The Evolution of Bad Science and Better Giraffes

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 25, 2019
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    Many reasons have been given for the replication crisis and while they have some truth to them, I think a simpler theory is in order. Giraffes are to blame. Let me explain.

    Research & Footnotes


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  • Coffee Break
    Coffee Break  21 days ago +193

    Incidentally, this video is also subject to natural selection. Youtube is a system of subject to variation, (different types of content) heritability (shares, other people discussing topic, etc) and selection. (Watch time/Youtube algorithm). Thanks for helping it spread!

    SULLUM  yesterday

    aye i live there 😈

  • Jon-David Woods

    Its not that the statistical methods that are bad. the p-value is meaningful. Its just our data is extremely limited and poorly perceived. I can guarantee you, testing a few means isn't going to give you ground breaking research. This is the problem with many collegiate studies.

  • Windy
    Windy  2 days ago

    9:42 LOL, ok that made me laugh

  • Joseph Mack
    Joseph Mack  3 days ago

    My Boi Coffee break has evolved and grown so much past the Kurzgesagt era and he ain’t lookin back

  • A K
    A K  4 days ago

    There's a simple and obvious solution for this problem.
    But 'modern science' is full of egotistical people, and this solution is unacceptable for such people.

  • Hole
    Hole  4 days ago

    9:45 girgraph

  • Thor
    Thor  6 days ago +1

    0:52 That woman, Amy Cuddy, when confronted with the reality that her 'science' of power posing is junk, blamed sexism in academia for not accepting her research. So yeah.

  • Erioch
    Erioch  7 days ago

    Very nice video on a very vital topic.

    The academic environment is also affecting "harder" sciences such as Physics and it's harder and harder for young researchers to compete with the inflation of papers, while producing quality work.

  • The Mad Programer

    “Giraffes are heartless creatures”
    — Unknown

  • Steven Brunwasser

    Sounds like crapitalism—I mean, capitalism

  • Wiley Martinez
    Wiley Martinez  7 days ago

    Whoa dude I live in that city

  • Maaz ahmed
    Maaz ahmed  7 days ago

    anyone else not get notified about this video?

  • Kurt Barryman
    Kurt Barryman  7 days ago

    "Social darwinism" that's what you're talking about here. Just say it.

  • SideNote
    SideNote  7 days ago +1

    Dude, you gotta learn something from Veritasium. With the quality of content you produce, you should be on the trending list.
    Make titles more attention-grabbing.
    A better title, in my opinion, could be 'How Science Has Evolved To Select Bad Scientist" ... idk... lol

  • Ryan Armstrong
    Ryan Armstrong  7 days ago

    Wonderful job!

  • emm yc
    emm yc  14 days ago +1

    Congrats on your latest post. You put a lot of work into your videos, which is deserving of more respect than views. I hope you'll continue, @CoffeeBreak

  • Girish S
    Girish S  14 days ago

    I'm glad you made this video but CHANGE THE TITLE GODDAMMIT. I want this stuff to reach more people as much as you do.

    Try "70% of scientific "BREAKTHROUGHS" can be proven false".

  • J. Flo Video Productions

    This video sucks. Kurzgesagt makes way better videos.

  • KLJF
    KLJF  14 days ago

    capitalism destroying all in it's path yet again .