Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Legal Race Car Part 10

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 24, 2019
  • What an amazing experience! This kit car is unlike anything we have ever drove. After a long process of putting pieces together we finally get to put the project to the test. This DF Goblin kit car is going to be one the fastest cars we own. Follow along and watch us put it to the test!!!

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  • Diedrich Reimer  (Jan 24, 2019))

    Who's been subscribed since Thomas was a kitten?

  • Hashim Farah  (Mar 17, 2019))

    Ever since the house rebuild

  • Hashim Farah  (Mar 17, 2019))

    FixBroz same

  • Marouxi  (Jan 25, 2019))

    Boys, Why not beat Law Enforcement to the punch! As you said this car will be a "cop magnet", so once you've the plates on it... Drive directly to the Sheriff's office with the car, enter the building introduce yourselves, show the paperwork and invite the Deputies to come look at the kit car. Once they see it, have them make out a "Field Report" stating that this car is "Street legal" and ask them for a copy. Keep that copy with the car at all times for the future stops ...

  • patrick mcbrien  (Mar 26, 2019))

    HAHAHA you know the drill!

  • 2Twelve TV  (Jan 25, 2019))

    Headlights need to be LED who agrees with me

  • Biscuit112 DT  (Mar 10, 2019))

    so any on-coming traffic gets blinded.. unless its a legit LED headlight kit.. NO

  • Isaacs Random Videos  (Mar 8, 2019))


  • Ravel Tammeleht  (Mar 11, 2019))

    for daily use, use 1.5 deg downwards, for track use, go a bit more agressive, like 10 or such, but be aware of drag aswell :)

  • famousadio  (Mar 11, 2019))

    Whatever these kids do for a living it looks like they are spending their money right.

  • Tsch olli  (Apr 10, 2019))

    Electric ist the future;)

  • Stay Gold  (Mar 22, 2019))

    They fix cars and film it then sell the cars for profit and get ad revenue from their videos. 900k Subscribers, they make good money

  • trever conley  (Feb 22, 2019))

    Insane dude, dude, yeah dude, sweet dude, for sure dude.

  • Futurez  (1 day ago))


  • Dutch B  (Mar 14, 2019))

    Dude 😎

  • cb550rider  (2 days ago))

    are yall in Georgia? Cobb? Some of the background looks real familiar

  • Doc Hollywood  (Mar 28, 2019))

    These guys are great but if I hear one more "Dude" or a "Legit", im changing tge channel.

  • Cataca_91  (Mar 9, 2019))

    you need to add downforce to the front as well

  • Tricklarock  (Mar 13, 2019))

    +Berserker If you're thinking along those lines, then you can see how all of the things you mentioned would make the front extra unstable?

  • Tricklarock  (Mar 13, 2019))

    Oh definitely, 1st thing I thought as they unboxed the rear wing!

  • Mxjustin 27  (Jan 24, 2019))

    Don’t put the wing all the way down but not flat put it in the middle (like so they will see)

  • Fordboy 2005  (Jan 24, 2019))

    Mxjustin 27 x❤️

  • DCIfanatic18  (Jan 24, 2019))

    I 2as gonna say the same thing, I'm watching where they just installed it and came down to comment where to set it but yea go half, that's about the equal spot with a good setting for down force.