The Essential Phone Review: Save Your Money!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 30, 2017
  • Essential PH1: Everything you need to know about the new kid on the block.Essential phone: Phone skins: Gear I use: Track: Turn Around by Alltta~


  • wirsindheldenowns
    wirsindheldenowns  a years ago +1551

    He just single handedly killed this company LOL

  • M to the B
    M to the B  28 days ago +143

    No one:
    YouTube in 2019: Here watch this review!

  • Jevon Sims
    Jevon Sims  1 months ago +159

    You discover in 2019 the Essential PH-1 was definitely ahead of its time.

    MINER PLAYZ 974  28 days ago +82

    2017 : No Headphone Jack That’s kinda wierd
    2019 : A Headphone Jack That’s kinda wierd

  • 희망
    희망  a years ago +1387

    Essential Ph-1
    Essential Ph-one

  • wafflesbro5412
    wafflesbro5412  a years ago +923

    only $500 now and im seriously considering one

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black  a years ago +410

    Maybe an update on this would be good since the price cut?

  • Fadlul Faris
    Fadlul Faris  2 months ago +33

    MKBHD: I'm gonna destroy this man (Andy Rubin) whole career

  • Victorian the Nameless
    Victorian the Nameless  a years ago +321


  • jstdun
    jstdun  a years ago +1433

    Having the essentials of a smartphone should not cost $700

  • MrTfuzz
    MrTfuzz  14 days ago +9

    700 bucks then?..nope..150 bucks on ebay now? hell yes!

  • C _ W
    C _ W  a years ago +13

    *Headphone jack not included

  • C. Adams
    C. Adams  11 months ago +68

    Never had a better phone. Ph-1 on Pie is well worth the $280 spent.

  • Wesley Reeder
    Wesley Reeder  a years ago +86

    review this phone with its updates and dropped price please!!!

  • medialync
    medialync  a years ago +1174

    - LCD Screen
    - Poor Camera
    - Not Waterproof
    - No headphone jack?
    - Not MKBHD approved
    What justifies the $700 price tag? Nothing

  • dlgh
    dlgh  yesterday

    "maybe next year"
    That didn't go well😄

  • Denis Sulovic
    Denis Sulovic  2 days ago +1

    Badest phone on the planet 🤣🤣

  • I'm kind of a moron, but

    Just dropped down to 500. I think this would be very interesting to revisit at the new price point

  • Satwik Dasgupta
    Satwik Dasgupta  a years ago +71

    Since you are the most trusted reviewer here on Youtube, and rightfully so, I have a request. Since "with great power comes great responsibility," it would be nice if you actually revisited this phone sometime soon and reviewed it. I understand that this phone was overpriced when it launched and had myriad issues. But how you are condescendingly dismissive of this phone in this two month old video might mislead current prospective buyers (in the month of November around Black Friday looking for phones and digging through reviews here) to overlook that a) the camera performance is much improved after updates b) it provides more 'vanilla android' experience than any phone out there and c) it can be easily had for $400 odd, not $699 any more. It still has SD 835 and quad hd and...zzzzz.......
    Yes, you are the tech guy and I am the enthusiast who follows your reviews for trustworthy comments. If you are/were so hard on a new company's glitches, you were not as hard on the darling of Android, Pixel 2 XL in your most recent review of it. You spoke at length on the screen issue (which, btw, is THE most important part of a smartphone, more than the camera) around the 8 minute mark in that video but ultimately chalked it up to more finicky users who go into dark rooms to find issues with $800 phones. Of course!! Isn't that what saving money (for a better device) is all about, just like your tagline for Essential Ph-1 declares?? Pixel 2 XL's issues are more widespread and extensive than what you are leading on here, so much that Google EXTENDED ITS WARRANTY FROM ONE TO TWO YEARS. You did not render a comparable generosity to Essential (and its camera) here in your review. When your trusted 5.3M subscribers depend on you to give a unbiased verdict on a(ny) phone, I feel that you have a responsibility to sustain that promise.
    Btw, I am a Nextbit Robin user and a simple mobile enthusiast, and I am not a paid Essential employee. I will buy either this or the Pixel 2 XL when the time is right. That's why I watched both your reviews on these units before posting this.

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  a years ago +2920

    SUCH a good review! Well done.