Halsey - Without Me (Live From Saturday Night Live)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
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  • grace rebecca
    grace rebecca  6 months ago +3044

    "more places. i can't even remember" my heart breaks for her.

  • Angry British Frog
    Angry British Frog  4 months ago +1703

    I'm so glad BTS introduced me to Halsey, I love her stuff as much as Sia or Gaga.

  • Minh Quyen Khuat
    Minh Quyen Khuat  6 months ago +1166

    He asked her to sing "Cross my heart, hope to die, to my lover I'll never lie". Then he said: "Ashley, I cheated".

  • Reggae Turtle
    Reggae Turtle  3 months ago +603

    When you realise halsey is a mixup of her name ashley

  • Amazinglynn
    Amazinglynn  3 months ago +713

    I didn’t know her name was Ashley...but she looks like an Ashley

  • AnAnxiousPotato
    AnAnxiousPotato  6 months ago +3158

    Dude the backdrop killed me 😭

  • Fatma Hassan
    Fatma Hassan  4 months ago +687

    The background with "cheated " gave me goosebumps :(

  • Kirstine Givskov
    Kirstine Givskov  6 months ago +778

    The whole concept with this version of “without me” is heartbreaking. From the writings on the walls, to the raw emotion you can so clearly both hear in the way she expresses the lyrics and see in her eyes and to the fact that she sang it acoustic and so beautifully yet again. This performance truly had me breaking down and sobbing. Halsey you deserve SO SO SO much better❤️❤️

  • Sin-Mtz
    Sin-Mtz  3 months ago +192

    "I'm sorry Ashley, I cheated" No if he was really sorry he wouldn't have kept repeating his mistake. We're all human, I understand that, but repeatedly hurting the one you supposedly "love" in that way, is the worst possible thing you could do. I'm glad she moved on, she deserves better, and that's coming from a Gerald fan.

    MONICA JONES-BOWMAN  3 months ago +493

    I'm here after her performance at the BBMAS. Love this song ♥️

  • DCed
    DCed  2 months ago +75

    She left out the words "thinking you can" and only said "live without me" ...talk about saying goodbye.

  • Karina Nunez
    Karina Nunez  3 months ago +305

    Wow this is a good performance. Thanks to E news red carpet interview of Halsey!!!!!! BBMAs

  • Hui
    Hui  3 months ago +306

    "I'm the one who put you up there " gets me so emotional

  • BTS Angel
    BTS Angel  4 months ago +439

    Bts took me here her voice is so soothing in the ear make a perfect match to collab with BTS

  • Pamela Vreto
    Pamela Vreto  6 months ago +546

    You can feel the pain in her voice. Nobody deserves to be cheated on 😒😣😪😒😏😞

  • Marie Zanoni
    Marie Zanoni  6 months ago +405

    This was by far one of the best performances Halsey has ever done. This song also has deep and meaningful lyrics, I love it.

  • Chubling xx
    Chubling xx  4 months ago +562

    I just came here after seeing BWL(BOY WITH LUV).... and i gotta say Halsey has a magical voice!!!

  • Tessaaa
    Tessaaa  3 months ago +180

    i got GOOSEBUMPS she’s so great at putting emotion into her performances, you could feel the pain and such emitting from this, i felt it so much

  • Cleon Simpson
    Cleon Simpson  6 months ago +122

    Females running the music business right now...and I really don't mind.

  • Saskia Irsalina
    Saskia Irsalina  6 months ago +1100

    you can't put 'sorry' and 'cheated' in one sentence