3 Keto Snacks to Never Leave Home Without- Thomas DeLauer

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
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    3 Keto Snacks to Never Leave Home Without- Thomas DeLauer… One of the most common things that people struggle with on a ketogenic diet is what to eat when they're on the road, or just when they're going from point A to point B, short distances, not long-term travel, but just going across town or going through LA or going through the big city, where you're going to be on the road for maybe two or three hours. What are some things that you can have on hand to make sure that you're doing ketosis right? Okay? Something so you could truly get some nutrition.

    I've got some stuff in my bag and I'm going to show you. These are things that I either keep in my bag or I keep them in the glove box in my car. Let's go for a little ride and I'll show you what I got.

    When it comes down to it, the issue isn't really when you're traveling with what you're overall food consumption looks like, a lot of times it's what kind of fats you're getting in the equation, what you're actually bringing into your body. Because, a lot of times, it's not so much that you're getting the wrong sources of protein, it's more so the wrong sources of fat. So, one of the things we have to remember when you're on a ketogenic diet in general, is you have got to remember fats are fuel. We always get hung up in getting out protein in. We travel and we'll be like, "Okay, I need to go through the drive-thru and I need to get some chicken, or I need to get a burger of some kind." That's all fine and dandy, but what we really need to focus on is the fats.

    So, what I've got with me, I've got it in my bag. I'm going to pull over up here in a second and I'm going to show you, are various forms of fat and some proteins that I find are really easy to keep with you and keep in your glove box, or anything like that, all the time. What I find is, that way, I can go to a restaurant, I can eat super, super clean and just get maybe a piece of chicken or something like that, and then I know that I have my fat sources with me. I find that this is a really foolproof way to be able to make sure you're still getting the right kind of fats in. When I get up here, I'll show you what I've got in my bag here.

    For those of you that didn't know, I posted something on Instagram about this car, this car that I've got here. I had a '71 Nova before. It was a car that my dad and I had built before he passed away. I had been looking for years for another Nova that I could carry on the story with him, and something that I could work with my baby on when he starts to grow up and as he starts to become a young man and give him something that he can actually focus on and tinker with and be a gear head like his dad was, a good healthy option to do something with.

    So, let's go ahead. Let me show you what I got. So, first things first, I always have macadamia nuts with me. The reason I have macadamia nuts with me, first of all the obviously thing, we all know macadamia nuts are super, super low carb, the lowest carb nut. Yadda, yadda, that's fine. That's old news. What's awesome about these, from an enzymatic function, is they're super high in what's called palmitoleic acid. This is known as Omega-7. Omega-7 is really unique. Palmitoleic acid does something in the body where it actually supports different enzymatic and immune functions. So, what that means is because it's supporting enzymatic functions, it's also supporting the emulsification of other fats. So, it's allowing you to utilize fats in a better way. Omega-7's have also been proven to help the body use more in the way of Omega-3's. If you're trying to get those Omega-3's in, then you're better off to consume them alongside some Omega-7's because those Omega-7's are going to help the body assimilate and utilize those more.

    The other thing that we have to look at is a really interesting thing. The Cleveland Clinic actually published a study. The Cleveland Clinic published a study that palmitoleic acid, the Omega-7, ended up showing a 56% reduction in C-reactive protein levels for those that took Omega-7's, so those that were consuming foods that were high in Omega-7. In case you didn't know, C-reactive protein is your main marker for inflammation within the body. So, if you're talking about a ketogenic lifestyle, you're going to want to make sure that your inflammation is low, 'cause that's what you're aiming for in the first place. You're trying to have an anti-inflammatory lifestyle in the first place, 'cause that's the whole goal with ketosis. You might as well support that however you can.


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    More day to day stuff please

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    I was on it. It does not put you in ketosis.

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    Dang dude you are smart!!!

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    you talk way to much .... make the fucking point
    1, Macadamia Nuts
    2. Chomps - Grass Fed Beef Sticks
    3. Coconut Oil Packets

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    Grass fed Meat sticks and macadamia nuts kept in car or purse.

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    Thomas DeLauer. Super hot car! I grew up driving in 68 Barracuda! My boyfriend was a car freak. Thirty five years later we’ve restored and owned over fifty muscle cars!
    And nice to see you have a life out of the gym and work.
    I also LOVE the science. I want to make educated decisions about my health and exercise and you make that easy and enjoyable. Although I will continue to read studies so I can see for myself.

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    Detoxing is bull shit. Stop trying to scam people.

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