LeBron James calls NCAA corrupt in reaction to scandals | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  • LeBron James calls NCAA corrupt in reaction to scandals.

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  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson  a months ago

    Lebron you ADOS enough to speak out you are too valuable to the community not to. Sincerely! Mic'19 ADOS get involved!

  • KukJin Jang
    KukJin Jang  a months ago

    he never really gave it a thought. that's the answer

  • Bryan Payton
    Bryan Payton  2 months ago

    LeBron is telling it like it is. The NCAA is a racist organization, that uses inner city kids to make billions of dollars per year off of their talent, but yet these kids and their families don’t see a dime of this money. The NCAA is systematically racist, and I can’t blame a kid for turning pro, early!

  • Phillip Carter
    Phillip Carter  2 months ago

    I love that he speaks out against this ongoing problem

  • MrNigeriaboy
    MrNigeriaboy  2 months ago

    Came back and tax your boy ass King.

  • Kuroz
    Kuroz  2 months ago

    The corruption continues

  • Mooemoney
    Mooemoney  3 months ago

    In Europe we call it youth academy not farm league tho

  • Scotts Freeny
    Scotts Freeny  7 months ago

    Pay NCAA athletes unless they enroll in a STEM program and get a great job afterwards. Otherwise 20K per year is not too much. NCAA athletics should be non profit.

  • Is4real
    Is4real  9 months ago

    There was a movie made in 1937 Saturday heroes, that spoke about this topic.

    Val Webster is the quarterback of Calton College's football team, but besides dealing with criticism of his play, Val needs money, which he gets by scalping tickets to the games.
    A teammate, Ted Calkins, commits suicide after being caught moonlighting at a job, and Val's ticket scheme is exposed as well, causing university president Hammond to expel him. Disgusted by the hypocrisy in college athletics, where the school reaps hundreds of thousands of dollars while the athletes stay broke, Val teams with sportswriter Red Watson to bring attention to the matter, with girlfriend Frances providing moral support.

  • bt3000
    bt3000  11 months ago

    Hey Lebron the media entity you are talking too right now is corrupt

    FAITHandLOGIC  a years ago +2

    NCAA are slave drivers

  • Taeyang Kim
    Taeyang Kim  a years ago

    The corruption starts with the Ncaa inaddition to players shaving points inorder to cover the point spread. With so many offshore gambling sites it is literally impossible for them to verify if the offshore account is in someone elses name. Student athletes arent stupid. They watch Espn always talking about what the Vegas point spreads are on games. Espn always refer to WESTGATE sportsbook in regards to what the point spreads are. Kids that are broke with zero chance of making the Nba are more inclined to shave points by deliberately missing shots and committing blatant turnovers. Its been going on for decades. Ask yourself when was the last time you ever heard about athletes shaving points and actually getting caught? Never! It would tarnesh the Ncaa image inaddition to any and all sporting events that you can get a fix on interms of the Vegas pointvspread.

  • harold bell
    harold bell  a years ago

    college corruption is a rite of passage in the NCAA / https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_referrer=watch&video_id=0iOwA0NAxww

  • 007thematrix007
    007thematrix007  a years ago

    ".....ncaa, let's face it ncaa it's corrupt."

    geez, wonder how many more institutions out there does it for decades now and STILL gets away with it.....

  • Dkouts57
    Dkouts57  a years ago

    This is the most real I’ve ever seen Lebron
    I hate on him plenty

    Can’t hate here
    More of this Lebron please!!!

  • Keven Tex
    Keven Tex  a years ago

    Hands in the jersey lebron......

  • Jesus Is lord
    Jesus Is lord  a years ago +1

    Pure greatness

  • Maurice R
    Maurice R  a years ago

    Talks cheating and unfairness when he used PEDS in the NBA to win rings now he's not looking good without them

  • Jay Paycheck
    Jay Paycheck  a years ago

    That fool LeBron James never went to college, what does he know. What a fool LeBron is.

  • Abi Jake
    Abi Jake  a years ago

    Check out DON Chico jayza media shelly session mad potential British artist