Summer Rain ☔️ lofi hip hop mix

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 29, 2019
  • ● Spotify Playlists : 🖤 🖤👁Art by Heikala Heikala⭕Tracklist and Artist :00:00 dann.gogh - whats the point lilac - Do You Still Think of Me J E N - LUCY tony stocker - downhearted phoxx.tail - au revoir O o i - w i n d tony stocker - spring cold glow - clouds will clear miscél - when you left Kupla X Philanthrope - Sendoff tony stocker - infatuated Aireey - Things R Looking Up Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night______________________________________________________✔ Subscribe, support me,I'm trying for you :) ______________________________________________________ ❗If you're a owner of any song/picture on this channel and want it removed, just leave a message on my E-Mail and I'll do my best to delete it as soon as possible. :) ✉ [email protected]______________________________✉Submit your music :✉Submit art :


  • Dreamy  1 months ago

    I hope you enjoy this atmospheric mix ♡00:00 dann.gogh - whats the point01:46 lilac - Do You Still Think of Me03:51 J E N - LUCY06:10 tony stocker - downhearted07:45 phoxx.tail - au revoir08:50 O o i - w i n d11:01 tony stocker - spring13:37 cold glow - clouds will clear16:10 miscél - when you left18:54 Kupla X Philanthrope - Sendoff21:13 tony stocker - infatuated24:48 Aireey - Things R Looking Up27:03 Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night

  • Monechetti  1 months ago

    @Ava Oveisi Thanks for the info - it sure sounds like Explosions in the Sky, which makes it very enjoyable.

  • Ava Oveisi  1 months ago

    @Jordy Chandra you're track is wonderful and so relaxing. It's slow melody brings back some small special memories that almost no other songs can bring for me. Thanks you for this!! ♡

  • Kia Avelar  1 months ago

    while you listen to this peaceful track just reflect on yourself. Think of yourself and all you've been through. You deserve to be relaxed, cherished, and feel valuable. In this 60 min track, I want you to appreciate yourself and love yourself. You are unique and beautiful, you are a star no star is alike. You are you and no one can change that so as I like to say to others Love Yourself, #LoveYourself #YouareYou<3 Hope that this cheered at least one person up today! Love You<3

  • PlanetAlex  3 days ago

    Kia Avelar <3

  • This seems to be a really nice comment but after knowing myself a little bit, i sinned quite alot than most people should.Plus it wont make me feel better loving myself, the feeling will just dissapear the next day. Its better off giving it to others rather than wasting it. Im quite a sinner huh?Even just giving love is hard for me.Changing wont do anything to me i would just come back to the usual i tried alot but it never really works out right.I guess this is how i was really made to become

  • Jessica Q.  1 months ago

    Nobody:That pig: 👁⭕️👁

  • F for FUCK .

  • Summer Bloom  1 months ago

    True beauty 💙 whoever is reading this i hope you had a wonderful day 🌤

  • Summer Bloom  1 months ago

    @Max _V thank you 😊

  • Summer Bloom  1 months ago

    @DreamSound thank you 💖

  • Rainbowpxtato  1 months ago

    In the summer rain I would look after her, As the rain drops gently to the ground. Shes sitting on her window just enjoying the rain. Shes waiting there like a gem that wants to be found, Like a person that wants to speak but doesn't know how. Like a closed book that wants to be read. And as I look after her I question myself, If there will ever be someone that finds me.

  • Rainbowpxtato  1 months ago

    @fluta raluta Heartwarming :)

  • Emzi Wood  1 months ago

    Rainbowpxtato I’m having a good week, thanks.

  • Olaf Scholtens  1 months ago

    Earrbuds: inTeeth: brushedDreamy playlist: playing*Jup, its **-gamer-** bedtime*

  • finnigan wolfhard  1 months ago

    Intifada I like this comment at a spiritual level

  • Jacob Abegglen  1 months ago

    Bed : its gamer time.

  • Echo Location  1 months ago

    Bittersweet memories surfaceThe sights, sounds, touch,I had forgottenBut now I remember

  • Fluffy Jiji  1 months ago

    That was deep

  • Buny Sparks  1 months ago

    very deep my friend

  • softbanana pancakes  1 months ago

    the artwork for these types of videos is always so beautiful.

  • keni suriya  5 days ago

    sadly they didnt give the credit to the artist :(

  • black of space  1 months ago

    I can force myself to study one more hour <3 So thankful to you

  • the bootleg boy  1 months ago

    love this 💜