Let's test BTS' nerve (Scary BTS experience)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
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  • Kim TaeTae
    Kim TaeTae  a years ago +2920

    Hi guys!!!!
    Please subscribe my backup channel...!!!

  • The Hamster Army!
    The Hamster Army!  a years ago +3995

    For a minute there I forgot the title was Let's test BTS' nerve and replaced it with Let's test Jin's nerve

  • Park Vmin
    Park Vmin  1 months ago +122

    90% of the video is about Jin (and j-hope) being scared 😂
    10% is the other members

  • Galaxy Space
    Galaxy Space  21 days ago +131

    I feel like Jungkook is the least to get scared while His hyungs are the most to get scared especially Jihope (Jin & J-hope)

  • Sarah Kamilya
    Sarah Kamilya  14 days ago +120

    2:53 Suga is the cutest thing in this world I want to protect him 😭

  • S D
    S D  14 days ago +56

    Favourite moments of fear: Jin and the stingray, Hoseok on the rollercoaster. Also Hoseok and the snake. I die every time.

  • samantha luo.
    samantha luo.  8 months ago +2216

    90% of this Jin and J-hope

  • Saidy Glitch
    Saidy Glitch  7 days ago +34

    They got scared of the black women! 🤣🤣🤣

  • れあけCrepeCake_
    れあけCrepeCake_  1 months ago +49

    9:41 this one is my absolute fav lol XD I’ve never heard V yell that loud before and it’s so cute~~ 😍😍 It’s also the funniest one because Jungkook doesn’t care and he’s spinning while V is just dying

  • pizyp yt
    pizyp yt  14 days ago +24

    Let's name it to " 10 minutes of Jin and j-hope being scared"

  • Reva Patnaik
    Reva Patnaik  2 days ago +8

    3:03 Jimin just casually goes back to dancing again😂😂

  • Daydreamer 0613
    Daydreamer 0613  a years ago +395

    Most of it is Jin n Hobbie😂 Please protect these precious babies 😂
    FYI,Jin is easily shocked😅

  • minimumpas - Roblox & More

    7 hot boys
    6 years together since debut
    5 different places were they were born
    4 singers
    3 rappers
    2 sides to every story
    1 amazing group, BTS
    0 chances of them ever being forgotten

  • i am ARMMY
    i am ARMMY  1 months ago +47

    This video should be called having heart attacks with jin and jhope

  • inessofi love
    inessofi love  1 months ago +31

    O JIN É O J-HOPE são os mais assustissos principalmente o Jin 😂😂😂😂

  • pine Apple
    pine Apple  28 days ago +33

    0:05 look at Jung looks and Sugas face!😂😂😂😂

  • Death Z
    Death Z  a years ago +1957

    😂 they get scared so easily 😂😂

  • Marie Malibiran
    Marie Malibiran  2 days ago +2

    I just realized that most of the video (The whole video) included Jin and J-Hope

  • Kacey Alexi Nedamo
    Kacey Alexi Nedamo  1 months ago +13

    J-Hope and Jin are the BTS scaredy cats.

  • Quyen Ho
    Quyen Ho  3 days ago +5

    BTS: Just flinches
    Jhope and Jin: Yeets themselves and screams