Army base stew (Budae-jjigae: 부대찌개)



  • taehyungie
    taehyungie  13 hours ago

    Yay, Polish sausage! 😃

  • Grace Yun
    Grace Yun  22 hours ago

    너무 사랑스런 귀여운 망치양~~
    보고있으면 즐거워져요
    음식도 영어표현도 특히 미소도 짱!!
    웃을때 저도 때라 웃게되죠
    그대는 한국인의 장점만 살려놓은듯 ^^ 특별하네요~~

  • Kimberly Walls
    Kimberly Walls  7 days ago

    Maangchi, your cooking videos are addictive to watch. You are Delightful to watch.

  • Dont touch it Yo
    Dont touch it Yo  8 days ago

    Yeah actual budae jigae back then never looked that good haha. Modern version is of course better. Not so much scraps.

  • Mathew Saenz
    Mathew Saenz  9 days ago

    I love the sound budae jigae makes when it's boiling.

  • Fabiana Ramos
    Fabiana Ramos  9 days ago

    Me gusta poder hacer tus recetas ya que tiene traduccion en espanol!!

    CHRISTY LESTARI  9 days ago

    Verry delicious ,i favor spicy and hot chili

  • Annisa Puspo
    Annisa Puspo  11 days ago

    Mangchi if i don't want to add pork can i change with the beef or chicken????

  • Christian Arguello
    Christian Arguello  16 days ago

    Having a small get together tomorrow and I’ll be making this recipe, can’t wait 😊

  • tata
    tata  18 days ago

    army :)

  • RR Aben
    RR Aben  19 days ago

    Thank you Maangchi.

    ARMY BTS  20 days ago

    Oppas HAY LES VOOOOY ¡¡

  • redstardustX
    redstardustX  28 days ago

    My sister cooked using this recipe and it tastes like SOO gooodd 💗😍 i am like craving for it agn

  • Jinda Sukbunma
    Jinda Sukbunma  1 months ago

    Love you chanel,

  • Ayu Ka
    Ayu Ka  1 months ago

    I love her accent. :)

  • Sophia Bentley
    Sophia Bentley  1 months ago

    I really love the taste if Korean Kimchi. I put it on everything including turkey sandwich!😋

  • mercy naorem
    mercy naorem  1 months ago

    Mouth watering

  • Phuong Pham
    Phuong Pham  1 months ago

    Love u love all ur food 🤪🤪🤪

  • Ronald S. Batson
    Ronald S. Batson  1 months ago

    I have thought of this as a kind of "hobo" stew (a can of this and a can of that -- whatever is available in local markets. Each person brings a can of .... to add to the stew. A very social meal... sharing... reflects life under difficult living circumstances). I feel like making some of this - improvising where necessary, and inviting all my Facebook friends to come over and have some! Gosh! I miss living in South Korea so much!

  • Lei Di
    Lei Di  1 months ago

    Where can I buy the shallow pot?