Why Amanda Peet Never Consults Her Doctor Sister - CONAN on TBS

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Amanda never calls her sister when she’s sick because she knows her sister will just say she’s being a hypochondriac.

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  • Mike D
    Mike D  2 days ago

    Ever see "The Proposal" Ryan Reynolds / Sandra Bullock... remember the wedding gown the grandma tried to put her in?? . . .well now we know where it ended up

  • Daze Over
    Daze Over  7 days ago

    this woman is annoying af

  • mipmip
    mipmip  14 days ago +1

    This "I've been stood up at the altar a month ago and have been drinking my tears away non-stop ever since"-look is surely something.

  • Andrew Bloom
    Andrew Bloom  14 days ago

    1:20 wow none of them knew what giardia is lol. Antibiotics usually are prescribed for bacteria, not parasites...

  • Oiram OrNot
    Oiram OrNot  21 days ago

    Press 4 repeatedly to have Amanda clap and sound like a bird.

  • sumzzz16
    sumzzz16  21 days ago +1

    I was today years old when I learned u can be a MD in microbiology (thought it was just PhD)

  • Aaron James
    Aaron James  28 days ago

    Oh god, that was funny. She's hilarious.

  • ellman10
    ellman10  28 days ago

    Temporal confounding variable hahaha

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen  a months ago

    Her dress is nice enough to make a chew toy for my dog.

  • Peony Farm
    Peony Farm  a months ago +1

    WHAT IS SHE WEARING??? A nightgown?? A GoodWill wedding dress from the 40's???

  • peacelife
    peacelife  a months ago

    Haha that what I do bec the doctor would ask u what is going on how u feel and then do the same thing you would do. When I ever I feel like I'm about to get sick just do probiotic andothers. .

  • teddysurf
    teddysurf  a months ago +1

    Why is Amanda Peet wearing grandmas ill-fitting 1920s wedding dress...?

  • Deepika Deveshi
    Deepika Deveshi  a months ago


  • Jay
    Jay  a months ago +1

    What a boring C***!

  • P K
    P K  a months ago +1

    i'm like a bird...ill only fly away... no?

  • Sudip Karan
    Sudip Karan  a months ago

    why am I able to see her green bra ?
    what is wrong with these designers ?
    these days its all about showing as much skin as possible

  • Sammie Reidell
    Sammie Reidell  a months ago +1

    Yeah I don't normally go to the doctor unless I'm sick for at least a week. Sometimes my immune system kicks things out easily, other times my system is losing the fight so I never know what I have or got half the time.

  • Reema Ameer
    Reema Ameer  a months ago +1

    That's not even common in Morocco. According to the cdc that's more of a rural latin America thing. Think the Amazon.

  • Marco Santacesaria
    Marco Santacesaria  2 months ago


  • Zachary Czech
    Zachary Czech  2 months ago

    I remember Amanda Peet from Saving Silverman. Its been so long since i have seen another movie she has acted in.