twenty one pilots - Ride (TOPxMM)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 3, 2017
  • twenty one pilots' official video for 'Ride' from TOPxMM (the MUTEMATH sessions) - we visited the studio with MUTEMATH, recreating five of our songs live. all on the full session here: Music: Play: & edited by: Reel Bear MediaSubscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #TOPXMM #MUTEMATH #FueledByRamen


  • Sydney Evans
    Sydney Evans  2 years ago +1764

    I love josh dun

  • Lah 110
    Lah 110  2 years ago +1150

    I'm guessing the dislikes are because those silly people were holding there phones upside down

  • Hajer Ali
    Hajer Ali  2 years ago +459

    I'm taking my time on my ride "oh oh oh oh"

  • Amin Wanli
    Amin Wanli  2 years ago +123

    Can't decide which one is better, this or the original.

  • CantChooseAName
    CantChooseAName  2 years ago +657

    Here we are again. The ones who stayed alive because of two reasons. Because of Tyler Robert Joseph and Joshua William Dun. Alias our small beans (I am sorry, I just couldn't resist to use some clique-words).
    Well, I know they won't read this but it just makes my mind free for a bit soo:
    I am depressed since I was around 8/9 years (No, I don't want to be an attention whore, it's true) because of reasons I mostly don't know (my dad just hit me a few times but this wasn't that dramatic just a few slaps on the butt and one hit in the face when I was way younger) and this made me even more sad. I started cutting because I saw in the tv that people did that to feel better when they're sad and tried to choke myself to death (Like I said I was young back then and didn't know that you can't die like that so excuse my early dumbness). Anyway, one day my sister saw me over the sink and called my parents. There was a big talk and I felt better. But suddenly after 2 years I got depressed (I don't know why) again and everything started again. But everybody thought that I am still fine (My friends didn't even know that I was even depressed earlier). Well, I discovered twenty one pilots last year because of ,,Stressed Out" and I felt better. The clique is where I can actually be me and be honest and the songs are just cleaning my mind.
    So I just want to thank you guys for keeping me alive and for keeping the demons away.
    Stay alive, my frens |-/

  • Tyler Joseph
    Tyler Joseph  2 years ago +535

    Josh is the cause of my death

    ICHSTINKENACHFISCH123  2 years ago +88

    🔵 🔴
    🔵 🔴
    🔵 🔴

  • Felipe Magalhães
    Felipe Magalhães  2 years ago +196

    I love it how in this sessions Tyler could go like "Imma be a rapper this time!" and change the tones of the sped up rhymes in the song

  • Amalie Kahr-Højland
    Amalie Kahr-Højland  2 years ago +182


  • jøshseph jøsh and jøseph the best..

  • unoriginal
    unoriginal  2 years ago +59

    tyler's dances are so cute im dead

  • Ross DuBois
    Ross DuBois  2 years ago +296

    Those dislikes are all from basic white girls who didn't like it because it didn't sound like the original. (I mean the ones who only know Ride, Stressed Out, and Heathens.)

  • annie
    annie  2 years ago +55

    this is. this is why i live.

  • flirts
    flirts  2 years ago +50

    agressive internal screaming

  • amber
    amber  2 years ago +1565

    heavily breathes because of all these uploads

  • Juli M
    Juli M  2 years ago +49

    2:56 I think my guts turned inside out, or brain or a heart

  • 02ellimacaira
    02ellimacaira  2 years ago +15

    The original version made me feel like I was cruising down a winding road next to the ocean, wind in my hair and the sun on my skin.. but this version...... Gosh.. I feel like I'm slowly floating in space looking down and falling towards planet earth in a space suit. It's amazing...

  • Amber Gofi
    Amber Gofi  2 years ago +179


  • hayes
    hayes  2 years ago +15

    i am 17 seconds into the video and im already in love.

  • Grace Minick
    Grace Minick  2 years ago +216

    you do not understand how fast I cliqued this video.(no phun intended)