Army base stew (Budae-jjigae: 부대찌개)



  • Tulip I.  (Jan 28, 2016))

    you cannot simply watch 1 of maangchi's video ...nope , you have to watch at least 10-15 videos before forcing yourself to move on lol

  • Yoo Ni Ke  (1 day ago))

    Damn truee

  • Bernice Low  (Sep 15, 2016))

    Whenever I'm hungry, i would watch Maangchi's video to find out how to cook a delicious meal but ends up watching all the videos on her channel 😂😂

  • Juicy Pear  (Jan 7, 2018))

    I don't really cook, but I've watched _dozens_ of videos by now. I just watch the videos cause it's satisfying to see the end product, and Maangchi is so adorable

  • Epiphanie Always  (Apr 2, 2017))

    Bernice Low if my stomach could, I'd probably eat all the meals from her videoS but then, it's would most likely take me 5yrs to digest all of it.

  • regyme  (Sep 1, 2015))

    My grandfathers were in the Korean War and WW2 before that and Budae Jjigae pretty much was invented during and after the Korean war and they both told me because food was so scarce that it could be made any which way. Thank you so much maangchi for putting this up

  • cookiecraver321  (Mar 5, 2016))

    That tiara is so cute :) Queen Maangchi 👑

  • porquilho  (Oct 21, 2014))

    This is the best cooking channel. Its so relaxing and calming hearing the cooking sounds and everything all other channels have those annoying generic music and you cant hear anything. I love your channel

  • Sam Jamaraminyournan  (Mar 29, 2017))

    Check almazan kitchen too, these are my 2 favourite cooking channels

  • Archangel Michael  (Mar 18, 2015))

    +Blou Coker That's so true! The best cooking shows on TV don't have elevator music constantly blasting, lol, I don't get it. People just get carried away with the editing and stuff, I like that Maangchi keeps it simple.

  • Jessica Hart  (May 30, 2016))

    haha anyone else see a mini Maangchi at 3:49 ;)

  • Fatmawati Fatmawati  (3 days ago))

    My saliva is watering my mouth when watching your videos

  • Knowledge_is_Power  (Jan 25, 2015))

    You are ADORABLE!!! I am a new subscriber to your channel. My 15 yr old daughter loves Korea and showed me your it. Going to try and make this dish this week. I hope the Korean store here (Germany) will carry that large thick kelp/seaweed. I may substitute the pork with chicken though?!?! Love your shows. Thank you again 😘

  • Maangchi  (Jan 25, 2015))

    +Queenie4rl Awesome! Nice meeting you through my YouTube channel. Good luck with your Korean cooking!

  • Lodi Muhammad Ashari  (Nov 16, 2016))

    watching this in the middle of the night is a big mistake!!

  • kikolala100  (Feb 5, 2017))

    Lodi Muhammad Ashari +1

  • SeriousBird  (Nov 19, 2016))

    Lodi Muhammad Ashari CV whyyyyy

  • qpwoeiru83  (Oct 21, 2014))

    Very professional. Maangchi will go very far to please her viewers. Budaejjigae is a type of "junk food" that I can tell maangchi is not very familiar with. But her dedication to her viewers is very touching!

  • Claudia Mello  (Feb 25, 2019))

    +Ilyeop Park Thanks, Ilyeop Park, beautiful historical imput.

  • 비빔밥머신  (Feb 21, 2019))

    i think him he didnt exactly understand what junkfood's meaning.. 정크푸드는 스낵이나 맥도날드햄버거같은걸 말하는거임..