Spiderman Basketball Episode 7 | Spiderman vs Carnage

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 26, 2015
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    Episode #7
    'Face Off to Face Off'

    In an attempt to set Peter Parker up for failure, Deadpool follows him to his apartment and attempts to persuade him to come play ball at a local park that has great competition. Knowing that he was going to have to be matched up with local park legend Carnage, Deadpool had high hopes that he would finally get destroyed on the court and humiliated once and for all. Will this be the fate of Spider-man basketball? Stay tuned and find out...


    Instagram: @Globalhooper
    Facebook: /Professorlive
    Twitter: @Professor12

    Producer/Director Contact:
    Robert 'SetFree' Monroe

    Instagram: @IAMSETFREE
    Facebook: /IamSetFree

    Music/Basketball Beats/Soundtrack - Bboy Wicket
    Beat Site: Bboywicketbeats.com
    Instagram: @Bboywicket

    Special thanks to:
    ...the kid that played the spiderman fan with the mask on. Erick Basulto (youtube.com/chickentacosunite)


  • stephen burton
    stephen burton  2 days ago


  • Molly Hunter
    Molly Hunter  4 days ago +1

    Can you do or an racers

  • Aidan Opena
    Aidan Opena  6 days ago

    2019 anyone!?!?

  • Jumpy
    Jumpy  8 days ago

    “It’s 5 in the morning”
    *Bright as hell outside*

  • XxduckkidxX62 23355

    Its james harden based off a his signature dunk its the first one used on the bulls or was it the cavs

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones  11 days ago

    He fouled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xxxtentacion love
    xxxtentacion love  16 days ago

    he is the professor

  • Leila Lee
    Leila Lee  16 days ago +1

    his littlew face is so cute!

  • Rylie Mayberry
    Rylie Mayberry  18 days ago

    I bet spidey is the winner cos other guy just throws him two the ground

  • Sebi
    Sebi  18 days ago

    The venom suit with the tentacles is actually disgusting you can see his butt it's so tight and it looks like someone threw up on it

  • DarkLander
    DarkLander  18 days ago +1

    This probably had to be the hardest one to film yet...

  • awesomemagic150 Pro

    1 like = 1 win for Spider-Man
    0 like=0 win for Carnage

  • Cavalo loko
    Cavalo loko  20 days ago

    Ai dava o finjir uma defesa mlhr hein

  • LIL TOR21
    LIL TOR21  21 days ago

    professor is spider man??

  • Mlgdude 30303
    Mlgdude 30303  22 days ago

    Y’all gay

  • Cedrique Wang
    Cedrique Wang  23 days ago

    At 8:35 is ingenious gg man

  • J-Ephraim Sales
    J-Ephraim Sales  23 days ago +1

    I really did not know spider-man knows how too play basketball and he got stronger cuz he thinks about his basketball memories and he thought about his mistakes and he tried too do his mistakes again!!!😊😊😊

  • Vin der
    Vin der  23 days ago

    чо это делает в моих рекомендация?

  • PotatoHead HD
    PotatoHead HD  24 days ago

    Hmmm I wonder who Spider-Man is

  • Anna Pankrateva
    Anna Pankrateva  25 days ago