Why you Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • Now that your turtle is too big for its tank, think it'll be better off in the wild? Nope! Same goes for goldfish. Releasing pets into habitats where they're not native to is a very bad idea. Watch this video to see what happened to a local lake when a few goldfish were released!

    Music by BenSound and YouTube studio library used under the Creative Commons License.


  • Snake Discovery
    Snake Discovery  4 months ago +7409

    To those of you who are concerned about the way we euthanized the fish, that was how the DNR instructed us to do it in order to legally remove them from the lakes. We were required to put them on ice.
    As much as I would have preferred to use Club Soda instead, my first priority is to make sure everything is done legally.

    • Ash Tailor
      Ash Tailor  17 hours ago

      +Insomniac Raccoon Fish do not have the mental capacity to feel pain.

    • Seth
      Seth  3 days ago

      You should freeze them first, it kills most of the parasites.

    • Derek Derek
      Derek Derek  5 days ago

      U need to eat a good meal

    • crookie moon
      crookie moon  9 days ago

      sheila hammond she is not enjoying herself she is just okay with it she know that they are invasive and that they are gonna be feeder food so she knows not to get attached to them

  • Hazim Reitz
    Hazim Reitz  an hour ago

    Like, can you eat em???

  • Amelia ah
    Amelia ah  2 hours ago

    Poor fishies :(

  • Leguminous
    Leguminous  3 hours ago

    I filmed a bunch of non native aquarium fish in a geothermal pool in Grand Teton National Park.

  • nobull shiit
    nobull shiit  5 hours ago

    you should of kept them alive and fed them to him live

  • nobull shiit
    nobull shiit  5 hours ago

    they migh be too cold

  • nobull shiit
    nobull shiit  5 hours ago

    seems like a great place to get some fish to fry up. how do they taste ?

  • Michael Fraser
    Michael Fraser  5 hours ago

    I have 4 goldfish and 1Bettafish

  • Adaptive 250
    Adaptive 250  6 hours ago

    Emily :Do they taste funny ?
    Me : Mabey they do ?
    Sis : EAT IT !!!!!!

  • Evã Gønzałes
    Evã Gønzałes  8 hours ago

    6:51 it was pregnant :(

  • Trash Ball
    Trash Ball  8 hours ago

    It’s kinda fucked up if you think about it, she’s just piling up the dead bodies on top of each other, so the newest fish are just slowly suffocating on top of their dead friends..

    ALLYSON CASEY  9 hours ago

    Look up: releasing 1000 gold fish into the pond.

  • cookie gaming
    cookie gaming  9 hours ago

    sad life i had 3 goldfish like i said before sadly 1 passed away

  • Karen Stuckless
    Karen Stuckless  10 hours ago

    Ed don't swer

  • uknown evil
    uknown evil  11 hours ago

    I kinda thought this was cool

  • Laicy Bing
    Laicy Bing  17 hours ago

    What's non native? Examples?

  • kking63 12
    kking63 12  20 hours ago

    Are there any other cases
    Hust hust pythons in the usa hust hust

  • it's gameing bro music and vlogsss

    I threw a frog fish in a lake and I don't know what happened but know there's a giant from fish

  • Lucas
    Lucas  yesterday

    Aww this is soo sad

  • Whitthiezh
    Whitthiezh  yesterday

    Alive in the cooler ? .... poor fishes... don't you have any heart ? That's so sad...