

    Turn your stoves off ladies, and turn your pots over.
    Stop taking care of men who do not take care of you.
    Also cross your knees.
    If u believe the man is not valuing you, to the standard you know you are worth.
    Also begin to notice who is doing what, what exactly is it. That he is doing to improve the quality if your life.
    And if he has kids ..... Ooooh don't get me started.
    Create your own boundaries, see yourself at your best self.
    You are worth more ..
    Real talk

  • Shonice Coll
    Shonice Coll  2 days ago


  • Nadia Anjeh
    Nadia Anjeh  2 days ago

    I’m talking to this guy and he took me on a date and paid but asked after where I’m taking him for our next date...

  • Jan Live
    Jan Live  2 days ago +1

    Loool she just said if your cooking for your “man” right now turn off the stove.That’s right!😂😂

  • Tiffany B
    Tiffany B  3 days ago

    I wish I had this info 10 years ago, better believe I know better now! Thanks for the game! ❤️

  • Jo NewsLady
    Jo NewsLady  3 days ago

    My man is the opposite; his ass loves for us to be stuck up under each other all the damn time. Urrrggghhh I’m the one who is asking for space.

  • MakeMeOverMommy!
    MakeMeOverMommy!  3 days ago

    Haha 😂😭 I love this! This is so me (I'm married 20 years, but still detached, and yes he's still pursuing me), but y'all...I have to watch this twice because them eyes of hers...are sending a serious message! Love this 👌😅💕

  • Jasmine G
    Jasmine G  4 days ago

    Pay your own bills don't look for a man to pay them. Make sure you're worth him being with and can give him what you want in return

  • DVC
    DVC  4 days ago

    Facts sis💯 well stated, I got it now😎

  • Ms. Levelup
    Ms. Levelup  6 days ago

    Stopped listening to you for a couple weeks ...and went nuts with someone who wasnt even worth it ...back now getting my life together lol

  • Summer Winter
    Summer Winter  6 days ago

    you got a lot of game playa, thats right, (rejection increase desire)

  • As told by Asévia❣️

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. Time to follow suit. Period

  • Lovely Gardendia
    Lovely Gardendia  7 days ago

    I'm so happy to have found your channel ❤
    I NEEDED to hear this!

  • Alex Dimitrowa
    Alex Dimitrowa  7 days ago

    Love your advice!

  • TheCamgirl25
    TheCamgirl25  7 days ago

    God knows I needed this!!! Because I was cooking, cleaning, thinking I was helping and playing me role BEING A WOMAN.

  • serine lwla
    serine lwla  7 days ago

    Ladies You shouldnt be living with your boyfriends dont live with them stick to your home and let them pay you everything you want