Calming Seas #1 - 11 Hours Ocean Waves, Nature Sounds, Relaxation, Meditation, Reading, Sleep

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2013
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    Picture yourself by the ocean. Fall asleep naturally tonight, or simply just relax. Enjoy the calming sounds of gentle ocean waves. Download Series: /// Listen on Repeat:

    To relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety, for guided meditation, or simply fall asleep fast.

    Stress relief available when you need it.

    11 hours of relaxing waves to help you work all day, or sleep all night. Soothing background noise helps create a natural ambiance in any environment. Eliminate distracting sounds so you can rest.

    Drift away listening to beach sounds and calming seas as the waves reach the shore.

    Enhance your well-being and feel more comfortable with relaxing nature sounds.

    Powerful audio collection providing
    - hours of restful background noises
    - sounds to help you sleep

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    You deserve to relax.

    Emerald Island Relaxation produces premium original audio and video content. With over 557k YT subscribers worldwide, we seek to give you the highest quality nature and relaxation material possible.

    Your rest is important. Drift away tonight, and every night!

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    It's so simple - Nature sounds have a positive effect on the mind and body. Bring nature inside - or anywhere you go.

    Experience the benefits of nature sounds, all day or overnight.

    Promotes rest, peace of mind, and good overall health.

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    Emerald Island Relaxation channel for nature, sleep, and rest.

    Download Series:
    *New sunset waves & 3D audio:
    Beach Sleep #2
    Black Screen Version:

    11 hour versions:
    Waves 11 hrs:
    Gentle Stream 11hrs.:
    Birdsong 11hrs.:
    Thunderstorm 11hrs.:
    Rain Forest 11hrs.:
    Tibetan Healing Sounds 11hrs.:
    Night Time sounds 11hrs.:
    Cave 11hrs.:
    Dolphins 11hrs.:
    Waterfall 11hrs.:
    Rainfall 11hrs.:
    Wind-chimes 11hrs.:
    English Garden 11hrs.:
    Jungle Sounds 11hrs.:
    Choir Garden 11hrs.:
    Beach Sounds 11hrs.:

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  • Shania Nunes
    Shania Nunes  4 hours ago

    The ocean sounded angry at first

  • Nevaeh Joyner
    Nevaeh Joyner  17 hours ago

    This made me fall asleep in a minute lmao

  • stacy Rigoli
    stacy Rigoli  18 hours ago


  • Jessie Hites
    Jessie Hites  22 hours ago +1


  • On The Moon
    On The Moon  yesterday

    Amazing :)

  • Luis Erlacher
    Luis Erlacher  yesterday

    Unterirdische Plastik und güllle Verbrennung mit turbine und Dynamo Elektrizität für Sand schmelzen zu Glas Und mit Glas Glasreaktor und gleichzeitig glasröhren und zwar turbine betreiben mit meeresdampf gleichzeitig Meer Wasser abpumpen durch Turbinen meerwasser im Reaktor meerwasser kochen und dampf durch Metall und Aktivkohlefilter reinigen und Trinkwasserasser für die ganze Welt bewässern und Trinkwasser über die ganze Welt Und wüste danke Daniela und ich bin gerade glücklich mit dem Handy frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Start in die Zukunft back to the futere

  • yooo yooo
    yooo yooo  yesterday


  • and i oop-
    and i oop-  yesterday +1

    With AirPods, it makes me feel like I’m at the beach...

  • Bogdan Griniv
    Bogdan Griniv  2 days ago

    Thank you

    BRO COOL  2 days ago

    This makes me sleepy 😂

  • Komo Key
    Komo Key  2 days ago +8

    I’m literally playing this so I can take a shit

  • Rubèn Plantinga
    Rubèn Plantinga  2 days ago

    Watersounds are to close to the sea

  • RachellDoingthings

    Really helped me and my baby sleep 💖👌🏽

  • Jasmine Pressley
    Jasmine Pressley  3 days ago +2

    When it's hot I like to go outside and stand on my door step and listen to this

  • ialokatharistiras

    Bro that beat is so boring 11 hours and no bass drop...

  • Retro_Alphashotツ


  • Savannah Estrela
    Savannah Estrela  5 days ago

    This is so relaxing I love it

    ASMR FOR SLEEP  6 days ago

    Super relaxing and beautiful! Lovely 😍 I subscribed!

  • Adriana Moreno
    Adriana Moreno  6 days ago