Fighting Inequality by Turning Workers into Owners w/ Loren Rodgers - MR Live - 7/10/19

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • Happy Wednesday, joining Michael Brooks on today’s Majority Report is Loren Rodgers, Executive Director of the National Center for Employee Ownership to discuss his organization’s latest feature in the New Republic, “An Economy in Waiting.” We’re live at 12:00 pm EST.Become a member at your tickets to the Michael Brooks Chicago Live Show on August 24th here!Check out The Michael Brooks Show at, and the TMBS YouTube channel for all short TMBS clips. And check out Year Of Lead, a new book on Brazil with introduction by Michael Brooks!Check out Matt’s podcast, Literary Hangover, at or on iTunesCheck out Jamie’s podcast, The Antifada, at, on iTunes, or via your favorite podcast app.Follow the Majority Report crew on Twitter:@@@ the Majority Report live M–F at 12 p.m. EST at or listen via daily podcast at http://Majority.FMDownload our FREE app: http://majorityapp.comSUPPORT the show by becoming a member: http://jointhemajorityreport.comLIKE us on Facebook: us on Twitter: to us on YouTube:


  • James Gasber
    James Gasber  1 months ago +21

    Michael's Sam impression technically sounds nothing like him at all, and also captures his likeness so thoroughly that sometimes when Sam talks now I literally hear Michael's impression of him in my mind. It's a bizarre and fascinating phenomenon.

  • farminstoltzfus
    farminstoltzfus  1 months ago +32

    Can you clip the last call @2:28:03?
    He echoes much of the same feelings I have as a liberal dairy farmer living in Indiana. I'd love to share that call with others.

  • Alias S/R
    Alias S/R  1 months ago +16

    Read a book. LeftisBest

  • Nageva
    Nageva  1 months ago +18

    I’m a communist.

  • Greedo
    Greedo  1 months ago +14

    I patronize a very successful grocery store that is employee owned. The workers seem very conscientious and happy, and I've heard they make a decent living, and the prices are low.

  • Anthony DiNocco
    Anthony DiNocco  1 months ago +6

    Left is best!
    Pass it on G!

  • Bijou Smith
    Bijou Smith  1 months ago +4

    Kamala + Credit Scores = total all out neoliberalization. A progressive would be calling for debt jubilee's every 10 years, not f___king credit scoring. The onus is on the bank, the lending institution, to make loans that can be reasonably expected to be repaid. When the debt cannot be repaid the bank is penalized, not the debtor. Credit Scores are just a tick short of debtor prisons. (Wrote that before Brooksy mentioned jubilee's, awesome, Brooksy is ON TO IT!!!)

  • divinuminfernum
    divinuminfernum  1 months ago +2

    i dont think we even have 12 years left to fundamentally change everything away from CO2 creating human activity - if you read the newest articles on the state of the oceans, the research is pointing to the oceans being close to the point of "excitation" where the amount of co2 will cause a large chemical reaction in the water itself and push ocean acidification into a new extreme - the rate of which things are moving is quicker than that that of the permian-triassic extinction they are saying - one in which 90% of life on earth died.
    if the oceans are too acidic for any life at all than that is going to shoot right up the food chain and also affect too, the air we breathe and where is the CO2 going to go after that?
    oceans of boiling acid, air like burning acid, - the land all aflame, - no one gets out of this alive.

  • Lightly Salted
    Lightly Salted  28 days ago +1

    Bernie pronouncing "Ocasio" is giving me flashbacks of growing up as the only hispanic kid in a midwestern suburb.

  • Danny
    Danny  1 months ago +15

    Communism for all!!...Trump is caging kids just like his friend Epstein.

  • xamphibiax
    xamphibiax  1 months ago +2

    “Reading the Most Books in the Biz”

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake  1 months ago +3

    I just realized that the clip of Sam at the end of the music video is from the old studio.

  • Katie Hay
    Katie Hay  1 months ago +1

    Great episode. Thanks for everything.

  • Manhole Eunuchsbane
    Manhole Eunuchsbane  1 months ago

    You should do the Jimmy Dore voice everytime you say Lava Jato, Mike.

  • Sherri Decembrini
    Sherri Decembrini  1 months ago

    quit playin; with the microfone

  • Bijou Smith
    Bijou Smith  1 months ago +1

    ...(2) also, using government subsidies on-off to fund worker cooperatives would not be inflationary, there's no conceivable way it would inflate consumer prices. With more expendable money in worker pockets, and less hoarding of profits, a worker coop MIGHT cause a one-time bump in demand for groceries and stuff, but that's not inflation, since it would not be a continuous pressure on prices. It would just be a temporary adjustment while industry adjust to put in reserve productive capacity to meet the one-off bump in demand. All right! So you do not have to be stingy and "loan" money to worker cooperative start-ups. Just give them the money and be done.

  • Arash Khosrowshahi
    Arash Khosrowshahi  1 months ago

    Gave a thumbs up once I heard "thief judge."

  • LFIontheBHB
    LFIontheBHB  21 days ago

    Honestly! That clicking on the god damn phone!! 😖

  • Gnome Chomsky
    Gnome Chomsky  1 months ago

    For whatever it's worth, anytime you guys lay into Dore as a know-nothing blowhard is a win for the Left

  • Robert Stan
    Robert Stan  1 months ago

    PLEASE clip the last call. That guy was pretty awesome.