Apple Admits Slowing Down Old iPhones? Ask MKBHD V23!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 23, 2017
  • The ultimate Apple conspiracy theory, confirmed?!The Smartphone Awards 2017: Q&A Videos: Gear I use: Track: Weight by Mr. J Medeiros ft. Alyss~


  • UnPhayzable
    UnPhayzable  a years ago +1356

    Time to unleash the full power of my iPhone 4 and clock it up to 90 Gigahertz

  • Watermelon
    Watermelon  a years ago +192

    "A couple months ago, more than a year ago actually" -MKBHD, then shows quote from 2013...

  • Ian Templin
    Ian Templin  a years ago +80

    And you're still the best tech reviewer on YouTube!

  • Thomas Harrison-Lord
    Thomas Harrison-Lord  a years ago +324

    Doubting Tesla is different from doubting electric cars.

    FBROS TECH  a years ago +123

    Why you have changed ur profile picture 🤔😕
    The previous one was ICONIC!😑

  • AMG
    AMG  a years ago +863

    Dude, you can review a blank page and I'd still watch it.

  • Laith Ejeilat
    Laith Ejeilat  a years ago +52

    Big respect for the academia-grade clarity and honesty in "yes i am biased".
    I'm not sure whether what I'm gonna say now will get through to you, but here's the deal:
    I spend an above-average amount of time looking at tech and smart-phone review videos on youtube. From Android Authority to PocketNow to Verge to you, Marques. What's so satisfying in your videos is the top-grade polish and professionalism in your videos. It makes the video feel more legitimate.
    1) No prolonged musical intro, just the adequate basic to clearly say it's you.
    2) A perfect blend of written and spoken info and "experimental proof".
    3) No excess visual effects that make it too commercial (written stuff sliding and popping up here and there).
    and other stuff I'm not sure are perfectly true...
    Please keep up the polish! Be the scientist who can educate the masses regarding the tech industry!
    May I suggest you do more videos explaining features, specs, and stuff that make one more aware of the true implications of tech components? Sort of like Android Authority's Gary Explains.

  • Sabou Marian
    Sabou Marian  a years ago +89

    They should change battery if that is the problem, the only reason to do this is because they push with you for a new product. Everything else is "excuses"....

  • DJ Tech Guy
    DJ Tech Guy  a years ago +7

    I wish Apple comes forward to take their award from the legend MKBHD!

  • Harmeet Singh
    Harmeet Singh  a years ago +16

    lol slowing down phone so that battery lives on

  • Alexander Florian
    Alexander Florian  a years ago +395

    Can't believe Samsung and Google and others actually asked for their trophies from Marques. 😂😂🔥

  • Kelvin Morris
    Kelvin Morris  a years ago +158

    Apple deliberately did this to make sure that their customers upgrade to the newest and expensive Apple iPhone

  • Chris M
    Chris M  a years ago +5

    "Biased?" I'm biased too. MKBHD is the best tech analyst in the world today.

  • cath evans
    cath evans  a years ago +4

    No tri camera phones? Step forward, p20 pro...

  • john doe
    john doe  a years ago +16

    its weird... I don't know you, but I am proud of your accomplishments.

  • Psycho Cuber
    Psycho Cuber  a years ago +173

    "I don't expect Apple to reach out for their trophy" LOL

  • Mac Canma
    Mac Canma  a years ago +5

    watching this on a iPhone SE with iOS 10 and a headphone jack. Great phone, that im never going to upgrade to iOS11.

  • Srijiith S
    Srijiith S  a years ago +6

    not able to stop staring at the monitor in the background XD

  • Jacob J
    Jacob J  a years ago +20

    Apple is greedy lets all switch to android

    STEALTH  a years ago +108

    Mkbhd will you ever make smartphone?