Copart Walkaround + Carnage 1-15-19

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle  6 days ago +1

    Z cars are shit don't bother with them.

  • Mari Curls
    Mari Curls  7 days ago

    Omg the Pontiac G8 GT 😍😍😍😍

  • Pinball 541
    Pinball 541  5 months ago +1

    As a GM person, I would have liked to see that black Pontiac G8 that was in the background in the beginning of the video. I own a 2008 white Pontiac G8 myself, beautiful cars. Hello from Phoenix Arizona!

  • Wesley sipe
    Wesley sipe  7 months ago

    The black Lincoln wasnt on park and fell off a cliff

  • Hacker Gta
    Hacker Gta  8 months ago

    Me and my dad are going to a car junk yard

  • Hacker Gta
    Hacker Gta  8 months ago

    I would by a doge ram

  • PaganWizard
    PaganWizard  9 months ago

    That old Nash is just begging for a fresh new (er) engine like a small block Chevy or Ford. It would make for a perfect sleeper.

  • Edmond
    Edmond  9 months ago

    you dont like a car with a gear ?

  • Paul Johansson
    Paul Johansson  10 months ago

    Extra shitty vihcle

  • Paul Johansson
    Paul Johansson  10 months ago

    We have a F 350

  • Paul Johansson
    Paul Johansson  10 months ago

    I like That f 150.

  • Dalibor Jedlicka
    Dalibor Jedlicka  10 months ago

    Junk s

  • Aron Pa
    Aron Pa  10 months ago

    I love your videos

  • Jakuan Simmons
    Jakuan Simmons  10 months ago


  • Freddy Brenes
    Freddy Brenes  10 months ago

    Great Video , Warm Regards from Costa Rica.

  • Matthew Baird
    Matthew Baird  10 months ago +1

    the wing is part of the nismo kit the 370 might have the nismo package ut could be wrong

  • Matthew Baird
    Matthew Baird  10 months ago

    get both the 350s

  • Miguel Saman
    Miguel Saman  10 months ago

    Good afternoon what's that mean bio?

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924  10 months ago +1

    "Aunts would love to turn signals around the Z350, reselling the 🆙️ in smoke package? I've thought not. Oh, and the 5.0 still there, can I use my point finger to test the wind?! Have you got soul? 'Cause you know, that shifting box." 🥥🐒🏮🐜🦇🎭🖥🚬🐦💊🛒⛓🛢🤙⛼👁💨☝️💋👓🗂💤📝☕💫

  • William McDermott
    William McDermott  10 months ago

    Bid on the yellow one