Mike Graham previews the Johnson v Corbyn TV debate

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 19, 2019
  • Mike Graham discusses the first ever televised debate between the UK's two main political parties. Mike talks to former Conservative MP Stewart Jackson, the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, and takes your calls.


  • Gary Powell
    Gary Powell  21 days ago

    My hope that the country will unite once we actually have any kind of Brexit, is thus. Many, although precisely how many is difficult to quantify, only support Remain, because they are convinced by project fear. This is the advantage of The Boris deal, especially as the Remain camp, are still scaremongering. When we finally leave and NONE, or virtually none of these various, the END IS NIGH, predictions actually take place, it is hoped that Remain will be found to be as naked as new born babies, holding their tiny dicks, while their credibility gets flushed down maternity hospital sink.

    Difficult to quantify, however if the Remainers that I have spoken to are anything to go by, it is ONLY project fear which influenced their vote. I live in London, and have not found a single person who actually voted to Remain because of any positive enthusiasm for the EU itself. Admittedly none of these people are ardent Marxists, or wanabe NAZI'S, and are therefore rational and peace loving people, otherwise I would not even attempt to talk to, or even be in the same room as them, but I am sure that these people do actually exist, somewhere. However, IMO devout followers of this particularly nasty and pernicious later day version of the 3rd Reich, are relatively few in number, even in London.

    The vast majority of people vote for their own perceived best interests, not for or against any particular political or religious ideology. If actual experience changes their perception as to what their own best interests are, with the possible exception of those utterly brainwashed at university, or college, can not help but change they way they think, act and vote.

  • Gary Powell
    Gary Powell  21 days ago +1

    We are deluded if we believe that there once was a time when what is known as the left, EVER accepted the result of a democratic vote. They certainly have never done so during my lifetime. Look what happened when first Heath and then Thatcher were elected? This particularly exemplified during 3 Thatcher governments, all, with large majorities. Thatcher had to fight, often physically for every single thing she wanted to achieve. Corbyn has the nerve to Blame Boris for not delivering Brexit, when it is clearly himself, and his own Party which has done all possible to stop Brexit from happening. He and Swinson also criticise the deal, which they both conspired to make as bad as they could. They really do think we are stupid.

  • Crap Head
    Crap Head  21 days ago

    both are arseholes..Endof regards Tony

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    👴Boris Johnson=Crook
    Fresh Brexit Referendum👍

  • Mihai Ciubotaru
    Mihai Ciubotaru  21 days ago

    You convinced me...I'm in for Brexit!! The average IQ of Europe will increase spectacularly!!

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe  21 days ago +1

    Keep the faith people...... vote BREXIT PARTY 🥂🎄🎉 merry Christmas

  • The oilandgasresourceportal

    McDonnell talks about more and more people getting registered to vote. What he really means is more and more Labour councillors working out how to rig the system and not get caught.

  • tk778866
    tk778866  21 days ago

    Liar Boris , doctors have written books on how already NHS is being privatised,
    And what liar Boris is also not telling is if he doesn't get out on WTO rules,
    E.U. already said it's going to take 3 more years minimum to finish trade talks,
    Where as Corbyn is promising 6 month max because close Union trade deal, etc

  • Darren Na
    Darren Na  21 days ago

    Only woke twats in london love corbyn any one with half a brain must vote for boris.

  • Christine Carr
    Christine Carr  21 days ago

    Boris Johnson could and should have delivered a knockout tonight and did not. That is because he never punched Corbyn's most vulnerable spot.

    Why do some high-level Labour people say vote for Johnson?

    Not because he is charming and brilliant, although he is, but because they know that Corbyn must never get his hands on 10 Downing, because he has been the high-paid employee of the Mullahs; is the ally of terrorist fascists (Hezbollah and Hamas); friend of antisemites who say Jews use Gentile blood for matzohs; was a big supporter of the IRA; is a supporter of the faux-left autocrat Maduro; is an advocate of open borders, which is not anti-racist, it is insane, meaning the destruction of the UK.

    The problem with this non-debate was that Corbyn came out of it framed as normal, when he is, in fact, a fascist with a red veneer. ITV of course framed tonight's event that way by not having a debate, but rather those stupid questions, chosen to put Johnson on the defensive. And further tried to humanize Corbyn by that stupid question about exchanging gifts. In my view, the worst thing Johnson can do is treat Corbyn kindly. He must focus on the horror of Corbyn's fascist associations -- not just tolerance of antisemitism, but advocacy of forces who literally want to destroy democracy and human decency. E.g., when they were asked, "What is more important, holding the UK together or Brexit," Johnson correctly answered "The UK," but should have said, also, that Corbyn's values are the antithesis of the UK, standing for friendship with fascists and the elimination of the UK as a state with borders. (That is probably all he could have said before that witch would have cut him off -- but at least he would have reminded people of who Corbyn is!)

    From the critical viewpoint of reminding people of what kind of scum Corbyn is, I regret to say, tonight was not so good.

  • Paul Clothier
    Paul Clothier  21 days ago

    There are 100,000,000 relatively middle- class people in Pakistan and Bangladesh watching this election, hoping Labour win.

  • Andres Casado
    Andres Casado  21 days ago

    EU is a peace project

  • MrFirstdonoharm
    MrFirstdonoharm  21 days ago

    Rothschild Vs Rothschild ! Why bother voting ?

  • TheScortUK
    TheScortUK  21 days ago

    Such a shame that ITV have done a BBC, and decided to completely bias the whole thing by shutting BoJo down.

  • PompeyChris71
    PompeyChris71  21 days ago

    Corbyn waffles on about a 'friend' who had a long wait at the hospital. This apparently was the Tories fault. Long waits never ever happened under a labour government, Ironic then that the reason for our long waits at hospital or GP are down to the sheer number of people now wanting appointments. The millions of people who have entered the UK since 1997 when Labour's Blair opened the flood gates. And since Corbyn wants to open even more, how does he expect our overloaded NHS to cope? Or is he hoping that somewhere in the millions of scroungers someone knows what first aid is?

  • Paper Chaser
    Paper Chaser  21 days ago

    Oh NOW they’re interested in implementing what the British public decide. Unless the British public vote the “wrong” way again of course.

  • Peter Foster
    Peter Foster  21 days ago +1

    The so called debate was PATHETIC

  • paint 67
    paint 67  21 days ago

    Why debate everyone knows who they are gonna vote for ...this ain't bloody america we dont vote for the person we vote for the party so a pointless exercise ...

  • T H
    T H  21 days ago +1

    The debate was as expected, we are not seeing much of Diane Abbott I wonder why..... She is normally a good laugh.

  • frinton adams
    frinton adams  21 days ago

    No debate there tbh any debate was stopped by a 20 second answer time limit WALOS