• Jhovin Garcia
    Jhovin Garcia  1 months ago

    Gift me a Car Mustang😊

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson  1 months ago

    I can appreciate most auto manufacturers but my heart belongs to Porsche. Thanks for the great footage.

  • Faze johnny
    Faze johnny  1 months ago

    Nice cars

  • joy Key
    joy Key  1 months ago

    red looks Good💯👌👌

  • jason maes
    jason maes  1 months ago

    People should mind their business on how much time this guy spends with his family. His family looks happy every time you see them so mind ya damn bid-ness.

  • Titus Cato
    Titus Cato  1 months ago

    Those orange decals look stupid on a Lambo.
    Something you'd find on an 80s surfboard or on a George Michaels tank top.

  • Dj Musthofhaajr
    Dj Musthofhaajr  1 months ago +1

    I like

  • ToastToGo
    ToastToGo  2 months ago

    Wait what? He lives on the canyon entrance? I need to move in with that dude!

  • Elite Dg
    Elite Dg  2 months ago

    Is that Mrbeast?!!

  • sumeet tamta
    sumeet tamta  2 months ago

    Crazy*thing broo.

  • R3dGhosT20
    R3dGhosT20  2 months ago

    La Car Spotter was high as fuck lmao

  • JuanKyZayas
    JuanKyZayas  2 months ago


  • Sun
    Sun  2 months ago

    the iphone quality is really good just like your other camera it looks like you are shooting in 4K, do 4K next time instead of 1080 on youtube

  • Detroit Iszm
    Detroit Iszm  2 months ago

    The video quality is real good for a phone camera.

    JSB HIFI  2 months ago

    iPhone X records 4K@60 FPS, you would only tell the difference in low light.

  • shale0984
    shale0984  2 months ago

    Ya I would’ve never known you were using your phone. Parking your car in the sun for a bit will making peeling the wrap off easier...

  • François Laberge
    François Laberge  2 months ago

    yeahh i checked my resolution and graphic card thanks for the info. not that bad tho

  • Mian Abdullah
    Mian Abdullah  2 months ago

    Good morning guys i want to know that how their cars headlight and taillight blinks?? Is this due to software or any thing else? Please tell.

  • Tokyo Tokyo
    Tokyo Tokyo  2 months ago

    I love your Chanel

  • red lucky
    red lucky  2 months ago

    I love you brother ur honest at even some stuff new viewer's couldn't tell something is wrong i wiped my phone screen and knew it's not ur same vlogs camera before even you said it i appreciate #DDE