Jamie Foxx serenades Serena Williams at the ESPY Awards - Tennis Ball

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 25, 2010


  • SweetVibez  10 months ago

    Bruh this never gets old!! Whos still watching in 2019 lol👀???

  • Mike5  yesterday


  • R. Wright  yesterday


  • Eli S. Ramirez  6 months ago

    Man. It was meant to be funny but the music for the song was a masterpiece

  • Péter Kalányos  9 days ago

    He was absolutely killin it. The song, the voice, the style...perfect. :'D

  • SenzaNome  12 days ago

    And that voice!!!

  • Jerry Garcia  7 months ago

    They should bring Jamie back next year and do something like this again with Serena. Something like 15 years later he’s still obsessed with her

  • Quentin Buetow  2 days ago

    Jah Thomas - Punk-ass jealous bitch

  • SUBHA GHOSAL  5 days ago

    We can't have this now. Jamie would have to appear in court next year if he does this.

  • Wester  2 months ago

    "Serena I'm not playing around this year" And that is when I was officially dead.

  • mention #  4 days ago


  • shizukagozen777  1 months ago


  • justin lee  5 months ago

    Ppl be commenting about how entertaining this video is but is everyone gon ignore how good these songs r😂😂

  • J024  4 days ago

    It's Jamie Foxx, he doesn't do shitty things.

  • David Thompson  4 days ago

    I’d buy this album

  • D CITY  2 years ago

    Yo if this ain't the definition of 'Shooting Your Shot' idk what is

  • Thomas Sherrill  20 days ago

    Summed up!

  • Infinite Loop  4 days ago

    This slow jam could have charted. This is better than just a joke song.

  • Jordan Cooke  4 months ago

    Lmaooooo I have never seen this until today. 😂😂😂😂

  • Denise Griffin  8 hours ago


  • shizukagozen777  1 months ago

    Jordan Same. 😂😂😂😂

  • search the pines  2 months ago

    lebron is literally having a heartattack laughing

  • LOL You know I'm right.

  • ghetto uptown  5 days ago

    @Stephanie Zimbalist lmao

  • Jay Harris  11 days ago

    After seein Jamie's post on IG I had to see the full version! loll

  • Erica J.  6 days ago

    Guilty lol

  • Daine Ellie  6 days ago

    Full video gang😂🔥