TVBUU - RIP (RIP Lil Peep)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 19, 2017
  • TVBUU - RIP (RIP Lil Peep)
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  • UPROXX Music
    UPROXX Music  a years ago +93

    RIP Lil Peep! 🙏
    Much love to TVBUU for these amazing words <3

  • Psyko Blood
    Psyko Blood  10 months ago

    We lost Peep, we lost X.. and i lost a good friend 2 weeks ago.. life is not fair

  • Illyas Rogiers
    Illyas Rogiers  a years ago

    We need to meet!!

  • OuBee
    OuBee  a years ago


    everybody taking drugs
    everybody popping pills
    everybody so fucked up tell me it isn’t going to get you killed
    if you don’t care about life
    then make that shit turn around
    don’t pop hundred thousand pills until you fall on the ground and blackout
    all i can see is darkness
    i’m surrounded by demons
    popping pills sipping all this lean my entire generation bleeding
    everybody start fading
    looking for something to mix
    tryna kill themselves ahead
    till they end up in a dish

    couldn’t hear the second verse very well

  • ツEmerqld
    ツEmerqld  a years ago

    RIP Peepy 💔

  • KRYO
    KRYO  a years ago +1

    TVBUU for XXL

  • TokenToHappiness
    TokenToHappiness  a years ago

    This song. is real af. People probably thinking about lil peep and his fentaxans but its real to anyone who's doing xans n shit

  • X
    X  a years ago

    Lyrics? #RipLilPeep🙏

  • ano nymus
    ano nymus  a years ago

    Rest in peace LIL PEEP

  • love thy enemy
    love thy enemy  a years ago

    This song is absolute insanity..... Demonic as fcuk why do artists make pacts with d evils ? They be making them selves a slave to a ghoul in the next life

  • DanIh _420
    DanIh _420  a years ago

    Lil peep💪💪❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪💖💕👍👍

  • Okyn
    Okyn  a years ago


  • NoNeYY
    NoNeYY  a years ago

    rest in peace lil peep [*]

  • MannaLikeJ1
    MannaLikeJ1  a years ago

    rest lil peep

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    R . I . P 2096 2017🥀👼🕊🌈☁️

  • Omar Abdallah
    Omar Abdallah  a years ago

    thanks god he is dead <3
    no more shit rap
    ... ik some of you will hate what i said .. but fuck haters

  • purple rose
    purple rose  a years ago


  • bajen
    bajen  a years ago

    Don’t do drugs kids, or else you’ll end up as this fucknut ^^

  • Garon
    Garon  a years ago

    R.I.P LIL peep