Getting a REAL TATTOO this time! *NOT CLICKBAIT*

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 7, 2018
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  • Dasha Sandal
    Dasha Sandal  10 months ago +254

    Did anyone else see the cardboard cutout of Moose in the first clip? ❤️❤️ (cause that the first thing I saw)

  • The normal pencil
    The normal pencil  10 months ago +629

    Hey did anyone else notice moose in the background at 7:05?

  • Liz Maltzahn
    Liz Maltzahn  10 months ago +115

    I cried when I saw that cut out of MOOSE!!!!

  • RKR
    RKR  10 months ago +209

    1 like=1 prayer for guppy to be normal again 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Savy Plays
    Savy Plays  10 months ago +134

    Be Richard for Halloween ♥️😘😅

  • Carly Meyer
    Carly Meyer  10 months ago +523

    Who else is subbed to Alex and Lauren
    Like if you are subbed to both

  • Ikeason Lagamayo
    Ikeason Lagamayo  10 months ago +66

    This is actually going to be Alex's second tattoo 😂😂

  • Katmeow ___
    Katmeow ___  10 months ago +58

    At 5:59 in the back........
    It's the wasabi sign from the Laurex office 😢

  • Lily Francois
    Lily Francois  10 months ago +65

    I hope Lauren is gonna be at the party

  • Just Nevie
    Just Nevie  10 months ago +86

    Can you dye Guppy Orange and black for halloweennnn?? Since the blue is fading :((((( Pleaseeeee!!!! Like so Alex can see please

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith  10 months ago +273

    the laurex language will ALWAYS live
    omg so many likes
    thanks wassabians

  • Madi Petit
    Madi Petit  10 months ago +11

    I love how Lauren and Alex still talk in that baby voice

  • linetta govany
    linetta govany  10 months ago +52

    since alex doesn’t have a girlfriend again he is being so extra and savage cause no one is going to be mad at him or else

  • Andy Gothra
    Andy Gothra  10 months ago +24

    Alex I know it doesn't matter but why the unfollow for Lauren on Instagram..???? Hoping you guys stay friends atleast...

  • Bernard Vargas
    Bernard Vargas  10 months ago +16

    In 7:11 you can see the cardboard moosey bear at the background😍😎

  • Maia King
    Maia King  10 months ago +152

    Did anyone see Moose Moose in the background of the Halloween set 😭😭😭😭😭 (Cardboard) 7:09

  • Andy Gothra
    Andy Gothra  10 months ago +23

    It’s official. Lauren and Alex have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Again this doesn’t define there relationship at all, probably need to stay away from seeing each other also on Instagram to help with the healing process but now it begins.... Alex will no longer be liking her photos at all.. what has this world come too. I hope they follow each other back soon times, I like to see them stay friends.

  • Jimin's jawline is sharper than a knife

    when i saw lauren holding Alex arm I FREAKING CRIED. WHAT IS LOVE DOES IT EVEN EXIST???!!

  • Samer & Samar Idelbi
    Samer & Samar Idelbi  10 months ago +6

    i wish lauren was there to hold ur hand ig idk 😕

  • Reet !
    Reet !  10 months ago +4

    7:09 hey did anyone saw(laur's dog) cardboard cutout in background....