Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • For the first time ever, Bill Gates sat down with Ellen, and he chatted about becoming a young billionaire, the trampoline room in his house, and the outstanding work he's doing with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


  • Magix_
    Magix_  5 minutes ago +1

    giving bill gates 20k is like charging your phone at 99%

  • guinness4life
    guinness4life  an hour ago

    Left out the part where Gates-backed inBloom illegally shared the information of millions of students

  • Affan Uddin
    Affan Uddin  5 hours ago

    Ellen gives him 20k
    Bill Gates: ah, my servant’s servants are running out of firewood

  • Julio Protopapas
    Julio Protopapas  9 hours ago

    Great Gates

  • GuntherSnaps
    GuntherSnaps  14 hours ago

    They phrase it like he’s helping when really he is funding population control. Just google “bill and Melinda population control”

  • Makaila Redus
    Makaila Redus  15 hours ago

    What a cool guy

  • Vania Thomas
    Vania Thomas  19 hours ago

    How are you a billionaire and is not In fear of your life of being held ransom

  • Mizanur Rahman
    Mizanur Rahman  19 hours ago

    The rehearsal was fake

  • Brendon Enyeart
    Brendon Enyeart  21 hours ago

    He is such a selfless guy

  • Nick F
    Nick F  21 hours ago

    I wish Melinda was on too next to Bill.

    She always gets overlooked because shes not into being in front of the media.

    Recommend his biopic on Netflix.

  • Catherine Michel Hernandez Mansilla

    I love him, he's doing something good for the world with his humble, I wish other billionaires would do the same

  • priyanka choudhury

    He is so sweet❤❤

  • neha chauhan
    neha chauhan  yesterday

    I want to learn English ...... I little bit confused ...on which thing should I focuse first ,is subtiles or accent or meaning .

  • And_U Experience

    how much money yiu have ?

  • Jon G
    Jon G  yesterday +2

    Jeff bezos - lets go to other planets
    Bill gates - naa I'm gonna help my people.

  • Rufina Estrada
    Rufina Estrada  yesterday

    They are so simple

  • kered
    kered  2 days ago

    Of course this parasite will appear on one of tell lie visions social engineering tools. These people are all parasites on our earth

  • Sherly Love
    Sherly Love  2 days ago

    He’s the billionaire which is very humble

  • Kiran Shinde
    Kiran Shinde  2 days ago

    Bill knows the value of 20K$!

  • عادل ادريس

    عسل 💝💝