Young Ma is mad at Kodak Black! (Full Beef Breakdown)

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 18, 2019
  • Young Ma is not to fond of Kodak Black mentioning her in one of his songs. She tried to ignore it, but after being pestered about it by her fans she decided to speak her peace.

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  • Nunyah Bizzniss
    Nunyah Bizzniss  7 days ago

    Do these peeps know tatoos are forever damn stop with face tatoos. I mean stupid ones some people can pull off cute face tats bout 69 and kodak not a good look imo

  • amstevens23
    amstevens23  7 days ago

    He's a crack head dont give him too much attention. I dont think young m.a needs to address anything but I understand how the internet makes beef explode even more than it really is. The audience wants to see everything unfold but she ain't having it. The crack head needs to be ignored, in the street everybody walks on by but on the internet they listen? Y'all ARE weird.

  • iamnex2c
    iamnex2c  1 months ago

    My opinion this is hilarious, social media is social media it's out there you can't stop that you are just throwing fuel on a fire that will never die down

  • CreoleKisses Diary
    CreoleKisses Diary  1 months ago

    Lol.. He just special..I would laugh it off.

  • Eddy Becerra
    Eddy Becerra  1 months ago

    Christian came out at his fans the right way bitch the way you coming is like you want this attention

  • Eddy Becerra
    Eddy Becerra  1 months ago

    Bitch you don't want the attention get the fuck out the rap game LMFAO

  • Eddy Becerra
    Eddy Becerra  1 months ago

    Bitch you wanted the attention you got it 2 weirdos make a normal relation LMFAO 🤣😂🤣

  • Eddy Becerra
    Eddy Becerra  1 months ago

    This bitch talking about we weird bitch you gay you wierd and Kodak is just trying to straighten you up lol

  • LINKGT23
    LINKGT23  1 months ago

    Kodak FUNNY AF for this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Juno5 star
    Juno5 star  1 months ago

    Young m.a look like Jim jones

  • Joji Kyla
    Joji Kyla  2 months ago

    Her reaction was funny "clearly the niga is wierd"

  • Uriah Cummings
    Uriah Cummings  2 months ago +1

    The Niger love her, he can go for it✊🏾

  • Kodak Nickel
    Kodak Nickel  2 months ago

    He don't really want her he is just trying to get her attention

  • Sal Ponce
    Sal Ponce  2 months ago

    Ha my nigga ain’t sick he just want love don’t u realize life inside bars is hard hahahaha

  • Chadwick Daniels
    Chadwick Daniels  2 months ago

    Shit fuck it she still a woman fuck it

  • magaqa etyuwa
    magaqa etyuwa  3 months ago

    ""You got something I want so I'm gonna taunt and harass you for it until I'm satisfied"" and there's stone age dimwit psychotic varx who think this passes for cool and romance in 2019?? *SMH

  • TFT1073FM
    TFT1073FM  3 months ago

    Young MA Needs to learn to fucking speak. Her ass have a Puss.

  • David Burdette
    David Burdette  3 months ago

    Comparing her to 69?! HARSH AF!!!!

  • sjm sjm
    sjm sjm  3 months ago

    Kodak black is the ugliest celebrity....childish,low iq,illiterate,as a straight woman..I would pick young MA over him..trillion times....

  • Thomas Tyner
    Thomas Tyner  3 months ago

    They just need to line up Kodak Black Lil pump cardi B and execute them because that's what they're doing to the rap game making it look bad by doing stupid shit