Young Ma is mad at Kodak Black! (Full Beef Breakdown)

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 18, 2019
  • Young Ma is not to fond of Kodak Black mentioning her in one of his songs. She tried to ignore it, but after being pestered about it by her fans she decided to speak her peace.#EmpressiveHottopics #kodakblack #youngma #empressive Business Info*****Contacts: @EmpressiveTVsnapchat: EmpressiveTVFacebook: (business inquiries only): [email protected]: ****________Music: "Calmful"A.V.A Beatz (Please Give credit for usage)


  • Mrs. Vixen Sanders  3 months ago

    It's weird because she's the masculine type. His attraction to her is telling me more than I need to know.

  • An Otaku Nibba  4 days ago

    @AudBall91 nigga you the most zesty looking nigga in the comments 😂😂😂😂💯 you got some nerve...

  • AudBall91  5 days ago

    @BlessedwithMelanin&Dimplez she a woman that dress and look like a MAN. Ppl need to respect ppl sexuality. That's a form of harrassment.

  • Even straight women don’t want Kodak black hollering at em! 🤢🤮😱

  • Yung kidd Kippur  7 days ago

    Y'all tlking he richer than all yo bitches me bet that if he come to de girl with 5000 dollars fi sex de gyel dem go do it

  • Janate Maull  2 months ago

    @Kelsie Jackson U THINK HE CUTE?!🤢

  • Dashia James  2 months ago

    Kodak Black looks crazy af....honestly I really think he has a mental problem...!!

  • Marianne Mba  3 months ago

    This proves that it dosent matter if you are a lesbian , straight, feminine, etc, it dosent matter what kind of woman you are, you can still be sexualized. Smh

  • AudBall91  5 days ago

    @Charles Smith You sir are an idiot. Complete retard. Niggas with no standards. Every woman has a preference so respect her preference. Even if she has a pussy or not. You will lay down and fuck a woman that look and dress like a MAN. YOU NIGGAS IS SUSPECT.(GAY). 😳

  • AudBall91  5 days ago

    @Demetrius Cottrell Everyone dont believe in God, so shut up with that religion shit.

  • Fredro Frazier  2 months ago

    Kodak Black look like a gremlin with tattoos

  • Blood Gang  1 months ago

    Ik my dude is the gremlin that you feed at night

  • Deanne Hyde  1 months ago


  • Chris C  3 months ago

    Young MA more masculine than most of the male rappers in 2019...

  • ????????  4 days ago

    Chris C totally agree

  • Facts

  • Jared  3 months ago

    Young ma sound more like a young man than Kodak.

  • Andrea Ross  3 months ago

    Bro! You so corny! He need to chill. Sicko. They should bring charges 😡 This is harassment! This ain’t cool!

  • James Jhonson  1 months ago

    Andrea Ross shit up that’s rich people buznis you broke as fuck

  • Ronald Charles  2 months ago

    Y'all giving Kodak to much pressThe brother just doin it so y'all can put his name in ya mouth

  • Kay F Biz  1 months ago

    Ronald Charles It’s in the press because people are interested. You clicked on the video so you’re not without sin in this being spread around.

  • 😄😆 Kodak want MA because she’s light skin, Kodak would screw anyone man or woman as long as their light skin

  • sjm sjm  4 days ago

    Light skin?🤔....

  • Hell yes that is the same thing I said. I think he got really dogged out as a child and he is projecting it onto people