The HUGE difference between a Salvage and Rebuilt Car

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 2, 2017
  • A lot of people get the labels "Salvage" and "Rebuilt" mixed up. Here are the CLEAR differences!


  • Stacey Frank  1 years ago

    Like how you explain things so folks can understand, your videos are always interesting.

  • Steve Bano  8 months ago


  • wave2k  1 years ago

    Couldn't agree more.I own a 2009 corvette c6 rebuilt title.2013 Taurus SHO rebuilt 2012 Silverado LTZ 6.2 rebuilt title All have been reliable and cost me a TOTAL of $55k for all 3 .People spend that much on new half ton trucks these days, and I know what I'd rather be driving.What's not to like ?

  • Ricky Salters  5 months ago

    Do a vidoe of ur cars

  • 4819385  1 years ago

    This is not the case in California. A salvaged car remains salvaged even once you register it; however, "salvage" can mean anything from theft, to complete destruction. When an owner refuses to take car back after accident, the insurance scraps it (car must have damage exceeding certain percentage of cars value). If car is stolen, owner can refuse it too with good insurance. I have purchased many salvaged cars over the years with damage to rear end, hail or theft. These cars are truly a goo...

  • nani lol  4 months ago

    @FrostyFooy Your wrong and I'm pretty sure the guy in the vifeo is wrong you can sell register do really whatever u wish with a salvage title car u just can't get full coverage insurance, salvage title cars are great buys cause most were just given the salvage title for theft. I've bought and sold many salvage title hondas mainly and made good money on them. I may be wrong it may be different from State to state I'm in California I've bought from Arizona and Nevada and have had no issues.

  • finn bell  10 months ago

    4819385 ...thanks man

  • Fisforfabricate  1 years ago

    In TX all you have to do to get a salvage title car on the road is get it inspected (lights work, no check engine light, goes forward and stops, has mirrors) then sign the rebuilt papers stating your the rebuilder. You can vaugly list what you fixed and also give them copies of receipts. But I just said I got a door paid with cash and replaced lights. Tada rebuilt title, and there's the normal taxes and a 60$ fee

  • yotie p.  6 months ago

    cec4video all of Texas?

  • Jered Rutan  16 days ago

    Thank you for making this video! I was oblivious to either terms.

  • Youngish C  1 years ago

    I'm actually really surprised he only has 1K wtf

  • shawn r  2 months ago

    625K haha

  • Lukas Larsen  4 months ago

    593k now damn

  • Theo Philpot  1 years ago

    Thanks for clearing up this misconception.

  • iRifle87  1 years ago

    i GURANTEE you will have 100k+ subs in a month or two. MARK MY WORDS when i watch ur video in the future saying i told u so i expect you to remember this youtube username. im not joking with you

  • Ginger Bread  1 years ago

    iRifle 64 You need to be butthurt. 😉Be ashamed, very ashamed 😮

  • iRifle87  1 years ago

    Rick Archer Friendless loser

  • jack black  1 years ago

    is this the video where he tells us Mr Spaghetti is flipping his meatballs cause they are too spicy ?

  • SEENO  1 years ago

    Ya what's up with the speghetti jokes?

  • Josh  1 years ago

    SuperMechguy I don't get these spaghetti jokes please explain

  • Mr. Peke  1 years ago

    I was thinking of buying a salvage car I saw online but I see that there's alot of work to get it register 🤔🤔

  • yotie p.  6 months ago

    SpankBuda ....... Dam bruh that's too much!!I'm in Tennessee, and I knew some people who were through Arkansas, and they took my cars and come back,,I went once with them,they just came out,looked at Vin,and that was it..and wait about a week for title..its been a while,so now hopefully nothing has changed out there..its certain parts cities Arkansas that was doin it..not all

  • yotie p.  6 months ago

    Mr. Peke you prolly gotta go to Indiana.. Find somebody out there with Indian carlot,,I heard it's simple going out there..they may just look at Vin and go in and get paperwork..check into that,