Choco Banana Ice Cream Rap - You Suck at Cooking (episode 48)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 29, 2016
  • Subscribe with your finger: more with your eyeballs : @yousuckatcookin some very ripe bananas, up to almost no-longer edible, then freeze them. Freeze them overnight, or for at least a few hours, the texture depends on total frozenaciousness. In a food processor or blender, throw in, for example, two bananas, half a cup of soy or almond milk (or other milk), a tablespoon of coco powder,half a teaspoon or so of vanilla extract. Just add more of anything if the texture isn't as thick or thin as you want. Then eat it. LYRICSFirst off I wanna talk about the word cream You gotta not be taking it so literally, I should probably put the cream in quotations. But when you shove your face in There will be no indication It's an imitation of sorts. Bring you back to the summer time wearing shorts. Good times laughing, face splattered, smashing back and packing down a triple chocolate caramelWay back before the calories mattered If I were you I wouldn’t be convinced, But let me tell you’ll convert into believers after one lick, There isn’t gonna be a chance for it to drip, You’ll be shattering your tongue on a head freeze brain trip. 4 ingredient ice cream let’s get started. Thumb and index, at the vertex. Grab a little hammer and make sure to test the reflex. You gotta be confident your banana is dead, You’re not wanting the consequence of it screaming when it’s blen-dead Time to locate the stem, okay. If you can’t exactly narrow it down it’s time to rotate a pinch above the shaft just a little ways, from the end, 3 inches from the back of the middle bend, open it. Chopping into inches, once slice at a time, If you’re a dude 1 inch in real life is 3 inches in your mind, In a container that's rigid enough for frigid temperatures of,Drop it down so low they might not ever get up. What’s going through your mind, banana. You’ve been warm all of your life. And now you’re so damn cold. cold. cold. cold. Is your world falling apart, well I just don’t knowYou’ll be needing to be keeping ‘em until they’re freezing. Until you can’t even be squeezing them a cold breeze leaving em, They’ll shatter if you hit ‘em with a ratchet or hammer, They’ll make a nice hard sound that’s really pleasing.Gather your supplies and circle them around you like their wagonsYou don’t wanna be knee deep missing something end up lagging. Coco powder, with a little vanilla, then a little soy or almond milk, grab a blender and fill it upDelicious dish Getting ready to mix. Try to churn with a fork, make you wish you had a Vitamix. Gotta be on a bender to think that you can do better you’re gonna need some kinda modern mechanical blender Now gettit in there and mix. And once you got it mixed ‘en that’s it. (do dark and pause). I’m not even kidding that’s it. Vanilla bananas and milk and coco and mix and that’s it. Get a cup and serve it up impossible to fuck it up. You don’t have a mind, banana. You’ve been unconscious all of your life. And now you’re ice cream. What does that mean?Life’s a mystery. You don’t have a mind but at least you're real tasty.


  • Rene Acevedo
    Rene Acevedo  2 years ago +1203

    Instructions not clear. Living Banana now suing for attempted murder. Need legal assistance.

  • Bendyrulz
    Bendyrulz  2 years ago +1963

    I find this rap appeeling.

  • Mikasacus
    Mikasacus  2 years ago +1332

    is this what drugs are like?

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    hey man can i hire you for birthdays? my grandmas got a kind of suffering fetish and she'd love this for her 90th

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    quality content right here.

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    Does anyone even make the recipes?

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    Carl Cardigan  2 years ago +357

    When does your mixtape drop? . . . Seriously. . .

  • BrianZaneIsAPussy
    BrianZaneIsAPussy  2 years ago +206

    Can I use mayonnaise instead of the chocolate?

  • WhoFramedMSG
    WhoFramedMSG  2 years ago +184

    pro tip. put the bananas in the fridge for 24 hours before freezing. this will lower the temp of water in the banana and make the transition to frozen much quicker. the faster it freezes the smaller the ice crystals=better texture

  • Meagan Collins
    Meagan Collins  2 years ago +634

    Wow New TØP track is fire

  • Diamond Duck
    Diamond Duck  2 years ago +97

    makes you wish you had a vitamix i love how you dont forget about your last videos

  • 🦋*!
    🦋*!  2 years ago +23

    I love this new Twenty One Pilots song

  • Evan Saltare
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    I'm not subscribed but I see a thumbnail with food in it on trending and I automatically assume it's a new You Suck at Cooking video. Instaclick.
    I should probably just subscribe at this point.

  • Brandon Porter
    Brandon Porter  2 years ago +50

    You peel bananas from the stem? Amateur

  • VeryStableGenius
    VeryStableGenius  2 years ago +18

    NOICE. Can't wait till you rhyme "wang jangling."

  • hortaliza
    hortaliza  2 years ago +140

    Add horseraddish and peanut butter for extra tasty

  • mickeynotmouse
    mickeynotmouse  2 years ago +60

    after I watched this, I asked my girlfriend to freeze bananas

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    wow I'm so early I wanna say that ysac you're the best, most underrated youtuber everrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... love from india

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