Why you Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • Now that your turtle is too big for its tank, think it'll be better off in the wild? Nope! Same goes for goldfish. Releasing pets into habitats where they're not native to is a very bad idea. Watch this video to see what happened to a local lake when a few goldfish were released!

    Music by BenSound and YouTube studio library used under the Creative Commons License.


  • Snake Discovery
    Snake Discovery  a years ago +12294

    To those of you who are concerned about the way we euthanized the fish, that was how the DNR instructed us to do it in order to legally remove them from the lakes. We were required to put them on ice.

    As much as I would have preferred to use Club Soda instead, my first priority is to make sure everything is done legally.

  • WindyMountain96
    WindyMountain96  5 hours ago

    We have a local park with a duck pond that has some released fish in it. I think they're goldfish, but since the pond has grates on it so that the fish can't spread to anywhere, and for the safety of the rest of the wildlife, we aren't allowed to fish them out. But from shore, they look like some later generation goldfish with no color left, and they are big enough that it's common for the fish to actually swallow ducklings if they start swimming too small. Them sons get huge! They are years and years old, and each of them are at least 8 inches of not a foot long

  • da friend's 19
    da friend's 19  11 hours ago

    My Aunt has HUGE goldfishes in her mini pond

  • Samuel
    Samuel  yesterday

    Rex's spoiled... -_-

  • Pancakes Syrup
    Pancakes Syrup  2 days ago +1

    I felt so bad it’s like killing a dog those are supposed to be pets not food but sorry I know I’m gonna get yelled at :(

  • Chloe Davis
    Chloe Davis  3 days ago

    Your snapping turtle name is my name Chloe

  • Bird Uwu
    Bird Uwu  3 days ago

    this looks like so much fun!

  • tanvi khare
    tanvi khare  4 days ago

    I wish someone would do the same to the human species.......😔

    It's needed isn't it
    We all know

  • Realyn Rogers
    Realyn Rogers  4 days ago


  • Top2bottom gaming

    ... Why are people saying what she did was wrong, One: She was helping everyone, and she would of gotten arrested, if she did not put the fish on the ice, They had to die that way, as thats how they were instructed to LEGALLY do it, Would you rather have them die, Or Emily get arrested?

  • Cidney Pace
    Cidney Pace  4 days ago

    Rex is hilarious

  • Renee Croezen
    Renee Croezen  4 days ago

    We go swimming in a lake next to my friends house in the summer a lot, and there's a pet turtle that lives there. At least..... thats what they say......😉

  • Iamztehmemlordess
    Iamztehmemlordess  5 days ago +1

    When i was watching this in my "up next" the first video i saw was "releasing 10000 goldfish into a lake!" It was sheer coincidence but still weird

  • Ur Daily 9 year old
    Ur Daily 9 year old  5 days ago +1

    Welp you run out of fish in the ocean and you have goldfish just throw them into something liquid”where they can survive :)

  • Lee Luke
    Lee Luke  5 days ago

    Dude, just use Rex to kill the goldfish you catch. It’s a bit funnier and it’ll dispose of goldfish more quickly. :3

  • Taylor Howwll
    Taylor Howwll  5 days ago

    Would you make another one of these videos?

  • Angela Bueneobra
    Angela Bueneobra  5 days ago

    What was your college course if I may ask?

  • The monster Under your bed


  • Mike D
    Mike D  6 days ago

    They were probably being used for bait and escaped or were dumped when the fishermen were done.

  • Caroline Hope
    Caroline Hope  6 days ago

    ...they have an alligator....? That’s a new one