BEAT. Contour. Snatched. How Drag Queens Shaped the Biggest Makeup Trends | ELLE

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • Thick, ombré block eyebrows, heavily contoured cheeks, blinding highlighter, fluttering false eyelashes. Picture a Bratz doll—or Kylie Jenner. Some call it “Instagram makeup.” Some call it a “beat” face. What it really is is decades of quiet, but powerful, influence from the drag community. Before YouTube, before Instagram, before “influencers,” now-common knowledge makeup techniques like contouring and baking were used by drag queens in the dressing rooms of clubs. They were passed on by word of mouth, taught by either peers or older performers (called drag mothers) who’d take newcomers under their wings. In our latest project, BEAT, we speak to artist and renowned drag queen Sasha Velour, Lady Gaga’s glam team, creative and fashion director Nicola Formichetti, and others, on how drag queens shaped the beauty industry as we know it, today.

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  • Carmela D
    Carmela D  14 days ago

    These documentary YouTube stories are seriously the best content Elle puts out IMO. I loved the braids one.

  • B.S. Bernasconi
    B.S. Bernasconi  14 days ago

    Personally I like a good “french girl chic” make up during the day, nothing to crazy, but at night I loooove to get more crazy and experiment with dramatic eyeliner and fake lashes. Finding a good balance to me is the key, people like different things, to eacg their own you know.

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    pauline  2 months ago

    i love these documentaries

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    Mr247star  2 months ago

    This is a good mini documentary #educational

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    Mark Eubanks  2 months ago

    Where’s Boy George??

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    warrensgoferteeth  2 months ago

    men are not WOMEN and women mist FIGHT THIS TAKEOVER OF FEMALE REAL S! dress as barish as you want but keep your filthy fcn hanging hairy ballsacks out of womens sports and dtessing rooms. U HAD HAVE DXX UR FCN EN!

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    Every bitch face now is beat for the gods honey!

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo  2 months ago

    Rupaul is a part of the industry girl what u talking about...

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    Carly Underwood  3 months ago

    Vivacious is such a sweet and humble person ♥️ she needs more followers

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    Ivy b  4 months ago

    I still remember putting stars over my eyebrows when I was a little girl and being made fun of now crease cuts conture bold lips and yada yada yada

  • JPeter Guima
    JPeter Guima  4 months ago

    Drag is much more. Drag is comedy... not just this transexual agenda. Bring the acts not just the looks.

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    Nicola is so hewt 😍

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    I love Sasha

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    Does anyone know who 1:03 are?

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    Why Boy George isn’t getting any credit on this history?

  • Instrumentality1000
    Instrumentality1000  4 months ago +2

    Not going to lie. As an artist myself I get much inspiration from many sources and one of them was from Drag queens, ( as well as other influences from the LGBTQ community).

    So, it's good to see that drag is becoming more accepted. Though there should be more credit given to where other entertainment industries get their inspiration from.

    It's important to give credit where it's due.