Adam LZ Nissan S13 Man-Line // DT265

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BONUS CHANNEL// On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Adam LZ brings in his S13 to the Donut Garage and Gary demands a manline!

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  • Adam LZ
    Adam LZ  a years ago +6339

    Thanks for having me yet again guys! Always way too much fun :)

  • Jacques Dés Prés
    Jacques Dés Prés  2 days ago +2


  • Dirty Redd gray
    Dirty Redd gray  6 days ago +1

    This guy has nice skills.the interview

  • joseph ilardi
    joseph ilardi  7 days ago +1

    BRING HIM BACK WITH HIS S1555555555555555555555555555555555

  • 100 subscribers with no videos Challenge

    Did nobody else hear the scream in the background at 14:43

  • Razeil Kain
    Razeil Kain  7 days ago

    Didn't want to send it

  • bockhouse
    bockhouse  14 days ago

    So I wake up on New Year's... Throw on an old DT and what to my wondering eyes did appear but Gary with no shirt and a half covered rear...🤣🤣🤣
    Happy New Year from @fast_eddie412 ! Lol Gary said the Jetsons!

  • Shelbe Shocker
    Shelbe Shocker  14 days ago

    Camera man is cringeworthy annoying.

  • KonnorKabanuk
    KonnorKabanuk  14 days ago

    Bring adam back with zroy

  • Gilly
    Gilly  21 days ago

    Simple-er times. Not really, but kinda lol.

  • James Walker
    James Walker  21 days ago

    Any one else think Gary looks like afro mans little brother lol

  • Matthew Schultz
    Matthew Schultz  1 months ago +1

    miss this old style DT

  • Matthew Landfried
    Matthew Landfried  1 months ago +1

    Can we get a another episode with adam

  • Mr savage bro
    Mr savage bro  1 months ago

    drifting 12:29

  • Phillip Doyle
    Phillip Doyle  1 months ago

    Don't know what to make of the exterior color? It looks like a pale yellow more than cream. The dark bronze interior would look fancy with a darker exterior body color, it's a mismatch in my opinion. Aint my car though, as long as Adam likes it and can drive like an animal I guess he can do what he wants, yeah?

  • PauL Fontenot
    PauL Fontenot  2 months ago

    Dope ride!!

  • Eskii NZL
    Eskii NZL  2 months ago +1

    8:30 he actually looked scared and wiped it off when gary jokingly said "why you wiping spin on this mans car!" 😂🤣

  • 8Bands Lv uP
    8Bands Lv uP  2 months ago

    This car is amazing

  • solsa banks
    solsa banks  2 months ago

    He had a beer next to the cam😂😂😂

  • reinaldo varela
    reinaldo varela  2 months ago +5

    2019 anyone?