Intense UFC post-fight interview! Rio crowd hate Jared Cannonier for beating Anderson Silva

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 11, 2019
  • Jared Cannonier was momentarily speechless at the level of booing from the Rio de Janeiro crowd after he defeated Anderson Silva at UFC 237.Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the best videos from BT Sport ➡️ to our 'BT Sport Boxing' YouTube channel ➡️


  • Anonymous  1 months ago

    "they don't respect me i got no respect for them" as real as it can get right there

  • Smiggy Ballz  1 months ago

    @Arian Gonzalez A lot of them probably understand English though lol

  • Arian Gonzalez  1 months ago

    @Smiggy Ballz yea, but i highly doubt the translator translated that.

  • Anthony Rees  1 months ago

    Brazilian sports fans are the worst in the world.

  • Master Moose  1 months ago


  • Ayush Mukherjee  1 months ago


  • bubbzz 11  1 months ago

    Brazilian fans are a shame to this sport.

  • Abu Bakari  1 months ago

    @jon jones donor no stamina having mctappout ain't got nothing to do with this.

  • JohnnyMac  1 months ago

    Everythings alway conors fault lol

  • Sergio Biscuits  1 months ago

    True what Bisping said about the Brazilians. Act like there about respect then disrespect a man who showed nothing but respect for anderson and there country. Disgusting.

  • Oly Catastrophen  1 months ago

    Filthy animals

  • Zidan Mozumder  1 months ago


  • rymxo  1 months ago

    Brazillian fans are disgusting.Colby was right.

  • AFKane  1 months ago

    Translator didn't say the no respect part probably to avoid a riot.

  • Rex Sand  1 months ago

    I suspected that.

  • T3chm1cal  1 months ago

    Thanks for the info. Probably good that he didn’t

  • Bipin NEYMAR  1 months ago

    act cheaply like this so they got: germany-7 brazil -1 in world cup

  • @Tiago Dornelles monkey?? Look at your face ape lool

  • Robert Taggart  1 months ago

    That crowd was terrible, fair play saying what he said !

  • temokam  1 months ago

    Silva should have retired 5 years ago smh !!

  • Logrob 77  1 months ago

    iWasNeverGivenAName not so much on the the mentality part, if he was broken he wouldn’t take the risks that he had done after, like fighting on short notice without training and still trying flashy stuff and so on.

  • Ad Lad  1 months ago

    Great job standing up to these filthy animals, Jared. Give Cannonier Hermansson, Gastelum or Jacare

  • Benjamin Prince  1 months ago

    Give him Jacare, if he wins he can piss off the Brazilian fans even more 😂

  • Luka  1 months ago

    Hermansson wants Gastelum and Jacare will probably retire, so Weidman is the best option.