James Bay Performs His New Song, 'Bad'

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 3, 2019
  • Singer/songwriter James Bay took the stage with an emotional performance of his latest single, "Bad."#JamesBay#TheEllenShow#Ellen


  • unicorn fever  1 months ago

    James Bay is so underrated...

  • Nytewit Boy  1 months ago

    U have more likes than comments

  • Ryan Bauta  1 months ago

    Glad someone said it!!!

  • Zsófi Nagy  1 months ago

    this is what it's about. no fancy clothes, no dancers, no band, no lights or props. just a guitar and a raw human voice and emotions. love it.

  • keiranl  17 days ago

    @minusED wow chill dude

  • Joana Matos  1 months ago

    His voice is so freaking perfect god!!

  • G E  1 months ago

    Im glad he is growing out his hair again!!!!! That’s the james bay I know!!!

  • Alex  1 months ago

    Now we just need the fedora back, I've missed it 😂

  • Lil  1 months ago

    this guy only needs a guitar and his beautiful voice and it`s perfect! simply raw and special

  • Maryam Zahid  1 months ago

    Dear James bay,'Rescue' deserves a day in the spotlight too-a loyal fan

  • Gabrielle Hunter  1 months ago


  • Jarrad Williams  1 months ago

    Yes! I love that song. I can't tell you how much I replayed that song. The whole EP is a masterpiece

  • J Connor  1 months ago

    James Bay is such a great musician!! This song feels like such a classic- it really highlights his amazing vocals

  • Ben Sonewa  1 months ago

    The pain in his voice is just perfect 😭

  • Shen_ 19  1 months ago

    James Bay: *opens mouth* beautiful music comes out. Me: *opens mouth* scares everyone out of my life

  • Sophia  1 months ago

    He’s so underrated! I didn’t know people in America knew who he is!

  • Misde Sixtysix  1 months ago

    @Aldona Pranckevicius Hi mutual Adam Lambert fan 🎶🎶

  • Jackie  1 months ago

    Let it go was a global hit.