Trying A Full Face Of Japanese Drugstore Makeup

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 1, 2018
  • So we traveled to Japan to film a three-part series about beauty & style and our final episode is testing a full face of makeup from the Japanese drugstore! I've heard so much about J-beauty and Japanese makeup trends like Igari makeup, so I decided to buy a full face's worth of beauty products and try them out, along with some current makeup trends. What did you guys think of my Japan-inspired makeup look?

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  • Safiya Nygaard  (Jul 1, 2018))

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy part 3/3 of our japan series!! and thank u for understanding that i was totally out of it this past week, i'm trying to get back to more regular posting in July! love u guys <3 ALSO, pls submit your ideas for my first tattoo along with your name to [email protected]! im thinking smol and simple, maybe something like text or a symbol? THANK U!

  • Krystyn Virtudazo  (Jan 14, 2019))

    I Kinda Wanna See Her Do A Korean Makeup

  • i am a cat leave me alone  (Dec 29, 2018))


  • RinRin Doll  (Jul 3, 2018))

    BLOOD SENSATION 53 EXPOSURE! omg~ 😂😂😂 You looked so cute in the makeup! It's definitely a bit change from Western trends and so interesting to see~ I'm also really happy to hear you liked the items I recommended 😂 Personally I really loved how the eyeliner, mascara, and the under-eye highlight looked on you! Great video~!Congrats on 5mil subscribers! I'm excited what kind of tattoo you'll get!

  • Mrs J  (1 day ago))

    I love your profile picture with the purple streak in your hair

  • shayla patten  (4 days ago))

    Why were u wearing a mask??

  • confused  (Nov 10, 2018))

    When the mirror is on top of cards against humanity 😂😂

  • +Saffron Kimber I like fob and tøp.

  • LIGHT METEOR  (Jan 28, 2019))

    +Panic! At The Stress Free Club hahahaha

  • fuzzygenius  (Oct 9, 2018))

    As a dude with super bushy eyebrows, I could really use that eyebrow trimmer/scissors.

  • Rylee Johnson  (Jan 14, 2019))

    They look terrifying, I couldn't watch it.

  • Dyanna Calderon  (Jan 12, 2019))

    +Karolin S same im a girl

  • katherine56631  (Sep 30, 2018))

    “If I cut my eyebrows off what happens to the channel?” 😂😂

  • You’ll become Jenna Marbles

  • welcome to the ricefields  (Jan 27, 2019))

    1.2k likes and no replies lmao

  • CC DANCER  (Aug 10, 2018))

    This is what we have learned:America: Very dramatic and elegant makeup trendsJapan:Very cutesy and anime makeup trends😅

  • Hunhun 11  (1 day ago))

    lol why are ppl also adding in korean makeup trends when it has nothing to do with this video

  • Owen Lawrence  (6 days ago))

    +Cleo N wrong. American makeup is bold and elegent. See my other comment with the links.

  • Revina Que  (Jul 2, 2018))

    "We can't come back. This is the only chance I've got!" Me buying makeup anywhere abroad. 😂

  • рагк мiуоuиg  (Dec 19, 2018))


  • sam ara  (Dec 19, 2018))

    *Me buying anything abroad *

  • lady rapunzel !  (Oct 21, 2018))

    nobody noticed her homescreen is tyler??

  • i did. first thing I saw

  • Unimo mooo  (2 days ago))

    They are now ENGAGED

  • Grace xo  (Nov 9, 2018))

    “Your asking me?”“ *im asking THE UNIVERSE* “

  • Nilla Terranova  (Dec 30, 2018))

    Just like me asking my hubby abt my make up 😅😅😅

  • Sunniva &amp; Helene  (Oct 9, 2018))

    Drugstores in Japan are friccin luxurious

  • Yeah, I'd probably get dizzy just looking at the stuffs i want to buy but can't afford because I'm broke😂