It's Time To Move On...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.


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  • livvy livironi
    livvy livironi  14 minutes ago

    wait. is this the last video?!

  • laura riley
    laura riley  23 minutes ago

    Fair play, everything Shane says is true, I’ll continue watching. I was getting bored and now I’m also excited. All the best

  • CrayCrayJay
    CrayCrayJay  25 minutes ago

    can shane be my therapist?

  • Ruby Marshall
    Ruby Marshall  34 minutes ago

    Why go to a therapist when you have Shane 😂😭💗💗

  • briana kuta
    briana kuta  34 minutes ago

    Idc if they don’t post as often because it’s good for them but it still better be on Tuesday

  • Elena Maceira Marcos
    Elena Maceira Marcos  35 minutes ago

    You are good people, you deserve all the good things live is going to bring you.

  • ネス湖モンスターNessy

    “fuck I guess it did” —a motto everyone relates to

  • Sumaya Mohmand
    Sumaya Mohmand  41 minutes ago

    Who else though this was going to be about their dad

  • Tuff c & Berry v
    Tuff c & Berry v  41 minutes ago

    will the dolan twins keep posting or not? its not like i NEED THEM TO im just wondering if they are because if they are not then like we understand so please dont take this comment the wrong way. The twins can take as much time as they want. We all love your videos but we dont care if u post more of them or less. We dont care about the amount of videos you post, but we still love your videos even if its 1 times a week or even 1 times a month or even more.
    Edit: Remember, we all love you guys! ❤

  • Ivy L
    Ivy L  42 minutes ago

    10 minutes of suspenseful intro just to say you’re posting less...for an hour?🙄

  • Shannon Anderson
    Shannon Anderson  50 minutes ago

  • okra •
    okra •  58 minutes ago

    this video seems so fucking pointless

  • Michelle.
    Michelle.  an hour ago +1

    I’ve been watching the Dolan Twins for 3 years and they’ve changed a lot over the years 😭😭

  • elizabeth sousa
    elizabeth sousa  an hour ago

    if all u care about is shane 5:56

  • Jennifer Bujanos
    Jennifer Bujanos  an hour ago

    Hey guys, I lost my Dad at 19 and it took me years to process. My dad was fine one day then the next day he was gone. So, speaking from experience, I want you both to know it's ok take time for yourself. You guys deserve to find a better frame of mind. Like Shane said grow with your audience. Show them how to find their way back from loss. That would be the best way to honor your dad, yourselves and your audience. People need to see truth now more than ever. My sincere condolences even though I know it doesn't change things. Rest in Peace Dolan Dad.

  • Cyerra Fletcher
    Cyerra Fletcher  an hour ago

    I know how you feel about losing your parent!! I've unfortunately lost both of them.. my mom when I was 8 and my dad 3 days before my 17th birthday.. I'm so sorry guys 😔❤️

  • Dreams💭
    Dreams💭  an hour ago

    Its not that hard to post a video every week. You can stockpile videos beforehand if u wanna visit ur family u can.

  • A.B.
    A.B.  an hour ago

    Ethan looks hecka different

  • Lucy Everett
    Lucy Everett  an hour ago

    Can someone explain this whole thing like what’s up

  • Cow Legs
    Cow Legs  an hour ago

    Their health is better than uploading weekly.