BTS 'Spring Day' MV Teaser

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 9, 2017
  • BTS ‘Spring Day’ MV Teaser‘Spring Day’ music video will be released on February 13th, 2017 worldwide.Connect with BTS:http://www.ibighit.com


  • Gold Fish
    Gold Fish  4 months ago +5394

    I don't care what people says but this is the best trailer

  • TaejinTM
    TaejinTM  2 months ago +1003

    Idk why, but hearing the “oh-woah-oh” part SENDS me. And I know other people can relate.
    It’s so comforting to hear that. 💜

  • I want a cup of *tae* with *suga* and a *kookie*

    This era was so beautiful😭💜

  • Rianne Baniqued
    Rianne Baniqued  2 months ago +346

    no one:
    literally no one:
    YouTube: *puts this in my recommendation after 3 years*

  • Sylvia Ivy L.
    Sylvia Ivy L.  4 months ago +665

    This song special in my heart and I'll secured it forever.

  • Lucy Sapam
    Lucy Sapam  4 months ago +809

    I came here after Boy in luv teaser 2019.

  • Seokjin's wifeu
    Seokjin's wifeu  2 months ago +154

    I don't know why but, Spring Day always softens my heart:(

  • Veronika
    Veronika  3 months ago +120

    Why is this recommendation now?
    2019:oh hello

  • alaa ibrahim
    alaa ibrahim  4 months ago +521

    Who came back after the" boy with love teaser" 😁😎✌

  • Lorenza Wijaya
    Lorenza Wijaya  4 months ago +177

    Best teaser ever 😭❤️ take me back to spring day era..

  • No Body
    No Body  4 months ago +136

    Its already 2019 few years after a release of this but still my most favorite teaser😓!

  • Scarlet Fairy
    Scarlet Fairy  4 months ago +152

    After seeing Boy With Luv's teaser, I felt a sudden urge to watch BTS teasers.
    And this one still makes me cry.
    It's so aesthetically satisfying, the song is so beautiful and I think it's the only teaser that gives such a long part of the song.
    Every bit of the Spring Day era will always have a special place in my heart, from the teaser to the mv, from the music to the choreography, from the concept to the lyrics, from the MV's scenery to the the boys' hair colours, outfits etc.
    I love and will always love every. single. bit. of it with all of my heart💜

  • Ya Fookin’ Losah
    Ya Fookin’ Losah  5 months ago +2610

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but Spring Day is objectively the best MV teaser I’ve ever seen and anyone that disagrees with me can fite me.

  • BangtanTrash 247
    BangtanTrash 247  2 months ago +26

    2017- No
    2018- No!
    2019- Mkay lets do it right before the BTS Wembley livestream

  • Daniela Reyes
    Daniela Reyes  2 months ago +24

    “How can I tattoo a YouTube video on my forehead?”

  • Clara-클라라
    Clara-클라라  3 days ago +4

    Crying, this was the best comeback ever, with the best teaser, I miss this era so much 💜

  • 레이 Giovanni Rae지오반니

    Jin and Suga are in the military now... map of the soul : anima, and map of the soul : self... both albums are so good...

  • hails
    hails  4 months ago +2557

    this is still, truly, one of the most beautiful teasers. the harmonies, visuals, the angelic voices, so many more attributes that create this beauty.

  • SunScaled StarDust
    SunScaled StarDust  1 months ago +18

    I’m still waiting for this version of Spring Day

  • SungHyo Min
    SungHyo Min  5 hours ago

    Spring Day was my first BTS comback after I became an ARMY on November 2017 because of DNA