This Chef Helps People Surprise Their Loved Ones With Cookies • Tasty

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 23, 2018
  • Get into the holiday season and watch Rie help Crystal and Rachel bake cookies for their loved ones. Subscribe to Tasty: Tasty:The official YouTube channel of all things Tasty, the world's largest food network. From recipes, world-class talent, and top-of-the-line cookware, we help connect food lovers in every way they interact with food.Connect with Tasty:Like us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on Twitter: out our website: the Tasty Kitchenware line: via Audio NetworkThis Chef Helps People Surprise Their Loved Ones With Cookies • Tasty


  • taerirahmawati
    taerirahmawati  7 months ago +5739

    Rie is my favorite Tasty producer.
    She is the best

  • Badar Shahzad
    Badar Shahzad  7 months ago +1061

    Who left these damn onions on my desk??

  • the eggshell jungkook ate
    the eggshell jungkook ate  7 months ago +570

    what do you mean this chef??-- IT'S RIE.

  • chlofficial xo
    chlofficial xo  7 months ago +161

    the 75 people who disliked couldn't see the like button because of their tears

  • Budleee Bazz
    Budleee Bazz  7 months ago +662

    Dammit. Feelings on Tasty. That Dinosaur box because her dad’s name was Rex is so adorable.

  • Aswin Prasetyo
    Aswin Prasetyo  7 months ago +2990

    Petition to stop Tasty using "This chef" and replace it with "Rie".

  • Ainsley Laurent
    Ainsley Laurent  7 months ago +436

    "This Chef" you mean LEGENDARY CHEF RIE Tasty?

  • JustKpopInGeneral
    JustKpopInGeneral  7 months ago +333

    who knew these cookies involved cutting onions

  • BakedPotato
    BakedPotato  7 months ago +559

    Title correction: it's queen not chef

  • maria tokidoki
    maria tokidoki  4 months ago +46

    When she said “you adopted me and because of that my life is so much better and I appreciate it everyday” and the dad said
    “I do too” OMG MY HEART

  • Ajok Bul
    Ajok Bul  7 months ago +219

    Rie and Alix are my favorite tasty producers
    When they're together it's a mood 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Anwita Rastogi
    Anwita Rastogi  7 months ago +210

    When Rie said shifter instead of sifter it legit put a huge smile on my face😁😁😄 that was really cute.😍

    ANGEL  5 months ago +78

    mom: you are crying!! what are you watching?
    me: a cooking video eyes gets wet again
    mom: ٠-٠!!!!!!!!

  • MKrosoft Paint
    MKrosoft Paint  7 months ago +516

    My family is going through hard times now, and we're not having a big christmas or new year dinner this year because of that.
    I've suffered a lot bc of my family, and my mother has too. We have experienced things no one should but we are still here.
    This made my eyes teary. Remembering the happy times when I was a child and just how we were a small family but very close. Now it's even smaller.
    Thank you Tasty for this video, and merry christmas everyone.

  • Stephanie Tan
    Stephanie Tan  7 months ago +2379


  • Natsu Draganeel
    Natsu Draganeel  7 months ago +93

    That police officer is a legend

  • V. Jss1ca
    V. Jss1ca  7 months ago +117

    Chocolate chip cookies w/o the chocolate chips.... finally someone understands my taste :’)

  • lito dan
    lito dan  7 months ago +77

    What's with the title .. why cant they just say chef Rie buzzfeed that's disrespectful

  • June Blue
    June Blue  2 months ago +20

    Rie Make it-
    My barain without even listening her full sentence FANCY!!

  • Nelson Thangjam
    Nelson Thangjam  7 months ago +72

    Rie is ba-e. 😍