FINAL FISH ADDED to the POND aquarium | The King of DIY

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
  • FINAL FISH ADDED to the POND aquarium

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  • The king of DIY
    The king of DIY  5 months ago +268

    This pond is going to be AMAZING!! I realize now, the underwater footage was foggy... Its all cleared up today! I'll post some clips on IG later today. Follow @uarujoey

    • Dale Givler
      Dale Givler  1 months ago

      Yeah I'm liking the pond can't wait for warm weather to work on mine my filter selection has not been that great so for

    • Luna Stone
      Luna Stone  4 months ago

      The king of DIY I can't wait to watch these fish grow up!! 😍💚💜💚

    • Floki Looney
      Floki Looney  5 months ago

      johmats plays they died.

    • Kade Bould
      Kade Bould  5 months ago

      When you bred Discus, where did you sell them to? Like which specific vendor?

    • Kyle Hampton
      Kyle Hampton  5 months ago

      The king of DIY you should get a red devil tank. Ya or na??

  • Frank Coverdale
    Frank Coverdale  16 days ago +1

    I know i am a little late on this comment, but i think the gourami was herding the peacocks outta the corner and keeping them out in the open more... the gourami swimming thru them was another dominant move (jmo) Have to say Great job on everything so far! Keep up the Great work!!

  • Samantha Liebrecht

    740 - time stamp bigger pond I thi it would be cool to make like a tunnel from one tank to the next tank thru window on old tank put same window on new one just thought
    thx rob

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda  2 months ago

    just eat the catfish later???

  • Yo Uh
    Yo Uh  2 months ago +1

    Did you do a tribute to Buddy?

  • Louis Love
    Louis Love  4 months ago +1

    Have your tank go vertical

  • Margot Johnson
    Margot Johnson  4 months ago

    WoW !!! Can't wait to see the fish mature , and then for you to start making an EVEN BIGGER FISH POND/TANK!!!! Now to all the rest of the Aquatic family hello 👋 (little wave there).

  • DarkRider
    DarkRider  4 months ago +2

    You should get baby gar/s

  • Ryan Crowley
    Ryan Crowley  4 months ago +1

    what kind of bass does he have

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore  4 months ago +1

    Why don’t you make an outdoor small lake - big enough for the cats and the bass - make connecting tunnels so you can bring them in if needs be

    • Burritolord304
      Burritolord304  4 months ago

      Robert Moore solar panels wouldn’t matter if they’re covered under 3 feet of snow

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore  4 months ago

      +Burritolord304 hm that could be a small nail in the foot - only thing you could do is add solar powred heaters in stratigic points in the pond

    • Burritolord304
      Burritolord304  4 months ago

      Robert Moore he lives in canada the water would freeze

  • Kailey Kolln
    Kailey Kolln  4 months ago +1

    Some fish chase lasers, similar to cats. Would any of your fish chase them?

  • Luna Stone
    Luna Stone  4 months ago

    I love it!!

  • Luna Stone
    Luna Stone  4 months ago +1

    Just a....small......log. Ya know.

  • Luna Stone
    Luna Stone  4 months ago

    You are awesome

  • Chinnie's Tanks
    Chinnie's Tanks  4 months ago

    Add a water bridge! Large overhead bridge would be so awesome

  • ItsNatashaFFS
    ItsNatashaFFS  4 months ago

    that gourami is a beaut

  • minh tran
    minh tran  4 months ago +1

    i hope you make this tank nature, like amazon, it would be amazing

  • j.dawdle slocum
    j.dawdle slocum  5 months ago +1

    I love my red tail cat but they grow so fast and will pass up other fish. they will try and stuff everything in their mouth,, doesn't matter if they can't swallow it, lol. Mine grew to 20 inches in about a year and a half and I was trying to limit his food intake. $10 bucks says they eat that bichir first.

  • Benjamin Adams
    Benjamin Adams  5 months ago +2

    Absolutely love my Bichir! Ive kept them for several years now, but always had them in “smaller tanks” how big will that one get if it is in the pond?

  • Pauline Lodder
    Pauline Lodder  5 months ago

    I love your vids