Nintendo Switch Lite hands-on: Who's it for?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 27, 2019
  • We can finally show you what it's like to hold and play games on the Nintendo Switch Lite. And after some time with Nintendo's new portable-only console, we're surprised at what we learned.

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  • CNET
    CNET  a months ago +275

    Anyone already got a Switch and also getting this one??

  • mitremaria1323
    mitremaria1323  7 days ago

    can you download games on it .... i honestly don't know anything about video games

  • Dem annu
    Dem annu  14 days ago

    Had the Switch when it released. Realised the games were for kids, sold it. The Switch Lite is for kids mainly and people who wanna play zelda on the go with the more accurate colour screen.

  • Michael Solares
    Michael Solares  14 days ago

    Bruh i want that!

  • Lucas Vidal
    Lucas Vidal  14 days ago

    I only care about Nintendo enough to play Pokémon, so this is probably what I'll get.

  • Patrick Dawson
    Patrick Dawson  21 days ago

    So PlayStation gave up the vita system to Nintendo I see might be new but All i see the ps vita system all over it

  • apdroid geek
    apdroid geek  a months ago

    Im getting one tommorow, trading my old switch but still look new, what i meant by old is that its a first gen switch.

  • akaspidey
    akaspidey  a months ago

    For PS4/Xbox owners who are just interested in a handheld console

  • jason Brown
    jason Brown  a months ago

    This is satisfactory for playstation 4 and xbox one owners of course.

    Would you agree

  • David Lauw
    David Lauw  a months ago

    For your 4 year old??

  • Kathrin Jenner
    Kathrin Jenner  a months ago

    So who's it for? Me. It's for me.

  • MGS
    MGS  a months ago

    Would've been better if they added a pen...

  • Aaron Swain
    Aaron Swain  a months ago

    A New York City rooftop party eh? Was Karen there?

  • Harlock2day
    Harlock2day  a months ago

    You can get a dpad, Hori makes left joy cons with dpad.

  • FŁłúćkÿ7
    FŁłúćkÿ7  a months ago

    Practically I’m broke so dis for me

  • FŁłúćkÿ7
    FŁłúćkÿ7  a months ago


  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I?  a months ago

    I’m literally only going to buy it to play breath of the wild.

  • Ines Valdez
    Ines Valdez  a months ago +1

    The Nintendo switch lite sucks because you cannot do the same things as the Nintendo switch

  • Alex M
    Alex M  a months ago

    Shame there’s no kickstand. Y’all really missed out on a video.

  • Benaantje 93
    Benaantje 93  a months ago

    The switch lite is for me the gamer that thinks the normal switch is too expensive for the few Nintendo games I want to play and doesn't care about the docking part or joy-con part of the switch