Listen on quiet night, healing music in winter【Working BGM】Heart warming Music

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 12, 2017
  • Please also use it for working / studying / sleeping BGM, relaxation time etc (# ^. ^ #)
    It's a bit sad, but at the end it's smiling,
    I tried making music that your heart seems to calm down, I feel like I can feel kind.

    Because I felt that I was making and feeling became calm,
    There may be a healing effect!

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  • BGM maker
    BGM maker  a years ago +398

    末永くよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

  • *ひーくん*
    *ひーくん*  15 hours ago +2



  • Pus Pus
    Pus Pus  18 hours ago +1

    cool and me😆=-O

  • Faith Tan
    Faith Tan  yesterday +8

    For whoever needs it most: Be strong. Have some faith in yourself. It might be hard but remember that every cloud has a silver lining. This means that all bad things had something good in them too. Don't hate who you are. You are a special person who deserves to be loved. It's fine to say that you aren't okay when you are not. We, humans, are made with emotion and should use it to express ourselves. Just keep trying and one day you will reach that rainbow you are searching for. If u are a kid like me, you know that sometimes following all the instructions might be hard. It is okay to talk about it to people even if it's hard. Now it is the beginning of 2020 the start of a new decade. Everything can change if you let it happen. Don't be afraid to try new things. When you want to give up, just remember that you CAN do this. Nothing and I mean nothing is impossible. Even humans flying. You could make something that would let humans fly. Now, I know I am a complete stranger to you but, we can all have this special community where we share each other's thoughts and cheer each other on in life. Now, I don't want to overwhelm you with words so goodnight, good morning, or good afternoon. If you want to talk feel free. And, remember everyone is unique. Even if they call you weird, take that as a good thing. Bye (n_n) and Good Luck! U CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N. ghbdgNee
    N. ghbdgNee  2 days ago +1


  • Sa Ka
    Sa Ka  2 days ago +1

    Hey I'm back again. Ughh this ruins my night skincare 😅 I'm crying again 😂
    Wishing everyone a good night 💕

  • 인생
    인생  2 days ago +1

    만약 그때 내가 널 잡았더라면 우린 지금 같이 있었을까 현범아

  • Clumsy Frostie ツ
    Clumsy Frostie ツ  2 days ago +6

    2020- We All make mistakes....But you Still have a chance left for the people who you love💖
    for the people who made you feel love...
    who made u laugh and be happy and helped you all your life...
    its okay to have a childhood friend, a family, and wanna go through a part where who u can and cannot choose your life pathway...dont let others choose, control, think what you need to do.
    be yourself and i know....i know you can go through the pain, cutting yourself wont help...let somebody you love help you with your depression....telling nobody wont help you...suicides are sad....worst...and horrible....
    thinking that if you committed suicide.....others would be sad and think its their fault for you commiting suicide, you have a long life girl/boy, live your life until it passes....cutting off half of your life wont go know they are watching you, they want to see your happy future....they really want to see what you are doing in your along the past before and after.......dont give up, you have chances and trys to do what you want, work hard, make your family happy and proud, be YOURSELF💖, dont be a follower, dont let bad things happen to you....for now....2020 will be the best life for you....keep your head up and keeping trying, i and your family would be sad if you passed.....cry it all out...the problems...the fake friends.....everything....dont let cutting or suicidal get to have everything.....
    but...not everything...not everybody has everything, move on...but you know you still love em....and they love you back❤️.....i will be fine and happy....depression wont get to you if you dont think about it, love yourself and you are the worlds most beautiful, smart, happy girl out there....for boys you are a handsome,smart, happy boy also.....I also want LGTB To be loved...🏳️‍🌈💖......Lgtb is not a problem.....its just never know what happens to them once you threaten long we pass and live our life...we will be a happy family for all...dont let Anything...Anything Bad a great day and life💖✨🥺✌️❤️
    (inspired by BadTimeNiko)

  • Baechurros 22
    Baechurros 22  3 days ago +2

    Whenever I am feeling down, anxious or sad, I always keep on finding my way back here. I love the fact that when I'm struggling with anything, I just real comments here. Its nice to know that there's a lot of people showing care and love for everyone here. I always think that the world is having so much negativities, but in this little area of Youtube you will find comforting words from STRANGERS.

  • Dakurozu
    Dakurozu  4 days ago +9

    It's 2020 already, apparently. 2019 wasn't easy, it was a success to some, perhaps a failure to others. But what we all share is that we survived the year. 2020 seems to start in turbulence, but I'm sure once again we can tackle this year. May this year be a better one to all the people, maybe not the best, but better than last year at least, and especially to the earth and all living beings.

    ((I saw comments for 2019 already but there wasn't any for 2020, so... to another year))

  • k dv
    k dv  5 days ago +2

    I never comment on any videos here in youtube but this one is an exception - I owe so much with this music . My 2019 wasn't so great for me , I had to move out of our home for the first time at the age of 20 to work on my first job in a place 3 hrs away from our home - in short , my life changed so fast in a span of couple of months , I thought I was ready for the big moments of my life ( new job and opportunity to be independent ) but life wasn't that good for me - my job stressed me out and after 12 hours of work I have to go back alone on my dorm without having someone to open up my frustrations with until it broke me down so bad. I had a lot of mental breakdowns and panic attacks until I discover this song - this song is really magical, this one really calmed my soul when my heart and body was trembling from breakdowns and it really works even to this date . And now at the start of 2020 my younger brother was diagnosed with depression and he's currently taking anti-depressant drugs - those drugs really has its toll in his body : insomnia and constant unstable changes of emotions ( he always repeatedly tell us that he couldnt recognize what he should feel and as the older brother I noticed that he is not the same baby brother before ) as a result , he is really having a hard time to sleep , but tonight at another restless time of 2 AM I put this song once again on play hoping the magic of this song would work with him - and guess what, it calms him in just 10 minutes and makes him sleep soundly. I know I owe so much with this song - for me and my brother this song helped our restless mind from these hard times. Thank you for making this music with all my heart , thank you.

    PS: We have a really loving parents and they are doing their best for my brother right now . I know, they are having a hard time with our current situation with my brother especially my mom so when I opened this song she really thanked me for helping my younger brother put to sleep. And thats the least I can do right now. I hope this 2020 will be good for all of us 🙂

  • ときめきおぱんつおぱんつ


  • Nooriya Waheed
    Nooriya Waheed  6 days ago +1

    When i had finals i clicked on this video to study for math and when i read the comments you cheered me up to try my hardest i tried but i failed im such a huge failure i wish i didnt feel this way and i feel like a huge disappointment to my family i never accomplished something big im so stupid for thinking i would pass it feels like i would never reach my dreams that im not enough to reach there i just wish this will go i wish this feeling would go the feeling of being so small and not accomplishing anything in this life i wish this was a dream

  • Beautiful Relaxing Music


  • きゃもたろ
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  • Sock
    Sock  7 days ago +1

    My hopes 2020
    I hope u have a great year I wish I get A+all my exams i will study hard this year to proud for my mom I won't give up yet! I will help my mom when she tired I love helping my mom but I don't have enough time with her but that's ok I want be better person i want to help another ppl thanks for reading hope y'all having great year with families and friends just remember don't give up follow ur dreams don't skip things u like tommorow just do it right now
    I made a lot mistakes last year but I will encourage for myself I won't give up!

  • Iron Dog
    Iron Dog  7 days ago +2

    "It's not over yet!"
    -Liquid Snake

  • lê hiếu
    lê hiếu  7 days ago +1

    Hay nha

  • すずめねこ
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  • Defod Vaan Ddjit
    Defod Vaan Ddjit  7 days ago +3

    I haven't seen this side of mine for a while...