The Truth About Colored Smartphones!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 5, 2018
  • The full story of colored smartphones and why they exist.The alt OnePlus Colors video: X colors rumors: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Jordyn Edmonds provided by OnePlus.


  • Lamarr Wilson
    Lamarr Wilson  a years ago +2077

    Who you callin' COLORED?!

  • Alex Schwartz
    Alex Schwartz  a years ago +882

    those deep reds are sexy. but at the end of the day i will never not use a case so...

  • MeHow
    MeHow  a years ago +734

    Why call it Oneplus Six when you can just call it Seven? 🤔🤔🤔

  • MisterSheep7
    MisterSheep7  a years ago +330

    What’s the point of colors if your just gunna slap a case on it???

  • Roberto Blake
    Roberto Blake  a years ago +742

    The motion graphics on this video were as slick as that red color!!!

  • Kaysha
    Kaysha  a years ago +333

    Because all the phones are starting to look alike on the front side, the battle goes in the back side. I really like the gradient colors of some of the new android phones, some nice ideas in there.

  • Rushad Patel
    Rushad Patel  a years ago +58

    Hate it or not... Colours were played best by Nokia Lumias. Hands down (and without the extra price tag).

  • Edan Sounds
    Edan Sounds  a years ago +303

    And they like to use names like "Midnight Black, Sunrise Gold" etc etc.. Why not "Urine Gold" or "Poop Brown"

  • iJamie8467x
    iJamie8467x  a years ago +65

    I prefer which ever colour is cheapest, I use a case anyway
    I notice different colours is more money which is stupid

  • Onizuka26
    Onizuka26  a years ago +35

    Why's there two "7s" for the months??

  • frager hoskin
    frager hoskin  6 days ago +3

    Blah blah blah what's the point people are going to either skin it or put a case on it

  • Jamal AlYafai
    Jamal AlYafai  a years ago +37

    but let's not forget: MATTE BLACK EVERYTHING

  • Rory Charlick
    Rory Charlick  8 hours ago

    Have you heard that in England there going to change all phone chargers to usb c

  • Trinity Entertainment
    Trinity Entertainment  a years ago +1630

    Marketing at its finest, suckers at their best.

  • Tobias Dettinger
    Tobias Dettinger  a years ago +91

    Its difficult to make different colours in one machine. And a machine which paints theese smartphones is very very expensive and the change of colours is very complicated and time intensive.
    Lets say: One month they do their production with the red colour and then they need couple days to clean and wash out the old color and put the new in. This process needs time to make sure there is no paint in the old painting machine.
    I think this explains why they choose red first. Maybe they will do some more colors too in some time... I know some of the processes, im getting paint engineer in one year and almost done.

  • Aki Giladi
    Aki Giladi  2 months ago +1

    I love and hate my coloured HTC u11. It's beautiful but I constantlytake the case off.

  • Ahmed Elkhodary
    Ahmed Elkhodary  1 months ago +1

    0:28 stop being very "acty" 😂😂

  • kowasumono
    kowasumono  9 months ago +1

    I miss motomaker too. :'(
    Dropped my engraved bamboo w/ green accent 2014 Moto X a couple years ago. In the process of trying to buy parts and repair it.

  • Sara Dietschy
    Sara Dietschy  a years ago +933


  • MƎHDI Westwood
    MƎHDI Westwood  2 months ago +1

    I hate coloured phones! I want my devices to be sober : space gray and black are my ultimate choices.