Copart Walk Around + Carnage 07-31-18

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • deadbugdoug  11 months ago

    Its nice of you to stand up for that poor dog. Let us know what happens.

  • Sadly the end result was not good. It will be in a future upload I promise.

  • Flower Man  11 months ago

    That poor dog, there’s a place in hell for people like that. I’m so glad you’re going to court , I hope they fine her big time. Thank you for getting involved. Have a nice vacation.

  • It didn't go well for the dog, sadly.

  • Nedyroc2  11 months ago

    Scotty hates anything that isn't a toyota lol

  • LOL True!

  • Jon Smith  11 months ago

    Let us know what happened in court?

  • NotSoLegitGarage  11 months ago

    That 135i is definitely a good buy

  • Darylle Pineda  9 months ago

    NotSoLegitGarage, Most of them are in good condition just call the superior survivor of cars, The goonzquad

  • BLISSFUL FAPPER  11 months ago

    You know we watch you and many other people on youtube. Been watching those two brothers (goonzquad) that work on cars. samcrac and others. soontobeinjailspeed717, sendit steve as well as others.

  • GSHeverything _27  10 months ago

    Goonzquad, rich rebuild, rebuilder guy, samcrac, those guys are dope man

  • I watch them all too.

  • ethancedrik  11 months ago

    Let us know how the court case goes and what the outcome is!

  • ADreviews76  11 months ago

    scotty knows mercedes are bricks with tech no one needs and you fix one thing and something else break but you know that mercedes are good cars to sell not to own

  • Well opinions vary I suppose.

  • Fernando H.  11 months ago

    Finally some cool cars, would like to see more sports cars and luxury cars. Like the walk arounds! Would be cool to know how much they sold for too. Thanks!

  • CrazedSymptoms  11 months ago

    Just followed the guy who owned the Infiniti

  • SmashLike  5 months ago

    CrazedSymptoms what’s his IG. It doesn’t work anymore lol