Lauren Alexandria & Misty Edwards //Worship IHOP

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 8, 2017
  • International House of Prayer 2016. december 1.


  • wiewayflats
    wiewayflats  21 days ago


  • Margaret Muleta
    Margaret Muleta  21 days ago

    Please can you pray for Joseph and family thanks

  • Chris van Asch
    Chris van Asch  1 months ago

    some lonynes is forfilling gods willing is likke poornes wiht make rihtnes ohters and preserf noht tho carry monny buht the wisdom of nowing the thru willing off carre for the lov whans in goednis

  • Daniele Caetano
    Daniele Caetano  1 months ago

    linda voz


    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful worship music, we truly appreciate all you are doing in Jesus' name- A foretaste of the future Kingdom! We thought you might also like to come visit our new channel - The Mystery of God - God is pouring out a daily message to the world, for such a time as this. We look forward to meeting you and going on this amazing journey together. Blessings and eternal Love xx Taste and See: A Revelation of HEAVEN:

  • TruthSeeker
    TruthSeeker  1 months ago

    Who is the woman in the middle? I really like her voice.

  • Kenneth Martin
    Kenneth Martin  2 months ago +7

    So anointed! Yes Jesus: we are waiting for you to return. May we be ready, full of your Holy Spirit, our lamps full and a pure virgin. May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering! 🙏😀

  • Mepefe Mepefe
    Mepefe Mepefe  2 months ago

    1:21:50 "You make me brave"

  • TruthSeeker
    TruthSeeker  2 months ago


  • Alexxpatron
    Alexxpatron  2 months ago

    Just wow!!

  • Ribamar Pereira
    Ribamar Pereira  2 months ago +3

    Louve adorando, Lauren parabéns, sinto uma paz, a presença de Deus

  • sam Rusaati
    sam Rusaati  2 months ago

    can you post lyrics of all the songs?

  • Richard Kriekhaus
    Richard Kriekhaus  3 months ago +4

    I go to a little church call Springwood House of Praise in Brisbane Australia I site here in my study in tears listing to this Holy Spririt lead worship overwelmed by the Spirit of God thank you love you guys.
    Your brother in Christ Richard Kriekhaus

  • Electus Dei
    Electus Dei  3 months ago

    Аминь ♥️😭

  • J Noble
    J Noble  3 months ago +3

    love 45:00 the message and harmonies...thanks for your praise and sacrifice of worship

  • Joe Derue
    Joe Derue  3 months ago +2

    She displays no show.
    She is preforming as a women of worship.
    Easy on the makeup dressed appropriate.
    She is in a position to worship our GOD.
    There is no show hear.
    She is for real.
    640 am detroit Michigan at the church office.
    Looking for worship on you tube and this is what I found. Love it

  • Donald Enox
    Donald Enox  3 months ago +1

    WoW so awesome

  • Zell Bradley III
    Zell Bradley III  4 months ago +2

    This is a beautiful demonstration of God's love, devotion to the Lord who is a precious Spirit leads us into His fragrance of His Love, Glory and Name

  • nanny sheep
    nanny sheep  4 months ago

    thank you for sharing such anointed worship💖🎶
    WOW ✨💝