God's Eternal Purpose Pt. 1 - Passion for Jesus

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 30, 2018
  • In part 1 of this series, we look at the Bride of Christ's identity as Jesus inheritance. We see how the message on and about the Bride of Christ is coming more to the forefront than it ever has in history.


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  • International House of Prayer

    The second episode, aka Part 2 of this subject is scheduled to go up tomorrow at 1:30 CST. Have a blessed day!

  • Eternal Key
    Eternal Key  6 months ago +2

    Such a powerful messege that has opened up a fresh perspective of God's love and our purpose as his created. This is the type of passionate and imaginative teaching of our lord that the world needs.

  • lilie juarez
    lilie juarez  7 months ago +1

    So thankful for these teachings💗💗💗🙌

  • Elizabeth Villalobos
    Elizabeth Villalobos  a years ago +2

    Many years ago I was having a serious talk with Elohim God my Father while driving in my car. I said “Father I want a bride for my son, one who will love you more then she loves him in so that she would never want to hurt him“. I also prayed that on behalf of my daughter. It was after I stood quiet then I heard His response. “I want a bride for my Son”. I heard it loud and clear. I was overcome with knowing how selfish I was. As the day and weeks continued he showed me that the church the bride of Christ was soiled from her gown and was dirty due to unrighteousness. He directed me to read where Abraham sent his servant to go get a bride for Isaac. He showed me so much more about Him wanting a bride for His son. Jesus. I have become dry but after this message I intend to push forward to be part of that bride (Revelation the bride has made HERSELF ready).

  • ※ Shulamitefire ※ Incendiumata Amoriolio ※

    Superb Holy Spirit teaching. To everyone listening and watching burning blessings of Jesus' Beauty in your being and intimate blessings of affection from His holy heart...

  • Ani. México.
    Ani. México.  a years ago +1

    😭 en verdad les ruego, consideren a los que no sabemos inglés. Consideren poner subtitulos. Gracias




    en Peru tabien anhelamos lo mismo su casa se levantaa anhelar una misma cosa con el espiritu santo amamos esto

  • Михаил Маринченко

    Thank You Very Much! I would have to brush up =)

  • Михаил Маринченко


  • Donna✝PnutsGallery

    Man I was nappin

  • Andreas Helberg
    Andreas Helberg  a years ago

  • rosevane dias conçeiçao alves

    Orem pela Brasil, e por nosso presidente eleito JAIR Messias Bolsonaro.