Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • For the first time ever, Bill Gates sat down with Ellen, and he chatted about becoming a young billionaire, the trampoline room in his house, and the outstanding work he's doing with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


    ANANT COOL  26 minutes ago

    That guy in pink


  • Atiq Mohotarif
    Atiq Mohotarif  12 hours ago

    I love allen....

  • Bella F
    Bella F  yesterday

    yet his outfit looks like its from target

  • Cloudtalk Ke
    Cloudtalk Ke  yesterday

    I came here because am broke 😢

  • سمو_الامير

    Who is bill gates ?

  • attlee2010
    attlee2010  yesterday

    Ask him about Epstein

  • g Cammz
    g Cammz  2 days ago

    Truly an amazing man. One of a kind, thank you for all that you do and will continue to do.

  • PopPlays
    PopPlays  2 days ago

    She could have gave that to the audience

  • GamesteinShgtm
    GamesteinShgtm  2 days ago

    0:34 Bill_gates.exe stopped working 😂

  • Anonymous Cat
    Anonymous Cat  3 days ago +3

    0:31 when your editor fails you

  • Fajer Mubarak
    Fajer Mubarak  3 days ago +1

    He is the coolest billionare I ever saw

  • Majo Orantes
    Majo Orantes  3 days ago +2

    “I’m Glad you’re a billionare”

  • Julian Gutierrez
    Julian Gutierrez  3 days ago

    He took 1:02 minuts to open the mouth and talk ahahaha

  • 1,000 subscribers without a video

    Giving Bill Gates money is like pouring water into an ocean

  • A. Med
    A. Med  3 days ago

    Imagine dating Bill Gates daughter. You better treat her like a goddess and work for Bill. Id happily say goodbye to all girls I know and social medias lol and id let her keep her last name out of respect.

  • iam-gemo
    iam-gemo  4 days ago

    How he is so fitttttt😶😶😶😶😶

    Just look at the dance

  • Rabbel star
    Rabbel star  4 days ago

    I think billu is a gud boy... wht think the anchor ur more famous nd rich than bill gates...

  • Manindra SN
    Manindra SN  4 days ago

    Spends billions to create new vaccines to save children's lives.... Anti vaxxer parents be like "that stuff isn't going anywhere near my child"

  • Saphira
    Saphira  4 days ago

    Ok! I don’t know Bill can get down like that!! Ayyyy Bill

  • Josh Bishop
    Josh Bishop  4 days ago +1

    He seems like that he doesn’t really like talking about his wealth and bragging about it unlike pretty much any other famous or wealthy person