This is Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 21, 2015
  • Media smugglers get Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, and the New York Times to Cubans every week through an illegal network of runners.

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    In Cuba there is barely any internet. Anything but the state-run TV channels is prohibited. Publications are limited to the state-approved newspapers and magazines. This is the law. But, in typical Cuban fashion, the law doesn't stop a vast underground system of entertainment and news media distributors and consumers.

    "El Paquete Semanal" (The Weekly Package) is a weekly trove of digital content—everything from American movies to PDFs of Spanish newspapers—that is gathered, organized and transferred by a human web of runners and dealers to the entire country. It is a prodigious and profitable operation.

    I went behind the scenes in Havana to film how the Paquete works. Check out the video above to see how Cubans bypass censorship to access the media we take for granted.

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  • Tomi The Great
    Tomi The Great  3 days ago


  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez  14 days ago

    Good job Vox 👌🏼 you just blew this guys cover and identity

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez  14 days ago

    I love it. I think had I been born in Cuba i'd be doing something like this 😆

  • why soserious
    why soserious  21 days ago +1

    4:45 Not all heroes wear capes, they sometimes wear board shorts...

  • neriesh
    neriesh  21 days ago

    "shady charcter behind giant illegal enterprise" really? I see a young guy trying to make little money best way he can in society where people cooperate closely to be able to fix car, get food or watch movie. Nice clip anyway. Thanks

  • christopher draper

    Why are their still governments in 2020 who still deny basic human rights and information?

  • Mada
    Mada  21 days ago

    0:15 ... not really...we have to pay first.

  • Nilo Yapchiongco
    Nilo Yapchiongco  21 days ago

    someone needs to be in charge of memes

  • daraka 1
    daraka 1  28 days ago

    They can drive new cars now. That's very good

  • daraka 1
    daraka 1  28 days ago

    Some years after, i think the Internet will be for everyone unlimited

  • Abitamim Bharmal
    Abitamim Bharmal  28 days ago

    How does vox have so many connections and get people to get them to the top of the chain?

  • George Rodriguez
    George Rodriguez  28 days ago

    If my fellow Mexicans tried as hard as the Cubans to make Mexico great there’s no doubt Mexico would be a world superpower instead they’re all trying to come make America Mexico lol

  • JH Survivor
    JH Survivor  28 days ago

    So, it’s basically blockbuster but with thumbdrives

  • Ayush Bhardwas
    Ayush Bhardwas  a months ago

    The guy in the thumbnail looks so similar to one of the indian cricketer that I always misinterpret him.

  • Kurt Gomez
    Kurt Gomez  a months ago

    So cuba is DPRK equivalent in South america

  • Jia Yoong Chong
    Jia Yoong Chong  a months ago

    It's sorta boring to hear neoliberal opinions churning out from a spoiled brat's mouth whose salary is paid by us on youtube ... what goes around comes around.

  • Antonio Barroso Exposito

    Live in Cuba is hard am from Cuba and I love cuba 🇨🇺

  • soul
    soul  a months ago

    I hope this video didn't send anyone to jail

  • Edmond Gurguri
    Edmond Gurguri  a months ago

    They have like 3 tv channels in cuba :/

  • Hakkim Salim
    Hakkim Salim  a months ago +1

    0:48 badlapur