Listen on quiet night, healing music in winter【Working BGM】Heart warming Music

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 12, 2017
  • Please also use it for working / studying / sleeping BGM, relaxation time etc (# ^. ^ #)It's a bit sad, but at the end it's smiling,I tried making music that your heart seems to calm down, I feel like I can feel kind.Because I felt that I was making and feeling became calm,There may be a healing effect!▼ Subscribe here ▼ updated everyday.Like, comments, sharing, feel free to ♪We also ask for your requests etc. in the comments section.★ Recommended piano BGM medley is here ↓ ★[Healing BGM medley] Beautiful piano music ~ For work, for study / for sleep please also ~★ Popular piano music is here ↓ ★Hokkori piano music 【Sleeping BGM】 Music not to get in the way, I tried making it # 3★New winter-song ↓ ★Listening on a quiet night, healing music in winter [Working BGM] heart feels smart piano music


  • BadTimeNiko
    BadTimeNiko  7 months ago +5886

    To the person reading this comment. I wish you the best life you can ever imagine. I hope 2019 will be good for you. I know you've been struggling. I know things have been hard for you. I can relate to that a lot. But just don't give up. You are a wonderful human being. You're beautiful on the inside and outside. Don't listen to people who want to bring you down. Those selfish people who want to steal your light. Don't let anyone tell you that you are not enough. You are precious to this world. You are special. Irreplaceable. Cherish your life and the people around you that love you. Even if you think that you are alone now. You may often feel lonely. But know that you're never alone. You might've not been born with the best looks or money. But the true beauty of yours is hidden inside of your heart. Your heart that might've been broken a lot, but you're still here. Don't give up. Hold on to your dreams. One day you might achieve them. Just believe in yourself. You deserve the best in the world. You deserve happiness, love, kindness, loyalty and honesty. And I'd give you all that, to every one of you if I could. Even though you're a complete stranger, you deserve to be happy. Anyway, I'll end this comment here. If you need a loyal and nice friend, don't be afraid to contact me. I'm here for you.
    Goodbye and have a nice day. :)

  • Estephano Bartenski
    Estephano Bartenski  1 months ago +578

    Oh, I see. This is where the nice people in the internet were hiding the whole time

  • Xin Jie Lim
    Xin Jie Lim  5 months ago +2395

    Remember to drink your water. Go sleep if you're tired. Laugh when you want to laugh, cry when you want to cry, it's okay to do anything you want. Your feelings should be expressed, not suppressed. Go grab your favorite drink and sit on your favorite chair. Let's just watch the world for now, we can do things later.

  • Chris Danger
    Chris Danger  3 months ago +557

    If you are ever feeling alone, just remember that there are billions of cells and other microorganisms living inside you who literally cannot live without you. :D

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody  1 months ago +268

    To, the comment section.
    I came hear to listen to music while reading.
    I thought the music was peaceful so I scrolled down to the comments.
    I then proceeded to cry.
    Everyone hear is so nice and supportive of one another, relating with each other and cheering each other on. Complete strangers telling you you are worth it and you are loved.
    So for the strangers that might be reading this, you are LOVED. You are IMPORTANT. You MATTER. You are STUNNING.
    This type of community is what everyone needs.
    You may not have been born in an amazing life. Life may have gone downhill for you. Or maybe life is fine and you’re just feeling sad, but don’t quit trying. Life is long and the earth is big. Go do the things you always dreamed of doing. Go do the little things you thought would be interesting. Try some new things. And along the way be yourself.
    Life is a constant one way road of flowing traffic, but grab your skateboard, bike, roller skates, and go against the traffic. Find yourself and who you want to be, not who others want you to be.
    And remember,
    You are loved.
    From, a complete stranger

  • 사나
    사나  5 months ago +974

    Nobody cares about every mistake you make, they are worrying about themselves as well.

  • julia anne
    julia anne  5 months ago +296

    Have you ever felt a feeling that you can't explain? Like longing for a place you have never been to, and never even existed. Like when listening to music that made you feel like you're in a different place where you're alone. Like when looking at a drawing that makes you feel emotions that you have never felt before. If you do, never lose that feeling.

  • Otaku_girl 21
    Otaku_girl 21  5 months ago +309

    it's hard, right? Pushing yourself too hard? Sometimes when you push yourself too hard you may not get the outcome you wanted, just know you tried your best....and if you didnt.....its ok. Its ok to give yourself a break. Are you feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, burned out, tired, not good enough. Its ok. People might say its selfish to think of yourself first at times but not now, they dont know how your feeling, so its ok....Take a break.....Go back to doing the things you miss.....The things you didnt get to do. Just know your ok...........and your no alone. Sweet Dreams

  • Zyklon Blæ
    Zyklon Blæ  2 months ago +247

    That train in the video, get on it. It goes wherever you dream of going. Believe in yourself and the train will take you to the place you want to go.
    It’ll take you to your favourite country.
    It’ll take you to the country where they speak the language you’re learning.
    It’ll take you to the country you wish you lived in.
    It’ll take you to the country you wish you came from.
    Just believe in yourself, believe that you can learn that language, believe that you can do well in your exams, and the train of life will take you where you want to go.
    You’re a human, one of the greatest, most complex species on this planet. You have the ability to be creative, smart, funny, helpful, thoughtful and happy. Whatever you want to be, you can become that, by believing in yourself and putting work into what you do.
    You wont be stuck in school forever. You wont be in that dead end job forever. You wont live in that middle of nowhere crappy town forever. Those bullies wont taunt you forever. The poverty wont be there forever. The depression wont stick with you forever.
    Whatever bad time you’re going through; It wont last forever! The happiness to come in life will last much longer.
    Just hang in there, please. Hang in there. Exam season wont last years, it’s only a few weeks. Your grades dont decide everything. You can do this!
    I wish the greatest life for each and every one of you.
    Let me know if you want any wholesome stuff like this from me. This video in particular gives me the wholesome feels and I have to share it.

  • Tricia Genuine
    Tricia Genuine  2 months ago +256

    Can you stop by and read what I have to say?
    Yes? Thank you. Alright so let me start this off with a "Hello there".
    I am aware that you are a complete stranger to me and so am I to you. But I want you to know that you are worthy of this life and even the next. Your existence is as precious as every nanosecond counts. You, who have been struggling and fighting for your life, deserve all the best in this world. True, this is indeed a cruel world. But having someone like you in it makes it worth living for. You are dear. You are loved. You are cherished. Don't you even dare let anyone step down on you and destroy your well-being, They are not worthy of your precious tears. Life can be very frightening, but life isn't just about all the sadness and fears we know of. There is always a ray of sunshine somewhere, somehow.
    Once you find it, hold on to it and never let it go. And when you hold on to that, you will become the light to others as well. You will also help others get through all the troubles they have in life. I want you to know that I love you, whoever you are. And that I am glad that you exist.
    Please do not hesitate to approach me if anything comes up in your life, you can talk to me about it and I will be your companion. I shall be the aid to your pain and agony.
    God bless you, wherever you are in the world. Oh, and remember Love Yourself
    ` Tricia The Genuine

  • Khariz Dabalos
    Khariz Dabalos  3 months ago +200

    When I read these comments I started crying faster than i ever had before. I maybe even got angrey. Reading the comments, and hearing or rather seeing strangers asking if l am ok or that they wish the best for me simply broke my heart. The people who i care about in life and i thought cared about me, never asked me these things and now random strangers are? I couldnt take it. I was mad and felt pity for myself and who i chose to be my friends and who i let into my inner circle. If there is anyone who reads this i really hope thats different for you. And that u wont make the same mistake i made and surround yourself with people who love you.

  • czenaeri
    czenaeri  5 months ago +293

    The comment section made me cry huhuhu I am currently struggling rn with everything and I was supposed to watch some music video to lift up my mood when I clicked this accidentally. This is a damn wonderful accident for me. Everyone in the comment section is just so sweet.

  • Cam E
    Cam E  4 months ago +46

    Today i decided to sent a "good morning" message to my friends. It was just an experiment to make them happy but at the same time i realize that i have lot of friends. The answers go from just an "you too." to the "why did i do to deserve this" so i answered "because you are a beautiful person." One friend even told me "this is the first time that someone said me that" and others didn't even answer :')
    I notice that i haven´t talk to some friends since MONTHS but i re-started the conversation, they miss me too but they didn't knew how to talk the way we use to.
    In that moment i realized that, when i am sad, i want to cheer up my friends so bad.
    And after talk with some, the conversation goes to a point of me opening up, letting out all of my sadness out and i got the help that i needed. My friends listening and supporting me is all that i needed, because of lots of things are happening to me at university. I cried so much through the day while talking. So now i feel a little better.
    I am not saying that if you do something good you'll receive good things, because that doesn't work for everyone. But what i am saying is, don't be afraid of talking with old friends, don't close yourself at the people who loves you. You can talk to someone but not tell that you are sad, it's ok too, and instead have a good time to distract you from your problems is good
    Sometimes talking too much about your problems makes you feel worse because you are living that sadness again and again. Please, don't make that to you, I stopped doing that but reeeeally recently.
    And well, it's 1:00 am and i am tired of this REALLY emotionally intense day.
    Good night to you, that took the time to read until here and sorry if i write something wrong because i speak spanish haha :'D
    You can talk with me, really. If you are having a bad time just read this precious section of comments while listening to this music.
    Stay healthy,
    Drink water,
    Sleep well,
    Take a DEEP breathe, come on, you don't know how good it is until you try.
    Cry, cry a lot.
    Laugh, laugh a lot.
    You deserve all the good things that you can imagine and NEVER EVER doubt that.
    Stay alive, you are the most important person in your life.
    I send you lots of hugssss <3
    Everyone deserve love, not only from your partner (if you have), but your family, your friends, that's love too, don't take it for granted and underestimate it :(
    And lastly, celebrate your little goals, they give you confidence to keep going:
    They can be "i went outside of my room" when you had anxiety of stepping outside, it can be "i drank two glasses of water", "today i talked with a classmate", "today i studied 1 hour", "i said good morning to a friend."
    If i helped you, i would like to know, i am curious ò-ó . Tell me your little goal reached today.
    I like to help people even when i am not sad ^-^/ (Whoops, i always talk too much, sorry ;-; )

  • Eric Peweh
    Eric Peweh  2 months ago +88

    When u tried jumping so hard, but didn't reach it.
    When u tried chasing so fast, but didn't finish it.
    When u tried searching anywhere, but didn't found it.
    When u waited so long, but its never come.
    When u tried holding it so tight, but you lost it.
    When u tried to stay little longer, but it ended even faster.
    When u tried to forget better, but the memories became even more better.
    When u tried fighting harder, it never be enough.
    U feel bad cause u already tried ?
    Me too.. but at least,
    When u tried to read this and having a memories about it, i tried to make you happy. :)
    .. live ur life sir,

  • Coka
    Coka  3 months ago +260

    👋🏻 To whomever is reading 👋🏻:
    🥛There it is.🥛
    🧣 You deserve a break. 🧣
    💖 You are loved. 💖
    🌸 You are beautiful. 🌸
    🧁 You are respected. 🧁
    🐉 Fight On. 🐉
    🦋 You are precious. 🦋
    ☔️ You are never alone. ☔️
    💜 You will succeed. 💜
    🍨 You make someone happy. 🍨
    📖 Thanks for reading. 📖
    🌟 Have a great day.🌟

  • Tsunderemisu
    Tsunderemisu  4 months ago +116

    What a beautiful comment section full of beautiful people. Take it easy everyone. There’s the ugly in life but past all that there are beautiful things. We’ve all been through terrible things but we’ve come so far. You can do this. I may not know you but you are loved by people even if you feel like there is nobody, there’s bound to be one person or even many many out there.
    I’m rooting for you

  • Mai Phương Ng
    Mai Phương Ng  3 months ago +99

    Reading comments from all of you , guys make me cry
    i’m studying and so tired
    But reading comments , i feel better
    To all reader thank you so much and love you

  • JrNuest my bae
    JrNuest my bae  3 months ago +58

    Whoever you are, how good or bad the situation you are in now, will you please smile, even for 1 second?not for me, but just smile for yourself. Don't worry. Nothing is permanent. So does the pain you are having now. Take a deep breath, and breath out all the clutters inside your heart and mind. ♥️

  • its fi
    its fi  3 months ago +124

    It's just a bad day, not a bad life. No matter how worst the situation is, there's got to be an end for it. 
    Nothing really matters as much as your health and emotions. If there's a life goal for everyone, that's to be happy. Search for little things in life that make you smile, go out for a random walk, dangle on a swing, look at the seashores, look at the clouds, feel the wind, listen to the rain, pick up a hobby that has long been forgotten, reminisce fun memories, start a new drama, find an idol you like, begin with a book, play a song. Abandon the tasks for a while, it's gonna be fine. 
    Our lives are not fixed, perhaps the failure in one path can bring up more new choices that you have never thought of, as you have nothing to lose. You are free, just fight!

  • Ingrid Wu
    Ingrid Wu  3 months ago +112

    I don't usually comment on videos, but I'll share one of my favorite poems. This is Recipe for Happiness by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
    "One grand boulevard with trees
    with one grand cafe in sun
    with strong black coffee in very small cups.
    One not necessarily very beautiful
    man or woman who loves you.
    One fine day."
    I have never had a day like this, but I think what it most strongly conveys to me is how to find happiness in all the small things in life. Even if you're going through a rough time, the world is still so beautiful. If it's a sunny day, watch how the sun shines through the leaves of the trees. If it's a rainy day, bring down your umbrella and let the rain wash away your troubles. Thank you everyone for inspiring me and showing me that such kindness still exists.