Copart Walkaround + Carnage 1-15-19

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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  • Raymond Proseus
    Raymond Proseus  7 months ago +30

    Get the yellow Z. She needs some TLC.

  • D4x4Bronc
    D4x4Bronc  7 months ago +16

    Get the 5.0 sn95 mustang those are going to be collectors once the supply dwindles

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed  7 months ago +22

    I know there is not much love for that yellow mustang, but I would love to see it back on the road.

  • Eren JaegerDarkness
    Eren JaegerDarkness  7 months ago +15

    The Cadillac Escalade ESV is the extended wheelbase version of the Cadillac Escalade.
    Bonus fact: If you find a Cadillac Escalade EXT, you’ve found a Chevrolet Avalanche in a tuxedo, so to speak.

  • UnWrecked
    UnWrecked  7 months ago +26

    I really wish they weren't jerks at my local copart location, and they'd let me film

  • Ilias Lamari
    Ilias Lamari  7 months ago +11

    With all the long term projects you got going on (the Z, F-150's, VW, damaged vette) I would say: Get an easy flip car that you can sell quick. A Corolla, Civic, Mustang or that yellow 350z. Just something that needs minor body work, a service (new oil, coolant check, maybe a battery) and sell it! I'm really interested to see how much profit it is going to make. Also, bid on the Nash as a side project if it goes cheap. If you win it then slowly restore it with Mike in the spare time. You could upload a weekly nash video series! It would be great new content!

  • Ric Christie
    Ric Christie  7 months ago +2

    Hey Randy. Love the channel, man! Subbed. Give 'er! :)

  • Kimberly Lawson
    Kimberly Lawson  7 months ago +8

    ESV for the Escalade means Extended Stretch Vehicle Randy...

  • bill nalder
    bill nalder  7 months ago +20

    Build that Nash into a 8 second drag car!

  • Jason Kaplan
    Jason Kaplan  7 months ago +13

    Aftermarket wing on the 370

  • dragos2009
    dragos2009  7 months ago +9

    get the second yellow 350z too

  • Ralph Burrows
    Ralph Burrows  7 months ago +6

    Im glad your back. that video from a year ago did not cut it for me :(

  • Regular Pilot
    Regular Pilot  7 months ago +11

    2:45 The Pontiac G8 in the back? Yeah I dont see that everyday :(

  • Brian Pooley
    Brian Pooley  7 months ago +2

    you are driving me crazy with all the opportunities you have. I live in Atlantic Canada and everything is rusted out or full of snow. Very nice to see the rebuildables and their price

  • argonian bilbo
    argonian bilbo  7 months ago +7

    The rear passenger wheel seems like its slightly pointing the wrong way on the yellow Z

  • Christian Allen
    Christian Allen  7 months ago +3

    That generation of mustang is my favorite!!! I really hope you're able to save her, all though it might be to far gone considering the top may leak. 😫

  • Redbulpro
    Redbulpro  7 months ago +1

    Really like these videos man! They are really interesting and i like the way you explain what you see and smell. Keep up the awesome work man and I hope to see many more of your videos in 2019!

  • KickAss
    KickAss  7 months ago +3

    Build the Nash ROADKILL style, call it the RATROD NASH. Buy a junkyard LS engine and get some motor home parts and your good to go.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Curtis Ritter
    Curtis Ritter  7 months ago +4

    I watch this every week so you can’t try to pull that kind of stuff 😂😂😂

  • Jon Hashimi
    Jon Hashimi  7 months ago +3

    No that 370z is not a nismo edition. That’s a aftermarket spoiler