Does Odell Beckham Jr. deserve to be the highest-paid WR in the NFL? | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Jalen Rose, Amin Elhassan and former New York Giants WR Victor Cruz discuss Odell Beckham Jr. on Jalen & Jacoby, and whether OBJ deserves to be the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.

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  • fsfghrddffgyhhg gffghtffvhuccgb

    Yes because hes probably the biggest name in the nfl and he is still only 25 way less younger then ab and julio

  • humasima
    humasima  a years ago

    The Giants started to fall apart when it became the Eli/Beckham show. All the players on a team need to be the stars, not just a select few.

  • Macus Hentley
    Macus Hentley  a years ago

    No AJ Green

  • GoTuckYourself Giants#1

    I miss cruz so much. I wore my cruz jersey the other day. Although he's not playing on the field whenever I see him in interviews I always smile. ❤️️

    AZTECKING131  a years ago

    Just coming off an injury year I’d say no. The NFL is all about what have you done for me lately.

    Is he great? Yes. Was he the best in the league last year? No, not when your riding the bench. Injury prone WR. Nope!

  • Joe Frisco
    Joe Frisco  a years ago

    No julio Brown are better

  • Elroy Jetson
    Elroy Jetson  a years ago

    It all depends on what your agent is able to negotiate. If we're both 1000+ yard receivers with similar talent and abilities, but my agent can get me 10 million more than your agent can get you, then I deserve it. It's not like the NFL is a traditional 9 to 5 where salaries are pretty much set in stone.

  • Tyreal Paulz
    Tyreal Paulz  a years ago

    Definitely yes, I'm getting sick of this discussion and these hating people saying No, look at the numbers Odell is a beast

  • keef davis
    keef davis  a years ago

    Did we have this in-depth convo when statford & cousins got their contracts.

  • Slim Reaper777
    Slim Reaper777  a years ago

    No I think TO should he’s on the Madden cover hopefully he doesn’t have the curse this season I think it’ll be another pro bowl hopefully he doesn’t get laid out in Dallas again

  • Marquise DeShaw-Injustice

    Take Odell and put him on the team that has your favorite wr he's excelling beyond their ability I guarantee you

  • A
    A  a years ago +1

    AB and Julio are better btw

  • youdontknow da1/2
    youdontknow da1/2  a years ago

    love how they always say “when u look at the numbers” show the numbers i guarantee you’re wrong lol. antonio brown is the best WR in football rn.

    all they said was marketing ..UMM the giants aren’t going to the super bowl any time soon who gives a fuck about a jersey sale. no disrespect but you guys dick hugging

  • youdontknow da1/2
    youdontknow da1/2  a years ago +1


  • TOO Vo
    TOO Vo  a years ago

    I dont think theres one wide reciever that brings more revenue into the NFL then Odell. He is the face of football an oh yea go check the stat book!!

  • Elbert Lee
    Elbert Lee  a years ago +1

    Meh... he isn’t a “winner”. He is a whiner.. but he is talented. It’s a matter of mixing the right culture to compliment his crybaby mentality. He can deserve it, but I won’t vouch for his impact on an entire team

  • keef davis
    keef davis  a years ago +1

    Odell > Eli
    Eli $ > Odell $
    Sounds about white.

  • Complete Controll
    Complete Controll  a years ago

    Julio. Freak. Jones.
    Zero drama, big production.

    KING LOS  a years ago

    He should be because its about timing with nfl contracts he's the next in line to reset the market, if he doesn't become the highest paid WR it will only hurt the players in the long run

  • Alvin Smith
    Alvin Smith  a years ago

    I know people saying AB and Julio better, that’s fair but let’s not forget who’s at the top of the QB market. Not Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees. I’m sorry but if Sammy Watkins (who I think people sleeping on) getting 16M, Odell deserves to reset the market. Let’s not forget that he’s only 25 and oh by the way, that super bowl winning QB down in NY looks like trash when he’s not there.