FINAL FISH ADDED to the POND aquarium | The King of DIY

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
  • FINAL FISH ADDED to the POND aquarium

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  • The king of DIY
    The king of DIY  a years ago +271

    This pond is going to be AMAZING!! I realize now, the underwater footage was foggy... Its all cleared up today! I'll post some clips on IG later today. Follow @uarujoey

  • Reilly Grimley
    Reilly Grimley  14 days ago

    Can anybody tell me what happened to the indoor pond, or maybe link to a video explaining? Im fairly new to the channel, and really enjoyed watching Joey build and stock this pond, and then suddenly it isnt there in his newer uploads. And I cant seem to find a video explaining it.

  • Juiz Clan
    Juiz Clan  2 months ago

    Feed the bass Minos when there bigger

  • young pound
    young pound  5 months ago

    it was all of that and a hype man didn't hurt at all

  • Angel Loenardo99
    Angel Loenardo99  5 months ago

    The best quality a person can have is a child like heart at ANY age. Be yourself 1000% May you and all yours be abundantly divinely benevolently blessed love God willing and foremost.

  • Kayla Ojeda
    Kayla Ojeda  5 months ago

    Do you still have the pond? Are the fish big yet?

  • Sanketh Dharmadasa
    Sanketh Dharmadasa  5 months ago


  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago +1

    How about new black arowana bro?

  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago

    And i love bichir too

  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago

    Ok im little bit slower bro fast typing haha, ok your video already told that arowanas tank ccement plus glass...very nice

  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago

    About which i like emmm i think discuss...discuss also awesome

  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago

    I really like how u set up your filter system...nice

  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago

    Glass plus plywood?

  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago

    Bro how about your arowana tank?

  • Dracul Vlad
    Dracul Vlad  6 months ago

    I got it bro already look how u made the pond, interesting bro

  • The Spiritual System


  • The Spiritual System


  • Mack the fish freak mack mad

    AWESOME ! i love the pond bro

  • Adonaiyah Teemann
    Adonaiyah Teemann  8 months ago +1

    Da bass r kewl

  • Frank Robert
    Frank Robert  10 months ago +3

    I know i am a little late on this comment, but i think the gourami was herding the peacocks outta the corner and keeping them out in the open more... the gourami swimming thru them was another dominant move (jmo) Have to say Great job on everything so far! Keep up the Great work!!