Did Trump Manufacture Iran Oil Tanker Attack to Start a War?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 18, 2019
  • Could Trump lie the United States into a war with Iran as part of his election campaign?

    Iran and the US disagree on whether an Iranian vessel attacked an oil tanker or was trying to save it by removing a mine. Trump could use this to start a war with Iran and have us lied in to war with Iran.

    The video isn’t clear wither it was an Iranian military vessel. We don’t know who placed the mine, if there was a mine on the oil tanker at all.

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    TAXCOLLECTOR2017  2 months ago

    Dick Cheney had an oil tanker taking Iranian oil during the Gulf war named the Condoleeza. She was head of the State Department . Shouldn't it have been a war ship ? Oil sabotage is war. Yet, these ZioNazis always get the oil.

    TAXCOLLECTOR2017  2 months ago

    US trained terrorists either way.

  • Clay Evins
    Clay Evins  4 months ago

    The stupidity in here is amazing.

  • Raymond-Trevor Twine M.A.

    So easy to Guess the culprits ! Place the mind to calculate by such actions as to pretend they are attacked in order to start a war and steal a complete Nation Palestine . To continue to use the tactics to this day. Pretend or even explode a local item to give the Reason for an attack on an innocent Nation/ Look at the Israel people who Run Commerce Microsoft/Facebook/Google/ Biggest USA traders all Israel owned Here are the greatest
    Danger we in the World have to start a war to end all-Wars/ The Iran item easy peasy for Israel// When OH When will we introduce 2-RULES_HUMANITY Blocking Israel/

  • Bessie Hamlin
    Bessie Hamlin  5 months ago

    Yes Trump is at another of his game
    Trump destroys America.
    Yes this is Trump st his best.
    Trump will start the war if he is not removed from office..
    Trump hates so bad he enjoy making others suffer.
    Trump will do any thing about now.
    Keep playing Trump games
    The USA is doom to war.
    Trump is not making USA great.
    Trump is destroying everything
    An anything to he don't like.
    The peace among the nation an it's people.
    This is what happen when you have a Russian President who hate people of color an is full of greed.
    An truly above the law.
    Trump is trying to kill out those he don't like,Trump hate kids all but his own.
    Trump is smart.
    Working with Russia to Destory peace in the nation an it's people.
    Trump is setting up for a war
    This will by him more tome to committee crimes on others.
    Trump is destroying peace

  • Beverly Vinson
    Beverly Vinson  5 months ago

    Well of course he did . Venezuela was a fail because he was trying to control their oil.
    Trump manufacturers everything . Trump terrorized Americans everyday and now he's terrorizing the world.
    Trumps world is not reality . His world is fake and made up . And based on fearmongering . Trump thinks if he goes to war ..he will get re-elected . He is mentally unstable more then ever .
    His soul and mind is corrupted.
    Trump is non-human . ..
    And weak minded. And bully. All bullies usually are weak minded .

  • ChucksterOLove
    ChucksterOLove  5 months ago

    YES. 😈

  • 337 337
    337 337  5 months ago

    Even more hilarious is Israel claiming that , without Iraq, to keep Iran in check, Iran is an even bigger threat!!!? GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Israel is the reason, benefactor, and the protagonist of the illegal U.S.War against Iraq(fake WMDs), which is NOW the reason Iraq's not there to check Iran. Iraq attacked Iran, not vice-versa, Iran is probably the most peaceful nation ever to exist! Not attacking anyone since 1798! This entire debate would be hysterical, if it didn't have such serious possibilities.

  • 337 337
    337 337  5 months ago

    Israel is fully in control of America, Israel is who is steering these puppets towards war with Iran. The INTELLIGENT leader would learn from Iran, learn HOW, they've been around LONGER than any nation! The Iran game is following the very similar Israel false flag 9/11 template. I fully expect a false flag blamed on Iran. Americans believe ANYTHING the television tells them to. Bolton is a TOTAL Israeli puppet. America has absolutely no reason to go to war with ANYONE, EXCEPT Israel!. No nation has attacked us since WWII !--other than Israel...
    Remember the invisible WMDs in Iraq! The fake Gulf if Tonkin, the war on drugs, and all the other lies the U.S. Communist Government has told for CENTURIES!

  • shucky ducky
    shucky ducky  5 months ago

    corporate $$ drying up. We want WAR! Once a progressive is president no wars for many yrs. us govt needs to do it now.

  • Dagooch23
    Dagooch23  5 months ago

    Of course they did..

  • James Adair
    James Adair  5 months ago

    I think he (drumpf) probably had something to do with setting all of this up.

  • Ed Ball
    Ed Ball  5 months ago

    The don will start the war to deflect all his problems and get re-elected due to the war, and all the chaos in the administration. God help us. Wag the dog

  • Asalsburg
    Asalsburg  5 months ago


  • Maureen Walsh
    Maureen Walsh  5 months ago

    In my opinion, the whole thing is a sham. The presidency itself is a sham. It's an acting gig. Trump can't even put a coherent sentence together. He isn't a politician, he's a bad businessman and public figure who is being paid to front the country, say the lines, do the dance. The people who really make the decisions are never seen and those decisions are always based on how the US will profit monetarily. If Iran did the thing, they would have said we did the thing. They denied it. I honestly believe WE did the thing. With all of our TRILLIONS of dollars of war technologies, a handful of Iranians in a tugboat are able to get up on a tanker and place bombs on the side of it? Are you kidding? We start the thing, make news, make drama and then Trump makes a wise and prudent decision to "pull back" at the last minute due to concern for the lives of 150 Iranians? I'd say "get real!" but it will never get real.

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny  5 months ago

    The US or one of our allies attacked the Japanese tanker.

  • Alex Al
    Alex Al  5 months ago +1

    I suppose there wouldn't be and Nobel peace prize for our beloved president after all.He and his evil associates are being very nutty!! The sad note is that still majority of American people are living in lala land.And have absolutely no clue what is going on!!

  • Stian Myrdal Laursen

    Even a child realise that this was a false flag operation from USA

  • Damian Luch
    Damian Luch  5 months ago

    it's just one act in the kabuki theater we call US foreign policy

  • Icy Football
    Icy Football  5 months ago