Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV



  • Shania Maitland
    Shania Maitland  a minute ago

    She better take care of my bb 😭💛

  • chop 362
    chop 362  20 minutes ago

    Luke warm fame at best, and for nothing.

  • SAMRA -000
    SAMRA -000  27 minutes ago +1

    Kuch bolne se pehle ja ke aiman khan ki mehndi ,mayu aur nikkah ki pics dekh lena

  • oneraceonedestiny
    oneraceonedestiny  42 minutes ago

    Pathetic. Vile. Immoral. Distasteful. Crass. Vulgar.
    One could go on and on. Yes, congrats on getting married and hope they are happy together but this is disgustingly over the top. In a nation when millions of Indian children writhe around in the mud for grains of rice, these idiots waste millions on pointless ego fuelled "celebrations". And what's with the stupid dancing?
    Indians need to get this OTT wedding crap under control. Be more humble, more austere. Your people starve and rot on the streets and these billionaires and "elites" spend obscene fortunes just to show how rich they are. Just feed a million children instead and have a simple registry function. That would be a proper blessing for a union, not stupid and embarrassing televised Bollywood dancing (the groom just look awkward and silly in his Indian outfit). And if they divorce in a couple of years (as these unions usually do), what a bunch of prats these two will look then.

  • Bangla Slow Motion

    *The world most hot..couple i think so that*

  • Sherry Patrick
    Sherry Patrick  3 hours ago

    Their life , their business.

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace  3 hours ago

    When 2 people love each other dearly, they should be together and be blessed regardlless who they are or what they are. And society should not dictate or critizes them for many reasons they think is inappropriate. Lets just wish them happiness.

  • Alexis Figueroa
    Alexis Figueroa  4 hours ago

    So if they started dating in may and nick proposed after her birthday, doesn't that mean they've only dated for three months. Im sorry but this was rushed

  • WhateverDude
    WhateverDude  5 hours ago

    *Wet fart*

  • Zeifen Nar
    Zeifen Nar  5 hours ago

    I give it 4 years.

  • Aaron gamer
    Aaron gamer  6 hours ago

    India is very dangerous and scary

  • AmiaRancetta Ali   Greer

    Greatness Continuance Congratulations!☺

  • wanda tellado
    wanda tellado  6 hours ago

    They are a beautiful couple I wish them the best of what life can offer.God bless them and there futher children.😍

  • Star1 mbb
    Star1 mbb  6 hours ago

    The fan girs and racists in the comment being mad at the wedding stay mad lmao also tot he fan girls did you really think if he wasnt marrying priyanka he'd go with you..get out of your fantasy world.Also their age doesnt matter as long as they're happy no one says anythong about old men marrying young girls! George clooney is like 13+ years older than his wife. DOUBLE STANDARDS.. if you have nothing nice to say dont say it

  • Luke Hood
    Luke Hood  7 hours ago

    Ugggh but he was supposed to marry me

  • 0401412740
    0401412740  7 hours ago

    She's 10years older than him lol

  • Robert mcelvany
    Robert mcelvany  8 hours ago

    Who actually gives 2 shits

    ZESHAN MGTOW  8 hours ago


  • jariz26
    jariz26  9 hours ago

    Is Jonas legal to marry yet?

  • fibreoptik
    fibreoptik  9 hours ago

    She’s basically my dream woman. What a lucky prick!